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Israel is ready to sign the peace treaty with its neighboring countries, including Palestine and Saudi Arabia, Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Zvi Heifetz said Wednesday. “We signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. We are ready to sign peace treaties with all our neighbors, including the closest [neighbor] to us — Palestine. We have no reasons to avoid signing the international treaty with Saudi Arabia and other states. We would be glad for that,” Heifetz told the Rossiya-24 television channel.

Palestinians seek diplomatic recognition for their independent state on the territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which is partially occupied by Israel, and the Gaza Strip. Israel has been building settlements on the occupied territories despite objection from the United Nations. READ MORE


The SECULAR government of the STATE of ISRAEL cooperates with the SATANIC VATICAN, and they are prepared to GIVE AWAY land that GOD=JESUS has given them, which in fact BELONGS TO GOD=JESUS!

THAT'S SUICIDE and the world will get to know this VERY SOON through the TWO WITNESSES AFTER the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-rapture!

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  1. 70AD....
    Matthew 24:1-2 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    24 2 The destruction of the Temple. 4 The signs of Christ’s coming. 12 Iniquity. 23 False Christs. 29 The signs of the end of the world. 31 The Angels. 32 The fig tree. 37 The days of Noah. 42 We must watch. 45 The servant.
    1 And Jesus went out, and departed from the Temple, and his disciples came to him, to show him the building of the Temple.
    2 [a]And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, there shall not be here left a stone upon a stone, that shall not be cast down.
    [a] Footnotes:
    Matthew 24:2 The destruction of the city, and especially of the Temple is foretold.

  2. +Schpankme Verimuch Evil Acts _ The Vatican Jesuit Holocaust _ The Great Pentagram of Evil


    Schpankme Verimuch
    Jun 9, 2016

    The Germans during WWII ran Labor Camps; they went out of their way to delouses and treat infectious disease (typhus) for the camp residents. There was NO mass homicide chambers; these types of stories were spun years after WWII ended.

    Holocaust means burnt offering; this is a JEWISH ritual.

    Holohoax is also a JEWISH ritual.

  3. +Kay Fiedler
    THE Jews didn't crucify JESUS, but the Jewish 'elite', that cooperated with the Roman occupiers of Israel, rejected their OWN Savior and Messiah, and they influenced a part of THE Jewish people back then.

    But there were many Jews who believed that JESUS was a GOOD person and INNOCENT.
    They were very sad and outraged when JESUS was crucified BY THE ROMANS, with the consent of the Jewish 'elite' (the Pharisees and the Scribes).
    Hans S
    6:18 PM

    +Kay Fiedler
    The word 'church' is a Roman Catholic (the Roman Empire, disguised as a so called Christian-religious organization) invention.
    The right word for a local meeting of believers in JESUS is ASSEMBLY or CONGREGATION.
    The word 'church' derives from the word CIRCUS:

    The current dimension is a reality BETWEEN heaven and hell.



    Moses Moses
    Yesterday 3:25 PM

    jesus fails all criteria to ever be Messiah..
    Yesterday 6:17 PM

    +Moses Moses
    He doesn't fit the pagan Jew messiah. Correct. He fits the biblical criteria.
    3:50 AM

    +ludwigkirchner08 The biblical Messiah is the OT Jewish messiah. WTF are you talking about. JC is a massive fail as messiah from the start just 100's of others. 
    Hans S
    5:22 AM

    +Moses Moses
    You fail all criteria to become saved from eternal punishment, so you will BURN forever in God's lake of fire, unless you surrender to JESUS who is God, manifested in the flesh.

    Question: is it FUN to be a DEMON?
    Do you like to commit eternal spiritual SUICIDE?
    6:12 AM

    The OT is for Israelites and Christians, not Jews. Retard. Get back to your fairy tale talmud unicorn stories.
    Kay Fiedler
    10:37 AM

    Hans S So you are saying the Jews had nothing to do with it, they were jealous, and the rest is history...
    Kay Fiedler
    10:42 AM

    Hans S the God I know is ever loving and ever forgiving, he'll is where we all are now, he'll is on earth, and only those that except Jesus will be with him and the father, the rest will stay here on this earth with the rest of the non believers, he'll was made up by the church to scare people to go to church.....the bible was written by man, and man left out some of the most important books...and lots was lost in translation...
    Kay Fiedler
    10:44 AM

    Hell was changed by my spell checker I should have watched closer, going to fast...changed to he'll

  4. +Jeff Turner
    So you're not a robot?

    I tell you what you are: you are a person who's lost without JESUS the JEW, who happens to be God almighty, and who's going to DESTROY and TORTURE FOREVER all SICK and DEMONIC and DISGUSTING JEW-HATERS!

    Only HE has the RIGHT to JUDGE His OWN chosen people and OUTSIDERS will be CRUSHED like in the days of the Old Testament, because God NEVER changes and JESUS is God!

    What did change was the following: instead of DESTROYING His enemies and the enemies of HIS Chosen people, He freely CHOSE to become a SINLESS human Himself, and His offer of ETERNAL SALVATION (from HIS WRATH and HOLY ANGER) was first presented to His OWN people when He was on earth.
    There were many who believed in Him, but there also were many who rejected their own Messiah=Christ, incited by the Pharisees and the religious leadership of the Israeli Jews who lived under the occupation of Rome, and so they let the Romans deal with Him, because they weren't allowed to kill Him themselves through stoning, on the FALSE charges of blasphemy and the rest is history.

    After His death and resurrection and ascension into heaven, He ACTIVATED a person who was an ENEMY of the Jewish believers in Him: Saul.
    And so Saul became the Apostle Paul and the founder of the BODY of CHRIST on behalf of JESUS Christ.
    Paul teaches the Gospel of GRACE which is for EVERYONE, both Jews and and Gentiles.
    The Gospel of Grace is SIMPLE and JUST: surrender to JESUS and BELIEVE that it was necessary that JESUS died for our sins so that He was punished in our place on the cross and RECEIVE ETERNAL FORGIVENESS and the RIGHT to become a SON of God.
    This is also meant for the women, because all humans are meant to be like the ANGELS.
    All SAVED and BORN AGAIN people have become SONS of God.

    Those who REJECT the offer of SALVATION through JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh, are also meant to be like the ANGELS, but they will be counted among the fallen angels, and they will burn in the lake of fire forever.

    So this is the DEAL: become a SAVED person by JESUS and ENJOY His love and HAPPINESS forever, or be like SATAN=adversary and reject Him as Savior and face the consequences.

    Those who think they can sit on God's throne by judging His OWN chosen people will also face the consequences.


    Hans S
    Yesterday 8:58 AM

    Islam was created by the SATANIC Vatican.
    The Vatican also promotes the FALSE concept of a ball shaped earth: the earth is flat and a plain and shaped like a disk, with a dome.
    The UN knew this all along and its logo shows the FLAT EARTH MAP.
    The UN is an instrument of the SATANIC Vatican.
    The Pope is the ANTICHRIST.
    JESUS is GOD, manifested in the flesh and He's the SAVIOR to those who want to be saved and to those who don't want to be saved He'll be their JUDGE.
    JESUS is a JEW: He will DESTROY all DISGUSTING JEW-HATERS and TORTURE them forever in His LAKE of FIRE, because they are DEVILS and DEMONS from HELL!

    1. But those who SURRENDER to Him and REPENT will be treated as His BEST FRIENDS.
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 1:25 PM

      +Hans S , the earth is flat, the buy bull says so. Would you like to buy a bridge in brooklyn I have for sale? Turn key operation. You will make many shekels from tolls. By the way, you misunderstand what the buy bull says. Christ is God. He is only spoken of in 43 verses. The name is Deum Christum. The jesus you speak of is Iesu Christi.
      Hans S
      Yesterday 1:36 PM

      +Jeff Turner
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 2:04 PM

      +Hans S , well, the babylonian talmud, volume 19, chapter eight, beginning on page 33 (coincidence?) states that "the judaic hebrew faith created islam in the year 622 ad as a mild form of judaism". Put that in your pipe and smoke it you deluded fool.
      Yesterday 2:24 PM

      +Jeff Turner
      mate, can you give me a hint where I can look that up?
      Confirmations of conspiracys are huge, you know.
      Hans S
      Yesterday 4:55 PM

      +Jeff Turner How the Vatican created Islam

      Crazy robot
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 8:49 PM

      +LockenJohny101​, look what up?
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 8:50 PM

      +Hans S​, are you calling the jews liars?
      Yesterday 9:29 PM

      +Jeff Turner
      The talmud quote, I cant find a free version of volume 19 babylonian talmud on the web.
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 11:22 PM

      +LockenJohny101​, I will give you a link where you can download a scanned, page by page, cover to cover of every volume of Babylonian Talmud ditectly from the books. This can not be altered in any way. Do you want it? Jewish encyclopedia is there as well in same format. As well as latin vulgate with Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio and missing three books of the end of the bible. The book of revelation(apocalypse) is not the end of the bible. These books were removed permanently after 1685. People have no idea what the bible truly says. English bibled are occult/freemasonic bibles Occult because they hide the truth of what these texts actually say. There is much more (books) at this link. You want to download this stuff if you want to understandthe truth.
      Jeff Turner
      Yesterday 11:24 PM

      +Hans S​, again I ask you hans. Are you calling the jewd liars? Why no answer?

  5. 'Bloodshed will follow if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem' The Palestinians are hypocrites: they even threaten with bloodshed if one suggests that Jerusalem is the true capitol of the land of the God of Israel, (and this God is JESUS)

  6. Sunday, January 15th. 2017 may become the next to last nail in the coffins of the nations who seek to divide Jerusalem. The last nail will be at the UN in NYC between that day and the swearing in of Donald Trump as President of the United States on January 20th.

    That last nail will be driven in by the nations who vote in favor of or abstain from voting against a resolution at the UN dividing Jerusalem.

    The consequences GOD will impose will be according to HIS WORD as set forth in the Old Testament Scriptures.

  7. +Rafael Arandas Know more about the history of Israel: It's God's own country, because JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh.

    Know more about Islam:

    Know more about the origin of the Catholic church:

    Know more about the right gospel:

    Know how to be saved:

    There used to more Christian-religious Arabs ('Palestinians') living in this part of the word, but many of them were chased away by their fellow Muslim Arabs
    The P.A. (Palestinian Authority) still wants to destroy Israel and in case they'll get Judea and Samaria (the 'West Bank': the broadest 'bank' of the world) they will chase all the Jews away or else they will be killed.

    JESUS is coming back to His own country Israel and He will wage war against all who are against Him and His people.


    Rafael Arandas
    1:02 AM

    But not all Palestinians are followers of Islam...and I don't think Israel is against Islam, their leaders seem too politically correct for that.

  8. +J- ROD
    This is the right gospel that saves:

    BELIEVE that Christ JESUS died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and He that was buried and arose on the third day, according to the Scriptures,

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    1 Moreover brethren, I declare unto you the Gospel which I preached unto you, which ye have also received, and wherein ye continue,
    2 And whereby ye are saved, if ye keep in memory, after what manner I preached it unto you, except ye have believed in vain.
    3 For first of all, I delivered unto you that which I received, how that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures,
    4 And that he was buried, and that he arose the third day, according to the Scriptures.

    Saved people must love and respect each other, because we are all meant to be like the angels and to exist forever.


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