Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Two Kingdoms Order out of Chaos

The Two Kingdoms Order out of Chaos

Bishop James E. Quigley in the Chicago Daily Tribune on May 5, 1903: "When the United States rules the world, the catholic church will rule the world"


It's easy to see where the United States of America is going. Benito Mussolini: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism, because it is the merger of corporate and state power”With the 1954 by Johnson introduced 501c3 you have the merger of state and church, with "Globalism" you have the merger of corporatism with the state. Bishop James E. Quigley in the Chicago Daily Tribune on May 5, 1903:" When the United States rules the world, the catholic church will rule the world".


This Map Shows The Huge Scale Of Vladimir Putin's Eurasian Plan




  1. Vatican controlled NAZI AMERICA: Russia poses ‘existential threat’ to US national security, Air Force secretary says

    In turn, Russia’s military leaders linked stirring up fears of the so-called "Russian threat" to the US military’s struggle for a defense budget worth $582.7 billion.

    “One needs to remember that the ‘Russian threat’ has been the best-selling threat delivered by the Pentagon not only to Congress, but also to NATO partners since the middle of the previous century,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in February.

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    1. +Donna Diggzzz The Two Kingdoms Order out of Chaos

      And the Vatican is behind it all, because it's Satan's headquarters on earth.

      Soon, Jerusalem will be JESUS' headquarters on earth!

    2. +Dispise Cons
      The JESUITS of the Vatican are behind ALL evil and NOT the 'Zionist Jews'.

      Donald Trump is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION on behalf of the same Vatican that endorses Clinton and 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Davis).
      The USA is the MOST CRIMINAL state in history, INVENTED by the SATANIC VATICAN.


      Hans S
      Aug 31, 2016

      +yxcvbnm 2231
      The USA is a MAFIA-state on behalf of the SATANIC VATICAN!
      Joshua Musquita
      Sep 6, 2016

      Rob BrownVOTE WILDERS! I am from Holland , F#ck WIlders .
      Dispise Cons
      Yesterday 11:05 PM

      You won't stand for very long if TSHTF with all out NUKE war fare...If at all.
      Dispise Cons
      Yesterday 11:09 PM

      You're either miss informed, or lying about the percentage of what the population wanted. From On, Canada... re-check your data...
      Dispise Cons
      Yesterday 11:59 PM

      Using just Iraq as an example-How frightened do you think Iraqi's are of the U.S. after having over 1,000,000 of their people killed/murdered by them since the first invasion...(Not soldiers) Out of that inane number of needless deaths, there were 500,000, YES, 500,000, which were CHILDREN under 11yrs. old...(b.clintoon era)

      I'm a grown man, but tears well up when I think of all of those innocent kids slowly starving to death, or dying due to, no medications for treatable diseases, because of sanctions imposed by the U.S.

      When war criminal albright was asked by a news reporter-Was it really necessary to go to the extremes which the U.S. did-Her, The it thing answered, sometimes you have to make difficult choices, Yes!

      It wasn't their countries being "Bombed" Away as you say-It was their people being murdered, bombed, tortured and starved to death, as well as, in a sense having part of their oil revenues stolen from them for over 5 decades by the Zionist Jewish and American elite "Scum," that created the "HATE!"
      Dispise Cons
      12:11 AM

      I'm not voting but, maybe these people who are voting for Trump aren't such "dumb assess." Why do I say this? At least Trump doesn't go around saying-We will "NUKE" them all the time...Aug 30/16 (Again) Insane hitlery made veiled references to using "NUKES."
      Their all low life scum, but some are "INSANE" as well...

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    1. Communism: Another creation of the Jesuit Order. This is the testimony of an Ex-Jesuit Priest


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