Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Erdogan Betrays Putin with Staged Coup to Invade Syria

Erdogan Betrays Putin with Staged Coup to Invade Syria

Published on Sep 7, 2016
The US Master Plan; stage a coup in against Erdogan to gain the trust of President Putin so that later Turkey could invade Syria before Putin realizes the nature of betrayal. NATO has orchestrated a master plan to bring Russia down. The prophet Daniel saw these events and spoke about the King of the North troubled by tidings from the North and East: Russia and China's involvement in Syria has stirred him up

Steven does NOT believe in the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture (anymore) and the things he's talking about will happen AFTER the rapture....


  1. +Gregory GSR

    God's name is 'I am that I am' and in short 'I am'.

    JESUS means 'I AM Salvation'.

    He is God, manifested in the flesh as Savior.

    He's the CHRIST, the MESSIAH, the ANOINTED one (with the Holy Spirit), and 'the IN PLACE OF Christ', the VICAR of Christ, the ANTICHRIST is the one who is anointed with the UNHOLY Spirit, is Satan the devil, who loves to be called Lucifer, which is his FORMER name 'Light bringer'.
    He's the ADVERSARY of Christ JESUS, the SATAN of the God of ISRAEL.

    Islam was created by the Vatican, so the islamic Mahdi is a ROMAN CATHOLIC DECEIVER.
    The FALSE ANTICHRIST, before the revelation of the REAL Antichrist, who is THE POPE.

    The Pope will make people believe he defeated this False Antichrist, so that he can usher in the New Age of the ENLIGHTENED ONE, the LIGHT BEARER, LUCIFER.

    But then the REAL Christ will come to DESTROY both the ENLIGHTENED ONE and the POPE.
    They will BURN in HELL.


    E.C. IMO commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - Nov 16, 2016

    Oh no, they have moved from Obama being the anti-christ to Trump now. And people are suppose to take these clowns seriously.
    Is Donald Trump The Antichrist Special Documentary
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    Nov 18, 2016

    I been posting.. trying to in love talk about this. This video here is July 2016.. I dont know what this brother here believes now. But.. I felt bad for Obama.. never voted for him to me is the worst prez ever. But.. love pray for so for so on for him. And oh man.. now Trump.. Paise GOD

    Gregory GSR
    Dec 2, 2016

    E.C. IMO it's Ergodan, he's taken the throne of Satan, God's been telling me Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan everywhere I look, on dreams of huge rallies, it's the throne of Satan, he faked the coup with the help of Obama to take the nukes at the U.S. Air force base in Turkey, they were surrounded, airspace closed and electricity cut, they have had the nukes for long enough to have 50 nukes hidden in every state, i thought it was the tribe of Dan but it's not it's Ergodan, everything I've been seeing has Dan on it somehow, random things that all say Dan, Ergodan, I know it now, there's two Baracks but it's Obama, Barry or Michelle the masculine effeminate Baphomet or her brother Barry Obama, Michelle is Frank Marshall Davis's other son, the Obama's are brothers, he wants me to warn everyone to get out now, he showed me that we all need to leave and take the children, but that's kidnapping for a lot of people who's parents won't let their children go, they'll rape and torture the babies, please pray for me, help me seek guidance, he gave me a vision to leave months ago, it's coming down to the wire, I need prayers

    Hans S
    12:15 PM

    The Pope is the Antichrist by default
    Gregory GSR
    3:53 PM

    Hans S they're waiting for their saviour, that's why everything is reversed, they're on the outside, looking in, we're in the inside looking out everything they say sounds, use colors, and symbols, they use black magic, just watch their hands 👋👌🤘👉👈👍 when they talk, Jesus is the light, the cross, the black cube unfolded, the way out, the truth, the way, the light, Jews, Muslims and Christians can never happen, Jews there now are not Israelites, the real Israelites are still here, they've always been here, nobody will ever understand Jew logic, look at him using the hand signs and tone when talking about blacks being Israelites, misleading, Yesus, Yezzy, I'm not saying him but they're showing us something, that's a statement, they flip and reverse everything, they hacer pictures of a false Jesus, they hate the name Jesus, they like the name Yahweh, Elohim, not Jesus, the cross, the black cube unfolded, the way out


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