Friday, September 16, 2016

EVOLUTION IS SATANISM!! Abortion Holocaust

16 september 2016 08:13 (click)

+angela jakob
According to your own belief you're nothing but a piece of MEAT that's producing SHIT...and PISS...and a lot of NONSENSE.
You don't even know why you have a head on your body or why you have a brain.

If I were you I would BLOW UP MYSELF!
Your existence is totally POINTLESS.

This was my way of thinking for ten years, after the DEMONIC PUBLIC school system had POISONED my mind with 'the THEORY of evolution', which was concocted by the SATANIC JESUITS, which I know now.


It's a MONSTROSITY from the PITS of HELL and from the EVIL VATICAN and Satan himself.

Satan is a JESUIT

angela jakob
7:38 AM

It seems you do not seem to understand the difference between facts and belief. Ever heard of cognitive dissonance, just google it. If ask if they can explain some biblical contradictions and they

avoid it by cursing me as some imaginary devil it seems they cannot handle the scientific facts.


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    1. You will be TORTURED FOREVER in the lake of fire, unless you surrender to JESUS Christ! Now try to ACCUSE me of having said something UNBIBLICAL or SINFUL, dumbo.


      michael cook3 months ago
      Aborted fetuses belong in a garbage can god damn it! scoop that little fucker ok out, yell "Kobe" then chuck it in the garbage where it belongs

    2. +michael cook
      Like so many people you think that my God has anything to do with the twisted religion of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.

      On the contrary!
      He manifested Himself on earth (in this dimension) as JESUS Christ, and He's the creator of everything so also of sexuality and the penis, which you call a 'cock'.
      The 'Queen of Heaven" is Semiramis of Babylon and she was a slut of Satan, and 'thanks' to her we now have religions like Catholicism, Islam and Hinduism.
      JESUS was and IS a JEW, and He represents a DIVINE COUNTER ATTACK against Satan's stupid religions and ideologies.
      I'm a former atheist and nihilist so don't you try to mess around with me.


      michael cook
      5:10 PM

      +Hans S​ Holy Mary Mother of God and Queen of Deep throating giant cock

    3. +michael cook
      It's the other way around, SMARTASS!


      michael cook
      6:18 PM

      +Hans S So you for know that Jesus's super powers were plagiarized from previous religions right? You're worshiping a bootleg god

    4. +michael cook
      What do you want? Talk nonsense to me?
      God exists and I mean the God of the Bible, manifested in the flesh as JESUS Christ.

      In the past I thought it was madness and I was a crazy GOD-DENIER like you, but the good Lord had an eye on me and He spoke to me when I was on the edge of destroying myself.
      Here's a part of my personal testimony:


      michael cook
      6:58 PM

      +Hans S No it's actually not. I don't get it, if you're going to believe in something that can't be proven to be real aka "faith" why belive something someone else made up? Why not make up your own religion, just like the person who made up your religion did?

    5. +michael cook
      Parents don't create children.

      God has the right to be wanting to be worshiped by His own creatures, because we exist because of Him, and He's the creator of procreation and sexuality: His invention in order to create new and unique individuals, both among animals and humans.
      You are unique, I am unique and we all are unique.
      But we are NOT GOD!
      Adam and Eve were the first who believed the LIE that they could be like God, and the rest is history.
      Since then we are MORTALS and God introduced DEATH, which is a force that generates a separation between Him and His perfect realm and our fallen, imperfect state.
      Only through God's alter ego, JESUS Christ we can be RESTORED.
      But we must surrender to Him or we remain LOST and accursed.
      No human being is able to keep the commandments like JESUS did, because the hardest thing is to LOVE those who hate you.
      That's why He offers us His undeserved GRACE:
      Ephesians 2:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God,
      9 Not of works, lest any man should boast himself.
      We are all SINNERS=transgressors of God's commandments.
      ONLY a sinless human being was worthy to be punished in OUR place on the Babylonian and satanic symbol for the sun-god, the cross.
      ONLY a sinless human being, who was both man and God, is able to FORGIVE us and RESTORE us.
      His name is JESUS (the) Christ, or Christ JESUS=the anointed I AM SALVATION.


      michael cook
      Yesterday 8:32 PM

      +Hans S​ I don't deny God, I deny religion. Why would God make rules other than the rules he already made when he created the universe? He didn't get it right the first time? He's fallible? What kind of God needs worship? Kind of insecure for a God don't you think? It would be weird if parents demanded their children worship them and also demanded they never love anyone or anything else but them, because they created them. But ya... religion is normal.

  2. It is much worse when you take into consideration the so called 'Anti Baby Pill', birthcontroll system. That pill does not prevent conception, it only prevents the hetching of the fertilized egg to the uterus, so live is being destroyed over and over again.

  3. the only reason why people want to BELIEVE in the fairy tale called evolution is because they want to deny the existence of the God of the Bible.
    evolutionists are by definition SICK IN THEIR HEADS.
    Their evolution fairy tale gives them the opportunity to be god themselves.
    without knowing (or sometimes they do) they are supported by Satan who is the creator of the evolution fairytale

    Hans S
    Hans S1 second ago
    once upon a time there was evolution......

    1. +VoysovReason
      You're a fool and an irrational entity yourself.

      I was raised without religion and there is overwhelming proof for creation and the God of the Bible who is JESUS and ZERO evidence for your FAITH.

  4. ABORTION=child sacrifice to SATAN!

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    1. Abortion is murder and the women who agree with abortion and who have had an abortion are complicit.
      If the UNBORN baby could speak for itself it would agree with the above and it would say 'my mommy decided to have me MURDERED'.
      If abortion is a 'personal issue' than the blonde woman in the video should have MURDERED her unborn CHILD herself!
      But what did she do?
      She went to ASSASSINS, called ABORTIONISTS, and they murdered her child for her, with her consent.

      PS: every sin (like abortion), except UNBELIEF can be forgiven by GRACE through FAITH in the atoning BLOOD of JESUS.

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    1. This is the largest church of Lucifer, and JESUS is going to DESTROY it: St. Peter's Basilica


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