woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Flat Earth Smarts

Flat Earth Smarts (playlist)

Published on May 26, 2016
Flat Earth Smarts - Trailer.

It's time to get Smart about how we look into the Flat Earth. It's time to explore the world through new eyes; to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff and find real answers to our questions.

Perhaps it's time for Flat Earth to move beyond trying to convince everyone else and take a closer look for ourselves.

Your company will be most welcome.

Next Up: Flat Earth Smarts - 1. Welcome.

The VATICAN-led United Nations knew all along what the REAL map of this world should look like: 

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  1. Flat Earth Truth, NASA'S Cameras Expose Flat Earth Impassable Firmament Part1

    Hans S1 second ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8IVU-sqsFk&lc=z134xdtontbbvbsxx04cfjuyxq3rsffjqsg0k
    Paul Begley is a JESUIT and a DECEIVER on behalf of the VATICAN. NAZI-NASA is 100% controlled by the VATICAN.

  2. +Ajaycee 1844
    Thanks for the explanation, Adam!

    I'm a DISK-like earth adherent since October 1, this year and a worshiper of God-the Lord JESUS and an ex-atheist/nihilist!
    Finally, the last LIES of the BRAINWASHNG I've grown up with during my past are GONE!
    This was the video that convinced me: Scientific EVIDENCE of a Flat Earth http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/10/scientific-evidence-of-flat-earth.html (my site).
    I love Deep Purple, so it helped a lot that this video began with my favorite song 'Child in Time'!
    A lot of people don't like the term 'flat earth' and I was one of them in the recent past, and so I use the term 'DISK-like Earth' or 'DISK-shaped earth'.

    Kind regards,


    Ajaycee 1844
    8:41 PM

    Hello Hans and welcome to the channel; I'm glad you enjoyed watching, I hope you enjoy watching more. I've seen your other message and in answer to your question, Episode 5 was a poor soundtrack so I re-recorded it and uploaded it as Episode 8 to avoid any confusion. Kind Regards from England, AJC.

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    1. Eric Jon recommends to vote for your own LOCAL interest in your own state.
      Don't vote for anyone in Washington D.C.: they serve the POPE of ROME=the ROMAN EMPEROR and the ANTICHRIST


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