dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Satan EXPOSED - 2

To be continued!









A CRAZY Crucifix-KISSER and a REPTILE from Hell rule this world





The Satanic Power Tree

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  1. The MARK of the BEAST (The PAPACY/the POPE) is MANDATORY SUN (day) WORSHIP, because the BEAST serves LUCIFER who wants us to worship the SUN instead of God on the true day of God's rest: the Sabbath. The Mark will be enforced by means of a RFID-chip IN the right hand or/and the forehead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8lMrKZNr0c&lc=z13ahhlwkv2csh4nz22vyrrhkxy2uvxq304
    Hans S1 second ago
    The Holy Spirit is JESUS in SPIRITUAL capacity, because JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh, and He's the WORD of GOD. We can READ the WORD of God in the BIBLE.
    Hans S1 second ago
    Satan LOVES to CORRUPT the TRUE WORD of GOD! But he'd rather BURN all BIBLES!
    Hans S1 second ago
    Satan HATES the BIBLE!
    Hans S1 second ago
    When God-the Lord JESUS saved me, He told me: 'Hans, there are two things you can do: commit suicide or start reading THE BIBLE'. And by the way He told me this in DUTCH, because I'm Dutch. And to inform you: I've just recently bought myself a brand new Geneva Bible 1599. JESUS is THE WORD of GOD and the WORD of God is written down in the BIBLE.

  2. Reacties
    1. Hans S1 second ago
      Lucifer is Latin for 'light bringer/light bearer'
      , and it's one of the names of the former angel 'morning star' before God-the Lord JESUS called him ADVERSARY=Satan, So it's in fact incorrect to call Satan, Lucifer, because that was his FORMER name in Latin.

      Hans S1 second ago
      All angels are God's SERVANTS and even after his fall, Satan is still God's SERVANT, whether he likes it or not!


      now believe me I believe in Jesus he is my savior. But isn't Satan and Lucifer two different entities. I used to think they were one in the same but the more research I do the more I'm finding out they are not the same I think they are both evil but not the same entity at all.
      Jeff moskala1 month ago
      Bible Flock Box
      Bible Flock Box1 month ago
      They are the same.
      KeyBored_Jitzu1 month ago
      I have wondered, especially when God sends the angel of death the smite the firstborn of Egypt and the angel to test Job, who ultimately wipes out his family. Then there was the temptation of Christ. More is to be revealed.
      Clair Currie
      Clair Currie1 month ago
      Jeff moskala satan is lucifer you idiot
      Clair Currie
      Clair Currie1 month ago
      KeyBored_Jitzu satan is not an angle he was an Angel but he turned around and he payed his price
      Rohan Kanojia
      Rohan Kanojia2 weeks ago
      I too believe in jesus and accept him my lord and saviour may God bless to all, amen 😇

    2. Hans S1 second ago
      God-the Lord JESUS allows evil
      because of the PRINCIPLE of FREE WILL! We and angels and animals are NOT ROBOTS!


      God allowed evil to be for the purpose of showing everyone that he loves them no matter how bad they are. LOL
      Wayne Keef1 day ago
      Mustang beauty
      Mustang beauty4 hours ago
      your trolling right ATHEIST


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