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The fans of Steven BenNun EXPOSED

New World Order Rome's Millennial Plan

Published on Nov 28, 2016
World leaders are rapidly shifting the World to their ultimate goal; a One World Religion for a New World Order. The Vatican has been at the fore front of this agenda like never before, uniting the World's religions for some New Global Authority. But who is this new Global Authority? Perhaps we may find it in the Pope's word's. According to Pope Benedict their has been a Jesuit invasion in the Vatican with a quest to find Aliens.
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David August 3, 2016 at 9:01 am
Hi Rose 馃檪 Sadly the Protestant Reformers did not come out of the Babylonian Roman Catholic Church enough, and since then the Protestant Churches have been infiltrated and covertly brought back under the authority of Rome. Today many of their teachings are contrary to Scripture, and directly from the Roman Church.
The Jesuits of Rome were empowered in the 16th century to counter the Reformation, to bring the Protestants back under Rome’s control. They did that through brute force, through persecuting and killing the saints, via the Inquisition.
And they did it by creating futuristic prophecy explanations, which pointed to an one-man antichrist in a 7-year tribulation period, in the end times. They did this to deflect blame away from the Popes of Rome, whom the Protestant Reformers had rightly identified as the Little Horn of Daniel 7, the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, and the antichrist beast of Revelation 13.
It is those futuristic prophecy deceptions that have taken hold during the last two centuries, which now deceive most Christians. But the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week, from 27-34 A.D.; when Messiah and His disciples confirmed with the Jews for seven years, that He was the promised Messiah would ratified the everlasting covenant and atone for their sins as the Passover Lamb. Here is a Bible study series that proves that ALL of the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled, and none of it is future. http://70thweekofdaniel.com/
They have caused Protestant Churches to teach that all of the seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation will be fulfilled in the future, during the last few years of Great Tribulation. But the fact is that most of Revelation has already been fulfilled during the historical battle between the Satan-empowered Roman beast vs. Messiah and His saints. Here is a whole study series that shows you what has been fulfilled, where we are at now on the Revelation fulfillment timeline, and what will happen next as we await Messiah’s glorious return. http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com
When Messiah said to ‘come out of Babylon‘, He is not just talking about the Roman Catholic Church, but to everyone who is following their teachings, and that includes most every Protestant Church.
I was pulled out of Protestant Churches a few years ago, as I can’t set there and listen to them mislead people. Like Stephen Ben Denoon, most Protestant Pastors have sincere hearts and they love Messiah, but sadly what they are teaching about prophecy fulfillment is false.
I believe that home churches are the answer, as we can meet with like-minded believers. And I believe that it will be necessary in the future, as mainstream churches are controlled more and persecuted in the future.
When you look at Messiah’s words to the Church of Laodicea, which is the end times church age that we live in, He said that we are lukewarm, and wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. That describes Protestant Churches today. They think they see, but are blind. They think they are rich, but they are poor.
Messiah said “I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.” Revelation 3:18
As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Revelation 3:19
And here is the promise to those who pursue truth and righteousness:
To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.” Revelation 3:21
I pray that the readers of this article about Stephen will be granted eye salve, so that the scales of the Jesuit’s false prophecy explanations will fall away from their eyes, so that they can see the truth about Messiah’s glorious fulfillment of prophecy!


This was my response and let's see whether David is fair and brave enough to publish it:

Hi David,
Hans from the Netherlands here, and I'm and ex-atheist, which means that I used to be against ALL forms of religion and I didn't believe in the existence of God and the supernatural.
I acknowledged the fact that JESUS once existed, but I believed He died like everybody else.
I was an adherent of the fairy tale called 'evolution' and I believed in the 'solar system, 'men on the moon' and all that nonsense, while I know now that the earth is FLAT. http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Flat%20Earth

I believe in the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Opname%20en%20profetie-Rapture%20and%20prophecy (Jacob is ISRAEL) and I believe that the Jews are still God's chosen people (JESUS is GOD and a JEW) for the sake of God's NAME, and God's NAME is 'I AM that I AM' and in short 'I AM', and 'JESUS' from the Hebrew name YESHUA means 'I AM SALVATION'.
JESUS is 'I AM' in the capacity of Savior.

I agree with you that the JESUITS are the root cause of EVIL and they're a bunch of LUCIFERIANS, serving the devil, and I agree with you that the reformers didn't go far enough in order to totally shake off ALL bad influences of the EVIL Roman Catholic DEATH CULT-church http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/X-mas , and I agree with you that Steven BenNun, or Ben-DeNoon is a false prophesy teacher, which is EASY to prove, because several of his predictions/prophesies haven't been fulfilled, or will NEVER be fulfilled....
And I disagree with him concerning the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture, because he had become a PRE-WRATH-rapture adherent, which is also a lot of nonsense.
Pre Wrath Rapture? http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/11/pre-wrath-rapture.html

You're also proclaiming incorrect information because the JESUITS did NOT invent the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture (pre-tribulation-rapture) teaching, but the Apostle Paul, on behalf of JESUS: the JESUITS DISTORTED this teaching and turned it into something else, called 'Futurism', so I AGREE with this:

"And they did it by creating futuristic prophecy explanations, which pointed to an one-man antichrist in a 7-year tribulation period, in the end times. They did this to deflect blame away from the Popes of Rome, whom the Protestant Reformers had rightly identified as the Little Horn of Daniel 7, the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, and the antichrist beast of Revelation 13. "

But you don't (yet) make the distinction between the gospel of the Kingdom for the Jews and the Gospel of Grace for the members of the Body of Christ, and be informed: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/07/israels-kingdom-gospel-and-our-grace.html

Steven (like many others) believes that fallen angels have had sex with earthly women, generating the so called 'Nephilim' or Giants in Genesis 6 (and later: think of Goliath).

This is absolute NONSENSE: For the last time: Fallen Angels did NOT have sex with earthly women in Genesis 6, generating the Nephilim or Giants! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/11/for-last-time-fallen-angels-did-not.html

Steven also believes in the importance of extra-Biblical books, which is UNBIBLICAL, like the 'book of Enoch' and 'The Apocalypse of Thomas'.
These books are FRAUDS and OCCULT GARBAGE: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/05/the-book-of-enoch-is-satanic-garbage.html

Steven is a friend of JESUIT-INFILTRATOR/SENSATIONALIST/MONEY BEGGAR Paul BEGley: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/05/paul-begley-jesuit.html

And Steven teaches several other fallacies:
Steven & Paul. Dumb & Dumber. Steven Ben Denoon & Paul Begley Exposed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_zu6u1QDc0&feature=share

Steven Ben Denoon Exposed. Stop eating Delicious Cows....  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S3oDcdW5qg&feature=share

I've had PERSONAL contact with Steven, but he doesn't seem to be the man who wants to be corrected, and he has made himself 'too important', so I let JESUS correct Him, who happens to be God ALMIGHTY! Ouch!

But you know what I LIKE about Steven?
He LOVES the JEWISH people, because he himself is a JEW, and you know what?

JESUS is and will ALWAYS be a JEW and He happens to be GOD, manifested in the flesh.
Jew-haters and REPLACEMENT (which is a CATHOLIC false teaching!) THEOLOGY adherents won't feel happy in heaven and on the New Earth, because the members of the Body of Christ will FOREVER dwell in the NEW JERUSALEM, and this BEAUTIFUL CITY will FOREVER commemorate the NAMES of the JEWISH Apostles and the 12 Tribes of ISRAEL.

LOVE in JESUS from Hans, from the Netherlands and no one has to agree with me, as long as I agree with JESUS and myself ;))

PS: and I give Steven a chance to defend himself: http://israelinewslive.org/responding-to-false-accusations-of-steven-jana-ben-nun-denoon/



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    1. That's the same!


      By now after everything that's happened since this complete madness began, it's really difficult to understand what goes on inside the head of a "pro" immigration person. I wonder how many UFO's would fly out during a lobotomy.
      GymChess11 hours ago
      Roger Brenon
      Roger Brenon10 hours ago
      More like demons.

    2. JESUS is still SAVING people!


      Come Lord Jesus come.
      Layland Syrus11 hours ago
      Gregory Murphy
      Gregory Murphy6 hours ago
      +Layland Syrus Now that the U.N. told Israel to give Gaza back - they will be having a military drill there in the AM (their time). BPEarthWatch just uploaded a video about it.
      Layland Syrus
      Layland Syrus6 hours ago
      i saw that, it's coming, we may see the Antichrist revealed in 2017, thats my take on it.

    3. The POPE of ROME=the Roman EMPEROR=the ANTICHRIST=the VICAR of CHRIST


      this has been a jesuit plan for ages to control and usher in the anti-christ
      Ste Mccre11 hours ago
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