zondag 11 december 2016

Go AWAY satan=adversary, in JESUS' name!

John 12:31-32


Jesus is coming back in order to DESTROY the WHOLE ROMAN BABYLONIAN shitpile!






Paul's Gospel

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  1. The King James version 1611 is the SATANIC COUNTERFEIT of the GENEVA BIBLE 1599!

    Believe it and be blessed, or go DOWN with the Vatican-JESUIT concocted LIE.

    The TRUTH=JESUS will set you FREE!


    JESUS loves you and Satan hates you!

  2. +Anna Forhisglory
    +LAna St.ColumB Brothers and Sisters in JESUS HELP each other and I will help you to understand that OTHERS
    helped ME to understand that the Geneva Bible 1599 as a SOURCE is the BEST English translation of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.
    It was a SISTER in JESUS who years ago confronted me (and others) with this: Breaking: King James Bible 1611 is Masonic!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_p6fbi32dQ

    She is RIGHT! Praise JESUS!

    And the BEST ALTERNATIVE was almost completely FORGOTTEN or DESTROYED: the Geneva Bible 1560-1599 http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/GNV

    The KJV1611 is masonic, which means that it was changed in such a way that it became ACCEPTABLE to the Roman Catholic MURDER CULT-church from BABYLON and LUCIFER!

    FIGHT the POPE and the DEVIL and the LIES with the BEST possible WEAPON: the TRUE WORD of GOD = the Geneva Bible 1599, which was printed in LARGE quantities in my country, in Amsterdam during the REFORMATION-REVOLUTION against the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT-church of Satan.

    BUT....Satan saw a LOOPHOLE: COPYRIGHT and so he LIES that he OWNS the WORD of GOD!

    May those who claim this 'right' BURN IN HELL FOREVER, unless they surrender to JESUS, God, manifested in the flesh.

    They are followers of SATAN and MONEY = the SAME!

    God's WORD is PUBLIC DOMAIN: praise JESUS!

  3. Establish first what LIFE is and that's the Lord JESUS: 'I am the way, the truth and the LIFE'.

    He breathed LIFE into the nostrils of Adam.
    He raised people from the dead, including Himself, because He and the Father are one.

    Satan can IMITATE this, but not as a LIFE giving force or entity, but through a DEADLY ILLUSION, like in the case of the snakes of the sorcerers of the Pharaoh, which appeared in answer to the divine snake of Moses and Aaron.
    God's snake defeated the satanic snakes of Pharaoh.

    So when when Antichrist will 'rise from the dead' it will be an ILLUSION, because he won't be really dead in the first place.

    Satan can only do what God-the Lord JESUS allows him.


    I AM Last
    Shared publicly - Yesterday 11:13 PM

    Im going to ask a question that may lead to a conversation in the comments section. Im asking a question that i hope logically will lead a few out of a ceratin end time lie.

    The question is -

    Can Satan or his fallen devil angels breath the breath of life into any creature or being?
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    Christopher Hansen
    3:00 AM+

    Christopher Hansen
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    Except he's supposed to resurrect the false prophet at the end.

    But Satan is the father of lies and murder.

    Raising people back to life is antithetical for Satan. Contrary to his nature.

    He ends life. He doesn't give life.
    5:25 AM

    he can do false signs and wonders, the bible says so.. I am curious .. why do you ask ?? 


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