Thursday, March 29, 2018

George Soros the destroyer on behalf of the Jesuit-Pope and Satan

Strange Things Happen to European Countries Resisting George Soros" Assault

Strange things happen in East and Central Europe that get little mention from media outlets.  Two heads of state, the PMs of Slovenia and Slovakia, resigned almost simultaneously.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was a victim of the scandal over the murder of Jan Kuciak, a journalist who was investigating government corruption.  The PM had to step down amid mass street protests.

Mr. Fico was known for his support of a stronger Visegrad Group. He opposed Brussels on many issues. It’s worth noting that he called for lifting sanctions and improving relations with Moscow. The PM was adamant that Russia was a reliable energy partner.  Is it a coincidence that he was forced to resign amid the anti-Russia campaign triggered by the Skripal case and other obviously concocted stories used as false pretexts for incessant attacks on Moscow? Wasn’t he a threat to the so-called unity of the EU against Russia? He definitely was.

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    1. +Kimberly Sullivan It doesn't matter who we vote for (I'm Dutch, and this goes for my country too), because they ALL serve the Vatican, which is the Roman Empire and the Pope, who is the disguised Roman Emperor.
      Trump and Clinton are FRIENDS and Trump used to vote DEMOCRATIC in the past!
      Don't be fooled by Satan and his hench(wo)men on earth!
      Potus Papal pawn

      The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

      The Satanic Power Tree

      If we believe in the GOSPEL that SAVES FOREVER, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 we're SAFE, thanks to JESUS!
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Kimberly Sullivan I forgot to tell you that George Soros is a PUPPET of the Vatican TOO, and they deliberately want us to believe there are EVIL LONERS who could be the Antichrist, while the PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST by DEFAULT!


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      Kimberly Sullivan
      I have read several articles regarding the Pope. My son compares Trump to Hitler. I did vote for Trump bc I did want Hillary. If her mouth is moving she is lying. That is EVERY politician, any entity of government and let us not forget attorneys.....the legalized criminals.

    2. +Kimberly Sullivan Catholics are PAGANS with a Christian veneer.
      They're just as LOST as Hindus or Muslims, and Catholicism has the same BABYLONIAN origin.
      The Roman Catholic church and the Vatican is MYSTERY BABYLON - Mystery Babylon The Great - The Truth About The Roman Catholic SEMIRAMIS='mary' CULT and the true worship of this CULT is SUN-worship and the true god of this CULT is Lucifer, which most ordinary Catholics DON'T KNOW.
      Hitler was a Catholic and JESUIT trained.
      Stalin was a Catholic and a JESUIT PRIEST!

      My MOTHER was a Catholic...but NOT anymore and she's gone to be with JESUS since January 8, this year.
      Thank God there are many former Catholics who now believe in the right JESUS and in the right gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4:

      Good news for Catholics

    3. +Kimberly Sullivan Catholics are RELIGIOUS people, but they're not SAVED and BORN again and they don't know WHO JESUS is: GOD, manifested in the flesh/sinless human form.
      They're RELIGION is all based on LIES!
      The Roman Catholic Church asserts that Peter is their first 'Pope', but PETER WAS NEVER IN ROME!!!
      The RCC is a CULT, invented by Satan himself!
      God-our SAVIOR JESUS bless you during your investigations so that you can tell Catholics the truth, because JESUS wants to save them, and this goes for Muslims and Hindus too, because Catholicism, Islam and Hinduism all derive from Babylon, thousands of years ago.


      Kimberly Sullivan
      I +Hans S I was amazed he went to Catholic schools but never opened a Bible. I started asking coworkers who went to Catholic schools and their responses were all the same "we had religion class but never cracked open a Bible". The mass is a ritual. I was told no matter where you are in the World the same mass for that particular Sunday is the same everywhere. They are hypocrites as well. I will definitely read this. Thank you.

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    1. In a 1993 interview with the UK Independent, Soros actually confessed that he suffers from a god complex.


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