Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Human Shields of the PAPAL-US-Backed BASTARDS in Syria in order to BLAME RUSSIA

Coalition Strike on Syrian Forces Seems to Help ISIS

Published on Feb 28, 2018

US Coalition Strike on Syrian Forces Seems to Help ISIS near Deir Ezzor. 
We reported two days ago that it was alleged that US coalition forces may have struck Syrian forces however neither Syria nor US Coalition have commented on the strike. 
Now more evidence emerges from the embattled region which may suggest that Coalition strikes are helping ISIS whether intentional or not is unknown. 
Jihadist in East Ghouta keep Syrians captive to be killed by Russian and Syrian air strikes. 
INL is putting the "spotlight" on East Ghouta 


  1. +Louisa Morse And the members of the Body of Christ will witness it from heaven, because they will be evacuated to where JESUS-YESHUA is: My Blessed Hope - The Rapture

    1 Thessalonians 5:9 World English Bible (WEB)

    9 For God didn’t appoint us to wrath, but to the obtaining of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ


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