Monday, April 9, 2018

EU Head Juncker Wants Poland to Commit Suicide By Taking In Muslims

EU Head Juncker Slams Poland for Taking in Ukrainian Migrants But Not Muslims



Drunkard Juncker



The Satanic Power Tree




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    1. This man deserves the death penalty and he already knows where he's going: "During the trial he has repeatedly laughed, denounced his victims, and refused to obey the orders of the judge, including on Wednesday afternoon refusing to sit down in his chair, claiming that “Every new thing I use brings me to hell.”

      Nobody needs to kill him: just put him in a prison cell without food and drink until GOD has finished his evil existence.
      Explain to him the gospel of GRACE, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 so that God-the Lord JESUS may have mercy on him before he dies.
      NOBODY deserves God's GRACE and he had no mercy on his victims.

      Islam is SATANISM, invented by the Vatican:

    2. +Maya Maarit "Eight of the ten victims were women, and two died of their wounds."
      He murdered two people.

      He's possessed by the devil=allah: “I honestly felt like I was controlled remotely… The idea was to keep attacking as long as a head falls,”
      Now I must say that this is not typical Islamic, because there are also non-Muslims who behave like this.
      His Jehovah Witness-victims were just as unsaved as he is, but the question is what society must do with people like him who behave like wild animals.
      If a wild and dangerous animal like a bear attacks and one happens to have a loaded gun, one would not hesitate to kill the bear.
      If a human acts like a dangerous beast, there are other humans who feel pity for such a person.
      "Ylen Turku Prison told the Finnish Broadcasting Company that Bouanane had rioted in his cell Monday and Tuesday night, breaking his television and other furniture."
      Typical behavior of a demon-possessed person.
      What would JESUS have done if He would have been confronted by this man?
      He would have driven the demons out of this young man before he could harm anybody or himself.
      But this didn't happen and now he's guilty as hell.
      JESUS also didn't protect his victims, because they didn't belong to Him.
      It's up to the Finnish society what will happen to this murderer.

    3. +Maya Maarit We've had a somewhat similar case with also a Moroccan Islamic killer of the late Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.
      The killer is imprisoned for life.
      Years ago an acquaintance told me that they should imprison such criminals for life....without food and drink or anything.
      Just an empty cell, so this was his idea.
      But society wants to pamper such criminals with TV and other luxuries.
      It's like putting a TV in a cage of a wild animal...
      And a lot of TV programs are bad, so what the use?
      There's another possibility: put him in an empty cell in which he can't destroy anything or hurt himself, unless he wants to bang his head against the wall, and force him to listen to the Bible in His own language through speakers in the roof he can't reach and destroy.
      Give him only that much food and drink so that he can survive, and wait and see what will happen.
      Reward him with better circumstances in case he changes his behavior for the better and in case he genuinely regrets what he has done, and if food and no drink.
      The flesh is an ally of Satan.
      People can do without food for about 40 days until there will be irreversible damage to the body, but much shorter time without water.

      Blessing in JESUS' name to you from the Netherlands.

    4. +Kathy Newell That's the typical 'American approach': "his head blown off at point blank range".
      Of course this man needs to be punished, but WHO is going to do it?
      Would JESUS blow his head off at point blank range with a gun?
      JESUS can end someone's life just by thinking power, because He's God and our creator!
      When JESUS returns He's going to KILL MILLIONS of people without making His hands dirty, and since He's God He once drowned about 6 BILLION people during the Flood, just by changing the circumstances on earth through His divine intervention, and that's only one example, because God=JESUS killed many more as a JUDGEMENT.
      What will he learn when his head will be blown off at point blank range and what is the lesson to the relatives of the victims and the other victims that survived his demonic attack and to society?
      Or do you favor revenge or do you want to set an example to other potential (Islamic) killers?
      Do you realize that we ALL deserve to be cast into God's lake of fire, the WORST punishment imaginable?
      Are you a better person than him?
      Do you know that there are fellow saved believers in JESUS who used to be KILLERS and other kinds of disgusting CRIMINALS?
      JESUS FORGAVE their sins and He adopted them as His children, because He and the Father are one.
      I'm ready to accept this man as my BROTHER in case he repents=changes his mind on what he has done and becomes a fellow, saved believer in JESUS, but he also needs to be PUNISHED, and that's why God gave us MORTAL and FRAGILE BODIES.
      It's very EASY to BREAK even the PROUDEST person by NOT giving him/her food and drink, and if he dies because of it, no one is responsible but God alone.
      Only God has the right to KILL or to give MERCY.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Kathy Newell Let me give you an example: when I was still an atheist I read an article about 12 disgusting criminals (killers/rapists/robbers etc) on death row in American prisons, and mind you I'm Dutch and in my country we have no death sentence.
      All these men were body builders or had become that way during their stay in prison, and they looked very 'tough'.
      But all of them had become scared to death due to the UNCERTAINTY about WHEN their execution would take place, and every day, early in the morning they had to prepare themselves for their final day on earth.
      But every time their execution was postponed, and this uncertainty was destroying them mentally .
      To make a long story short: thanks to prison pastors all 12 men got saved by JESUS and they all admitted their crimes and they all acknowledged that they deserved the death penalty and they were no longer lying and no longer resisting.
      Yes, they're all DEAD, because I read this article during the '80's of the previous century, but they're all SAVED FOREVER and they will NOT burn forever in God's eternal detention center, the lake of fire.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Kathy Newell Something else, Kathy: are you saved by grace through faith alone in the atoning blood of JESUS, according to the Gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4?

  2. It is not just that the British immigration system -- and immigration systems across Europe -- seem to be controlled by a cabal of their enemies. They seem to be controlled by a cabal of people who are opposed to European nations having any suitable compassion, common sense or even an instinct for survival.

  3. Christians outlawed: German parliament refuses to protect them, British even evict them
    Christenen vogelvrij: Duitse parlement weigert ze te beschermen, Britten zetten ze zelfs uit

  4. 'Defend Europe': Identity Movement closes itself French border crossing for migrants
    ‘Defend Europe’: Identitaire Beweging sluit zelf Franse grensovergang voor migranten

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    1. The same kind of EVIL MORONS that Israel is dealing with: (young) MUSLIMS

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    1. The Vatican created Islam!!!

  7. Wilders plans Mohammed cartoon contest as he fights discrimination conviction
    Muhammad, the ROTTEN CHILD RAPIST and MASS MURDERER and LIAR on behalf the VATICAN that created Islam,q_70,fl_lossy,dpr_3,h_416,w_500,c_limit/v200/ae55235ec7dbff07738e340ee608ceca

  8. Netherlands: Quarter feels strange in their own country
    Kwart voelt zich vreemde in eigen land

    In Belgium it's 37%

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    1. islam is PURE SATANISM, invented by the Vatican

  10. Survey on the Asylum Dispute: Majority of Germans for Dissolution of the Grand Coalition
    Umfrage zum Asylstreit: Mehrheit der Deutschen für eine Auflösung der Großen Koalition


  11. Are you sure you want to delete this post?
    ‘F***ing b***h’: MUSLIM PIG swears at stewardess over 'pork' in sandwich

    allauakbar idiot

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    1. 'allah' is NOT God! 'allah' is the DEVIL!

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    1. Hi GospelGirl 1Cor15:1-4
      I don't live near a mosque but I see Muslims on a daily basis in my hometown in the Netherlands, while there were almost no Muslims in my country before 1947.

      Islam was created by the Vatican and I call it ROMAN CATHOLIC ISLAM, and Muslims are just as LOST as CATHOLICS, and MOST people.
      The (revived) Roman Empire=the VATICAN is responsible for the influx of all those Muslims in Europe and the US and other 'Christian' countries. The Pope is friends with all false religions and he's the disguised Roman Emperor and the Antichrist.
      JESUS is coming to DESTROY the Vatican-JESUIT WORLD ORDER!


      GospelGirl 1Cor15:1-4
      GospelGirl 1Cor15:1-4
      15 minutes ago
      No one wants to live next door to the devil Antichrist Beast (Islam) system unless they’re a part of it.

  14. +Selim Sultan Akbar Alla u SNACKBAR!
    You're lost without JESUS Christ!

    How the Vatican created Islam - By Alberto Rivera


    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    POLICE = Protectors Of Lawless Islamic-Catholic Elitists - ISLAM WAS CREATED by the VATICAN = the disguised ROMAN EMPIRE. ISLAM is CATHOLIC! ISLAM and the Catholic church are ALLIES! Muhammad and the Pope are PEDOPHILES.
    Allah is SATAN and the true god of the Pope is LUCIFER. The 'elite' want to turn the whole world into one big CONCENTRATION CAMP so that they can live on in LUXURY and CRIME, abusing the citizens of the world as their SLAVES. The NAZIS were ROMAN CATHOLICS. COMMUNISM was invented by the JESUITS and FASCISM too.

    The true revolution is to believe in JESUS Christ and to renounce the false jesus of the Catholic church and Islam
    Selim Sultan Akbar's profile photo
    Selim Sultan Akbar
    +Hans S stupid ass shit...

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    1. The rulers of Europe are SATANISTS who cooperate with the SATANIC VATICAN and they all HATE their own peoples!


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