Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Regathering Of Israel In May 1948 Is An Excellent Example Of How Bible Prophecy Can Have A Dual Fulfillment

Most Bible prophecy is "one and done", meaning that when it is fulfilled it is completed. For example, the prophecies of Jesus on the cross in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 were fulfilled when Jesus went to the cross, never to be repeated. And so it is with most Bible prophecy, it has a one-time fulfillment, but as you will see there are exceptions to that rule. In Matthew 24, a chapter almost exclusively devoted to the Jews and Israel in the time of Jacob's trouble, Jesus makes a prophecy that when Israel was regathered it will signal the start of the last days or end times.

All three books – Matthew, Daniel and Jeremiah – speak to the Jews in the time of the end in the time of Jacob’s trouble -with prophecy yet to be fulfilled after the Rapture of the Church



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    1. Trump is a DECEIVER on behalf of the Vatican and his BOSS the POPE, but Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and not to the Jordanian and the Egyptian Arabs, the so called 'Palestinians' who are predominantly Muslims, and Islam was created by the Vatican and is SATANIC, just like Roman Catholicism, which has nothing to do with the JEWISH JESUS Christ of the real Bible, but with Babylon: Nimrod (the Pope, 'god the father'), Tammuz ('jesus') and Semiramis ('mary').


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