Saturday, April 28, 2018

US-American and Allied war crimes against German prisoners of war & Population

Similarities with Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam etc. etc. etc.
Regime change in Germany by means of the JESUIT-controlled allies, first during the '1st world war', changing the former German Empire into a 'democracy' that resulted in chaos and the coming to power of the Jesuit-controlled Nazis, which led to the '2nd World War' and the ignominious loss of Germany, after which the country was divided into 'the united states of Germany' in the west, according to the American example, and an eastern part, occupied by the former Soviet Union and the JESUIT Jozef Stalin, after first large parts of former eastern Germany were taken away from Germany and were occupied by the Catholic Poles and a small part of it ('Kaliningrad') was taken by Stalin, whereby millions of Germans were expelled, among which many Protestants, and whereby millions of people were killed and almost all women were raped and many were killed.
Before the two Germany's were created MILLIONS of Germans were ANNIHILATED by the US and its allies AFTER the surrender of Germany!
The following documentary informs us about it:

Other Losses - a film by James Bacque

Published on Feb 15, 2018
The deliberate murder of one million German men after WW2 by the Americans.

This version is dubbed in German.

US-Amerikanische & Allierte Kriegsverbrechen an deutsche Kriegsgefangene & Bevölkerung

See the similarities with present-day Syria and Iraq, in which regime-change has taken place (Iraq) and regime-change is still an on-going process, though Russia is NOT cooperating with the Vatican controlled 'west', and as in the past there were dissenting voices in the US and the West, but also then the mass media were on the side of the rulers and the truth was concealed.

Furthermore: before, during and after the '2nd world war' Russia was the leading nation of the former communist Soviet-Union, led by the JESUIT-TYRANT, Joseph 'Stalin' from Georgia, and communism was invented by the JESUITS, and after the collapse of communist Russia in 1991 there's now a DIFFERENT Russia, which isn't communist anymore, but NOT in the eyes of the JESUIT-controlled 'west' and especially the USA.
Only the beginning of the so-called 'cold war' (totally fake, because nuclear weapons don't exist) put an end to this gruesome situation, and of course this 'cold war' was also the spiritual brainchild of the devilish Jesuits, whose goal is the creation of the Vatican led world order and the annihilation of ISRAEL and God's chosen people, the Jews, so that JESUS Christ won't have a motive to return!

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Supreme Allied Commander of the Vatican


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