Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Coups R US: American regime changes and their aftermaths, from Hawaii to Libya (RT Doc)

Coups R US: American regime changes and their aftermaths, from Hawaii to Libya (RT Doc)

Published on May 29, 2018
In March of 1951, Jacobo Arbenz came to power in Guatemala after having been resoundingly elected by the people. A little more than three years later, he was forced to resign in the midst of armed intervention. His reforms to redistribute unused land to poor peasants had fallen afoul of the United Fruit Company, which owned and warehoused vast tracts of Guatemalan land. The American corporation solicited the US government to overthrow the populist president and the Eisenhower administration delivered with the help of the Department of State and CIA, which happened to be led by the Dulles brothers, who had strong ties to the company. Arbenz’ ousting put an end to democracy in Guatemala for decades and replaced it by military rule. A civil war followed several years later, resulting in the deaths of over 200,000 people. The country remains one of Latin America’s most impoverished to this day. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Satan is bored - Satan verveelt zich

Hanss: "The raptue is just around the corner, and then the sky will be the limit ... besides; I thought you had plenty to do. Well, it's not easy to be preoccupied with continually having to reinvent evil and to persuade those who are under your control to carry out that evil...I could almost feel sorry for you ... but NO! "

Hanss: "De opname komt zo, en dan kan je helemaal los...ik dacht dat je trouwens genoeg te doen had.
Tja, het is niet makkelijk om steeds maar weer nieuwe rottigheid te moeten bedenken en te laten uitvoeren door mensen die jij in je macht hebt...ik zou bijna medelijden met je krijgen...maar NEE!"

Friday, May 25, 2018

Big Brother has this to say about my blog

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Congratulations, Satan, you will burn in hell forever, together with your insane minions like the Pope of Rome!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

EU bans all public amateur photography from May 25th

EU law marks the end of photography: you won't believe what the EU has planned

The meme says: 

From 25 May 2018 applies:

Total ban on photography in the EU

Anyone photographing people, no matter whether they're individuals or masses, needs written permission from each individual in the future, otherwise an impending 20 million penalty - per person!

20 million Euro penalty per person looming

Friday, May 11, 2018



This video is no longer available, but here are relevant videos...

Published on Apr 11, 2018

Assad: Why talk to Trump if he doesn’t control the US?

Meeting with Donald Trump would be pointless because the deep state – not the president – controls the US, Bashar Assad said in an interview. He noted that the agenda of the deep state is to create conflict aimed against Russia.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

End Time Messages 97 Eindtijdberichten

Eindtijdberichten aangaande 
de wederkomst van
Jezus Christus naar Israël
End Time Messages concerning
the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ to Israel
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Plaats onder dit log eindtijdberichten om elkaar te informeren over profetische ontwikkelingen m.b.t. Israël en wat daar direct en indirect mee te maken heeft.  Geen geklets dus, maar info waar iedere eindtijdgeïnteresseerde, die uitziet naar de wederkomst van Jezus Christus naar Israël en deze wereld, wat aan heeft.
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The most controversial little piece of land on earth



How to Get Saved 

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Eindtijdberichten 96 End Time Messages

Monday, May 7, 2018

Wicked people in the Bible who were SAVED - brethren who sinned yet were secure

Wicked people in the Bible who were SAVED - brethren who sinned yet were secure

Published on May 7, 2018
A study of the wicked things saved believers did yet were secure in Christ regardless of what the Lordship ppl say...its the blood of Christ alone that makes us worthy of Heaven NONE of our works. Also MORE REASONS WE LIVE FOR GOD....BUT NOT TO GET OR STAY SAVED

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Pope Francis Calls On US Authorities To Disarm The Population

Pope Francis has called for a gun ban in the US, urging authorities to confiscate all weapons, and has begun using Twitter to preach the New World Order doctrine that individuals should not have the right to personally defend themselves against evil.

Who Is Donald J. Trump? Do You Really Want To Know?

Who Is Donald J. Trump? Do You Really Want To Know?

Shaking My Head Productions
Published on Mar 30, 2018
YouTube: This video is not bullying, threatening, or harming anyone in any way. We are just showing what has been shown to us through the mainstream media, tv, movies and other outlets. This is only our opinion on what we see, nothing more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Netanyahu is deliberately LYING because 'nukes' DON'T EXIST

ALL world leaders are deliberately LYING about the existence of 'NUKES' and about the FLAT EARTH TRUTH'!
Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a news conference at the Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 30, 2018. © Amir Cohen / Reuters

Iran lied about its nuclear program, making the 2015 deal invalid, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised address from Tel Aviv, using big-screen presentation slides and video.