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Nazi Germany - A Creation of the Vatican and the Jesuits (FINANCED BY THE USA, THE OTHER CREATION OF THE VATICAN)

Nazi Germany - A Creation of the Vatican and Jesuits

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Published on Jul 28, 2008

Song is DMT by genCAB (Used with permission) UK Newspaper mentions this video: Article Link: Vatican launches YouTube channel - Europe, World - The Independent By Peter Popham in Rome Friday, 23 January 2009 Bolstered by a hearty endorsement from the Pope, the Vatican plunged into a new age today, launching its own dedicated YouTube channel, Initially available in Italian, English, German and Spanish, the ad-free site gives the Church an official presence in the fast-moving, anarchic world of new technology. Type "Vatican" into YouTube's search engine and the first video to appear is entitled "The Devil in the Vatican" and claims that the modern Church has gone over to the other side. The second argues that "Nazi Germany was a creation of the Vatican and the Jesuits". Now the Vatican has the means to fight back. "The Vatican Television Centre and Vatican Radio have been producing video news on the Pope's activities every day for over a year," said the papal spokesman Father Federico Lombardi. "Now they are ready to make this jump into the global arena." The Vatican's fusty facade has long concealed a tech-savvy interior: its solemn-looking web site, , is a treasure trove, and was once nominated for a Webby award. Pope Benedict said the new technologies were "a gift to humanity". By communicating online, he said, we are responding to God, "who desires to make of all humanity one family. When we find ourselves drawn towards other people ? we are responding to God's call." But he warned that "if the desire for virtual connectedness becomes obsessive" it can damage "healthy human development".

The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. (From Germany)
Since the Gestapo modeled to be like Jesuits, it is not surprising that the Jesuits seem to now be using Gestapo style tactics to go after any Protestants on the net, who refuses to equate Christ Crucified (on a personal level) with the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Multiculturalism and Religious syncretism, which is nothing new to the Roman Catholic Church. I personally believe this is what Satan will Champion when he comes to play God, just prior to the second coming of Christ; performing many signs and miracles, and deceiving many (most). I also think that the internet could be a launching platform for such persecution of the actual brethren, I already see in play.
No one has permission to take this video from my channel and re-upload it on their channel. Youtube now gives everyone the ability to mirror videos on their channel without stealing it...
Great video. Thanks.
What do each one of these individuals have in common? Joseph Goebbels (Nazi Propagandist) , John Gotti (Mobster), Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), Vito Genovese, (Murderer), Joe Kennedy Sr. (bootlegger), Madonna (singer), Fidel Castro (Cuban dictator), Papa Doc Duvalier (Haitian dictator), Ante Pavelic (Croatian Fascist dictator and & head of Ustase), Lucky Luciano (head of Cosa Nostra), John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln assassin) , Joseph Mengele (‘Angel of Death’ Auschwitz concentration camp), Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor of France), Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, (convicted of war crimes in Yugoslavia), Salvatore “The Beast” Riina (Sicilian Mafia boss), Dutch Schultz (gangster and bootlegger), Pablo Escobar (drug lord), Dion O’banion (Chicago gangster), Bloody Mary (Queen of England), Frank Sinatra (adulterer and fornicator linked to organised crime), Manuel Noriega (dictator of Panama), Lady Gaga (singer), Adolf Hitler (dictator), Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono (Hillside Stranglers), Heinrich Himmler (head of the SS), Guy Fawkes (terrorist who attempted to blow up British Parliament) Benito Mussolini (dictator of Italy), Carlo Gambino (crime family boss), Francisco Franco (dictator of Spain) Juan Peron (dictator of Argentina), Al Capone (gangster), King Henry VIII (King of England), Tomas de Torquemada (Grand Inquisitor), Hermann Goering (Nazi leader), Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (ousted leaders of the Philippines), Sam Giancana (Chicago Mafia godfather), Augusto Pinochet (dictator of Chile), Cardinal Bernard Law (protected and reassigned pedophile priests) What do they ALL have in common? Each one was born, baptized and raised as a Roman Catholic! Jesus said: A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matt. 7:18-20).
So the vatican wanted germany to be white nationalist? Now the vatican wants Germany and the entire west to be muslim, multicultural UN global communist?
I received direct permission from the owner of the song in this video (DMT by genCAB). But some company STILL tried to take over my video with their ads. I talked to the owner of the song again and gave him the info and he said he would look into it. This was over a year ago. I took the song off my video because I don't want any cheesy company to try and claim anything on this video, but I still keep the name of the song in the description out of thanks to his generosity and good will to let me use it for free. But that is why there is a short part without sound.
Like so many other Entities that The Church has created over the Centuries it has existed like 18 centuries. Still I see a Roman Empire hidden behind GOV/CORP/RCC Doors. The 3 City States, i.e., The Vatican, The City of London and the Latest established 1871 not long after the killing off of 99.9999% of the 60,000,000 Bison within a short time of a half a decade. Don't forget the pillaging of all Indigenous of the Lands once called Turtle Island of which had a population as numerous as Europe in the high tens of millions to over one hundred million from North America(The Americas Named after an Italian)all the way to South America. Of which it is said there were around 20 million Indigenous in North America before Europeans came to wage war upon them for 400 years before The USA came to be and also after when this Thorn in the side of The Indigenous came to be. My Mom was born on King Island in which The Roman Church established a Church to convert my Mom's people. And they also built a Bronze statue of Jesus on King Island off the shore of Alaska. Do you know of The Society of Jesus? That is the Jesuit Order that has infiltrated every Indigenous People on Earth and should be shut down. Don't forget the Eastern Half of The CHURCH which split off as Eastern Orthodox. They have Puppets as well, i.e., Russia and many in the East.
Let me guess, Catholics control the media, not jews?
+Shawn Jones Jesuits do, indeed.
Japan had security treaty with Germany but made none aggressive pact with Stalin and screwed Germany. Now Japs wants security treaty with the US? Japan will go for its own interests before honoring their words. This is what happens when you make a deal with fish breath, short legs and fuked teeth genetically retard Japs. No wonder why they still denies all the war crimes against civilians during WW2 and white wash their text books. It was a joke when Abe criticized Germans during Israel visit showing respect to concentration victims while his own country still denies war crimes and won't take responsibility. This is a main problem between Korea and China with Japan affair. Japan will suffer economic isolation with 2 largest Asian economies.
The Catholic church was "apostate" from it's inception !
the ones who´ve posted this video really there isn´t anything to do in their lives!READ MORE IGNORANTS!
Google and youtube automatically put about 50% of all comments right in the spam folder. So if anyone wondering what happened to their comment, most likely there's your answer.
As speculation, makes sense that the Vatican may have created bolshevism to take out their rival the orthodox church, but when they went their own way, they created nazism take out communism. When nazism was defeated, the vatican then made the US take up thw banner.
Is it really that far fetched to link Hitler, the Jesuits and the Jews together. Isn't it true that the Rothschilds who are Jewish are the Vatican Bankers? Am I missing something?
Was he a gay? Did the priests made him that way too?
quân cỏ rác ko biết chút lịch sử . nghe lời bọn tiểu nhân nói càng
Wow! crazy... I'm glad you made it clear that it's against the Vatican, not the average Catholic person. 
youtube displays this in a certain area of account information
Wow... how did you get that info?
If you say that the new leader of the vatican bank was a worker for the "bad" guys during the WWII era does not mean crap. But what ever doens not sound like music to your ears you will ban, reject and deny. 
anyone can spout fallacies like you are doing. the Bible, Old and New Testaments aka "Covenants" are confirmed to be true. Jesus fulfilled well over 300 prophecies regarding Himself from the Old Testament. He is the Messiah and the only way a man can be forgiven of their past sins and saved from eternal hell. I pray to God in jesus name that He opens your mind to how horribly wrong you are about the most important topic on earth.
The PAPACY has financed all the wars. The bankers are all under the Knights of Malta. You live in a state of delusions. Only a maniac would suggest that Hitler was Jewish. It is THE most absurd statement on the face of this earth. Usually I immediately block and delete comments like yours. But for some reason i decided to let yours through. Congratulations for making it into the .01% and I hope God heals your mind. That would truly be a miracle, and I believe it can happen through Jesus Christ
Do not worry,in Serbia is not.Of course that murders do not like to remember of their monsters killing.
To ridicule Hitler he was "convicted" as a crypto jew. Now he is a "catholic creation". What about the bolsheviks "tribal blood"? Don't shot on a "dead dog". Who financed all the wars since 1750?
The NWO consists of the following 1) Jesuits (Vatican) – Planners – have control of All organized religions 2) Rothschild Bankers – Financiers – have control of ALL Western Gov. Money creation 3) Black Nobility (Anglo-America Aristocracy) – Controllers – have Control of ALL western Gov. & Corporations 
thank you. for inadvertently exposing newsmax.
Documents: Pius XII Helped Win WW II
that is just plain sad. there's a reason for that. there must be a significant amount of unrest toward the CC there ... 
You can do it! I'm sure you can.
Or, someone revealing some truth, and without your idiotic reactionary non-thinking.
Countries this video is blocked in: "Czech Republic, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Guadeloupe, Israel, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Poland, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna"
they took a building from athena and restructured it in berlin . ? apostasia?
"common" *false* "knowledge". the most ridiculous fraud on earth. and to be accurate hitler is "known" to be an "occultist". that is the "common". knowledge. but the truth is he was raised catholic by catholic parents. this is verifiable. everything else, ie the jewish - occultist connection, is NOT verifiable. 
as if the Inquisition had not been enough
Hitler's 2nd book "World Order" is where we get the "NEW WORD ORDER" blueprint from. The Pope declared ownership of the Earth by WAR, occupation and gifting in 1213. King James of England, paid a penance to the Pope by gifting the English empire to the Catholic church. King James was ordered to use his power & influence to create the Bible in Old-English, which bought him a ticket to Heaven & forgiveness for his homosexual tendencies. The present Pope was a gunner in the Hitler youth.
Blah Blah Blah, the nazis were devils, and the catholic church is the anti-christ. This video was either made by a muslim or a protestan fanatic.
and you are a COMPLETE moron for believing such rubbish. BOTH his parents are buried in a CATHOLIC CHURCH cemetery to this day. This is blatant public knowledge. 
i had to use sumrando. the video is forbidden in GERMANY ;)
Why would this infomation be offensive? Why would anyone trust the Vatican?
All Catholics should see this it's been known for decades but hidden from them.
I agree. Ignorant hatred is fueled by Catholic beliefs, rituals and practices. It IS very sad as you say.. 
I've been around.. haven't stopped putting out the truth since 1997. check out my facebook page. link is on the top of my channel.. 
hey man where u been at?you ready for the 2012 olympics false flag terrorist attack?
the view count is stuck @ 128,115 for a long time.. 
198 Roman Catholic Nazi dupes voted this video down so far... Still proud of their murderous pedophile cult they belong to.. 
if you can do it that would be great!
If you search [the lost connection] and read it you will see why Jews have been persecuted. Also look at my short video here on you tube. Christianity and Islam is from Egypt and the Catholics will defend their secret.
you know NOT what you readin the NT or the OT... which are plagiarized allegorgy of Ancient Myths corresponding to Astronomy...Astrotheology...and for one who KNOWS the OT & NT tell a ridiculously deceptive tale that has clogged your thinking to such a degree that you're afraid to face your gullibility
you know NOT what you readin the NT or the OT...
read the new testament and tell me what is Nazism. healing people, preaching heaven through the Messiah, helping oppressed people etc. 
CHRISTIANITY is NAZISM & only a Baboon can't see it...
Dictators affiliate themselves to organizations to popularize themselves and ingratiate their organizations before taking over.
I had to click through a some nonsense as well. Love the Beethoven 2nd mvmt of the 5th, more people really should know that piece. Also, Hitler was an illegitimate child who first had his mother's maiden name Schicklgruber, would be interesting to know who his real father is.
because youtube isn't fully controlled by these people (yet) so do some research 
@PInk77W1 moron
@tlthe5th I had to click 4 times to watch it.
@tlthe5th Everyone can get around it, but it is difficult because it need registering.
@segano1 yes, this is banned in Germany, Poland and Israel (so far as I've been told). and partially banned in the US as well because some people have told me they have to click extra links in order to see it and then after they click the links it glitches and they still can't watch it. this video was named in a mainstream newspaper out of the UK as well. the writer was from Rome and he was talking about the Vatican opening a youtube channel to "fight back" against videos such as mine.
@tlthe5th I believe this is banned in Germany, I discovered recently that they have many other works banned there from someone I know who has a friend in Germany, even some of Frank Sinatra's work, because they believe many of the songs inspire people to rise up, so he had to send him stuff in E-mail form to avoid the territorial lock out.
@PInk77W1 Academic. The things that matter the most are hidden in plain sight.
@bucnomore11 It was. 'splain building 7 implode. Lack of debrie at Pentagon. The Catholic faith is poison. 
You an also watch the documentary of the Vaticans involvement and blessin of the Ustasha movement (Croation Nazis). It is based on how the Catholic clergy became involved in some of the worst of atrocities against, Serbs, Gypsies, Jews and dissident Croations and with the help of the Vatican many of these criminals were help to escaped into South America. Look up Jasenovac, and the "Rat-line." 
Roman Christianity is simply the pagan religion of Rome with all the God's (Saints) etc. intact.
@Born2Flesh lol says the guy who thinks 9/11 was an inside job.
@WHYNOTMEB4U .. wow.. sick fucks? Coming from a true sick fuck who posts videos titled : "GUY SHITS IN PANTS AND SCREAMS LIKE A LITTLE BITCH"
this is so fascinated I always had a gut that the fucking Catholic church has something to do with this..During history class I always wondered why Mussolini never drop a bomb on the Vatican at the same time he was fucking up Jews and orthodox people hmmm now here lays the answer
@STANDS4TRUTH it proves madness that is historically accurate and true. 
(translated w/ google) Catholic Religion in Vietnam is just because it Politics. Portugal and those who worship ancestors, ancestors that Millennium & Customs of Ethnic Media Kiếp with ancient Tradition of Vietnam, and all those who followed Bu Dao Catholic, was new to Country Binh Yen in Vietnam, they are traitors Ethnic, Korea and betray his grandparents and betray themselves to do the wrong hands and do the French Nazi henchmen for flood Nazi Religion Wicked God VATICAN
Đạo Thiên Chúa giáo vào Việt Nam cũng chỉ là vì Chính Trị vậy. Và Những Kể Bỏ Đạo Thờ Ông Bà, Thờ Tổ Tiên mà Ngàn Năm Của Dân Tộc và Phong Tục Truyền Kiếp có Từ Ngàn Xưa của Truyền Thống Việt Nam, Tất cả Những kẻ Bu va Bám Theo Đạo Thiên Chúa Giáo , lúc mới du nhập vào Đất Nước Bình Yên Việt Nam, Họ là Những kẻ PHẢN BỘI Dân Tộc , Phản Bội Tổ Tiên và Ông Bà của Mình và PHẢN BỘI Chính Bản Thân Minh Để làm Tay Sai cho Phát Xít Pháp và Làm Tay Sai Cho lũ Đạo PHÁT XÍT Thiên Chúa VATICAN Độc ÁC
this reminds me of when i stumbled across this info back in '93 before we had all this internet and such. it took hardcore book researching. so for the comment by miss or mr pink above saying how can this be secret if it's on the internet? well, smarty pants, all information is out there somewhere, but isn't widely known. the internet has made it more helpful to people like this uploader to disseminate it to those who need to know. btw, this is very thorough research you've done here - thanks.
This video does not stir hatred, it stirs sadness. How tragic. So many are deceived and continue to be deceived.... I am a Jew, but I believe in Yeshua. G-d has a purpose and plan for all things he has allowed to take place. His end time prophecies are now being revealed... keep looking up. 
Catholic Church: "The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth"
seems like the freemasons / catholic church gang 
remarkeable videos.....
@PInk77W1 Because Top Secret Hitler is so small - only 2 cm tall. Lollollol!!!!
Of course this video is censored in Germany. Almost everything to do with the Nazis is censored in Germany. The German government for the most part wants to sweep its Nazi past under the rug and pretend in never existed. I'm not commenting on whether this video is right or wrong, I just wanted to point that out.
@takineko More Lutherans died. Actually, Catholic Nationalism. Pope has a palace. U.S president Reagan (while "liberating" S. America, against its will, & opening U.S. Border via Hart-Cellar Act ---catholic-jewish coalition--- de-populated U.S. Protestants on Supreme court, or from living in major cities like NY, now 4% prod) -- Gave Vatican Embassy in DC after Vat II imposed on non catholics. Thus all U.S. catholics "dual nationals" connected to acknowledged foreign government. 
And he cried with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins
what about the ustashi? sanctioned by the catholic church. The "whore of babylon" It is coming again you know. All laws in the u.s. have been set up to conform to what they have done in the past. The mark of the beast is not a literal mark. It is sunday worship and conforming to their satanic doctrine. Here is the patience and faith of the saints, those that keep the commandments of God (sabbath) and have the testimony of Jesus.
Could this be another reason why you let you're subscription to the Jesuit fan club lapse then?
@takineko Most of the people they killed were Russian 25-30 million but Stalin Killed far more Russians than Hitler ever did.
@takineko Blah blah blah blah!!??
@islandbuoy4 Most of the people they killed were jews, but the others were Christians who followed God and not their teachings. People tend to over look that and say the bigger badder one-- that one must be Christianity. God's people are actually a minority in this sinful world, they always were and always will be. There may be billions who claim to be Christian but few who actually accept Jesus' character.
"And I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities'" (Revelation 18:4,5).
@PInk77W1 Hey, at least this guy, "tithe5th" took the time to inform people and do the research for YOU. What have you done to inform the public? I have a web page about conspiracy facts and its all research and videos from YouTube. Many people dont like doing research unless its presented on a platter for them. So, there are those of us doing something while people like you look for faults. Its YOU that "fails" here. 
Ron Paul 2012!
@liquidsnake123 Why mayB came "Liberation Theology" created by Catholic Jesuit & incites hatred against "anglos" ( means protestants in america, which was 50 years ago majority of population). Hart-Celler opened border 4 incited ppl in 60s as Vat II was imposed on american non-catholics, a weird "liberalizing" including telling in public schools (they had "parochial" schools) not 2 reproduce b/c it would destroy the planet (over pop) & that no whites would be in us in future in u.s.
hey WHY did all those GERMAN CHRISTIANS put on NAZI uniforms and gather up Jews?? this is true google it NAZIS were CHRISTIANS wearing uniforms designed by Hugo BoSS. 
And they say Hitler was an "atheist".LOL He was brought up religious. Spain has always been racist bastards even today.Francismo even made it to Latin America during this era.Many Nazi's fled to Latin America. Don't forget the NSM(National Socialist Movement) in the U.S. and how they came to be.Nazis in America.
Catholics are sick fucks if they keep "confesing" to perverts.
The Catholic Church has been the greatest power in Europe for a very long time. How long do you think they have been screwing children? The Catholic church created WWII! Hitler, Nazi, and Ustashi are all Catholic Creations. Even today, the Croatian Ustashi are proud Nazi Catholics, and not ashamed to say so. Why would you take your child to a place that is known to house pedophiles? Why would you support a church that houses pedophiles, unless you are brainwashed lemming? 
The Catholic Church and Islam are worthless to humanity. Now they force Islam on Europe.
Shame on the Roman Catholic Church, Nazis, peados, terrorists and just about every other evil you can mention, you name it the Vatican has been involved. Is this the Church Jesus would have choosen to carry on his message? NO.
The Catholic Church was in the art of killing Jews long before Hitler was even born. The Crusades were all about killing and converting Jews to the Catholic religion. Germany was very poor after WW1, so where did Hitler get all the money needed to be a huge military force? Who gave the Nazi all that money? ..and why did the Catholic Church help Nazi to escape Germany after WWII? The Nazi and the Catholic Church have a lot in common.
@yackyick Well, maybe he's just an Ozzy or Dio fan .
@1961slam I'm an atheist, and I say that all religion is pretty crazy. I don't believe in your religion either. Probably not the best idea to start preaching here. In fact, it's in really bad taste.
@PInk77W1 good point.Its not hidden obvioulsy but it is very scarce not many MANY people are aware of this.
@afeeder okay... yes Ludwig was a Vatican agent and a true devil.. but you're really going to admit and brag about the denial you are in over the rest of the info shown here? Truly mad!
@PInk77W1 Good point. the fact is I have been attacked on youtube because of this video. it is censored in Israel and in Germany. they cant watch this video in those countries. I also had my account suspended due to a false copy right claim on this video. you're very quick to say "fail" but it is you who fails. 
how can this information be hidden if its on youtube? FAIL
Although I do not live in the United States, I enjoy parody. Do you get the "Jon Stewart Show" on your cable?
Funny how alot of the videos about the Jesuits and Catholics dont last on "you boob" before someone pulls the plug. Suprised this one is still up. Most of the ones i have saved are gone. Catholics working hard to heal their wounds. More to come.
@s7ai The current pope makes the devil sign I've seen lots of photos of him doing it.
@HealedByHisStripes7 Yea I saw that too AND they can't claim the horned sign was from rock music in that era!
@EdwardRommel you are totally off in your history. there were many insane roman catholic leaders besides Hitler, Tiso and Pavelic just to name two. Tiso was actually a Roman Catholic priest who was executed after the war for war crimes. Pavelic took refuge in a roman catholic church after the war. i explain in this video why hitler was elected. it was the catholic zentrum party. get lost with your cheesy propaganda... please. More info in the link in the description of this video
On May 21 1987, some social activists in Singapore were detained under the country's Internal Security Act for trying to overthrow the Singapore government...and guess who were their advisers and supporters? None other than some good old Jesuit priests!
@ponchorhino Yes. However, Catholicism is the only faith in the world that believes how gravely disordered and intrinsically sinful human nature is. No other faith believes in human depravity more than the Catholic Church. So, by saying "the history of the Catholic Church is full of abominations", supposing it were true, is actually arguing for Catholicism. The Catholic Church believes that we are *all*, and for always, in desperate need of redemption, until the Redeemer comes again in glory.
In most crosses as well as crucifixes, we see the letters INRI. These letters stand for 'Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeum'. These are Latin words and literally translate to 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews'. These were the words that Pontius Pilate had the soldiers write and nail at the top of the crucifix during the crucifixion. The words have come to be universally associated with the cross itself, and have a profound place in Christianity. 
@Nobby1844 Anything envolving the nazis is a crime unless its involes history, even denying the holocaust is a severe crime. 
child rapists crusades slavery and nazis just some of the many crimes of the catholic church the devil would be proud
I still don't understand why it is said the Roman Empire fell. Its laws merged with the Catholic Cannon and still rules over the minds and lives of BILLIONS of Catholics. Our Capitol as well as most of the "Western" capitols copy Roman buildings and are donned with Latin enscriptions. Their Jesuit Order has been ejected from over 80 countries for enciting war. I could go on and on. I'm very glad to see some recognize a Roman psyche-job when they see it!
I don't hate Catholics,I try not to hate anyone except satan. I do have a great mistrust for the Vatican, and i feel its justified. The present Pope stated that anyone not excepting him as supreme leader of the one true church would be damned. I am a christian, no denomination, so i answer to Christ, however i do understand i have men and woman that are wiser than i, and i will listen to what they have to say. Of course i judge what is said according to the word. 
@denkiMF I agree with you. The catholic church is definitely not full of child molesters. if anything they are the victims of the molestation. i think that is what ponchororhino probably meant. But thanks for clarifying that.
Actually some of the members of the RCC are itching from conversations I've had on YouTube to continue killing of heretics. They find no crime in the burning of scholars such as Tyndale or Wycliff. Not much different from the blood lust of Islam.
2002, Christian Science Monitor on national survey results by Christian Ministry Resources Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Catholic Church, most US churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant. Penn State professor Philip Jenkins, on Pedophiles & Priests: 0.2 & 1.7 percent of Catholic priests are pedophiles. While Protestant Clergy Ranges between 2- 3%. 
Maybe sometime when youre not focusing on Jesuits, you can do a video on Israeli Organ Trafficking, Israeli Sex Slavery of Russian Girls, Israeli Arms Trafficking of Viktor Bout-a Jew, Jewish Porn Control, Ecstasy Trafficking, the Russian Mafia being Jewish, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Israeli Spying of the USA, Israeli involvement in 911, Israeli UN Violations, Israeli holding 400 Palestinian children in their dungeons, Israel killing with raditation of 100,000 Sephardic Jewish Children etc
We have to band together not only physically but spiritually PEACEnum1, especially spiritually. We outnumber these disturbed child killers 60 to 2. And when God gets ready to take the planet back,we will be an impenetrable force. They are going to see that they will simply stop existing, even if they believe in absolutely nothing.
Drinking Fluoride in water is a NeuroToxin in our BRAINS we are DRUGGED and we do not Realize it, its not like Alcohol, etc its a {TOXIN see films at wwwFluorideActionnet take pure water & MAGNESIUM see youtube georgeeby 
No one loved Jesus more than me, until I found out Jesus is a sun diety. He was not even in the 1611 (King James) bible. However, there is Yahshua and that is son of Most High. Be careful of who you call when you pray and perpepuate something satanic. All need to search Yah and be approved by Most High Yah.
@rossisland11 the zionists wanted Palestine. The Catholics wanted to exterminate Christians.
@Nobby1844 they can watach it on google video. Do a search for this title and "video" and it should come up
Friends from me told me that is not possible to watch this video in Germany, that is really bad! 
@AdiIon1 Thats right....they are the mystery babylon whore city...Vatican city. 
Also watch...catholicism and islam are the same thing. same faith based false doctrine....
Talk about an evil looking pope...thats the one we have now---wow
@7:16 that sign..
The history of the Catholic Church is as repugnant & violent as that of Hitler which brings new meaning to Jesus/Yeshuas words.."By their fruits we shall know them"- "After my departure savage men will come amongst you not sparring the flock" Peter of Nambassa
@ZoneTelevision The facts & history provide that all Christianity is spiritually contaminated by the Roman Church who have orchestrated a particular doctrine or take on Jesus which all of Christianity now adheres to. Peter Terry at NAMBASSA
Its abundantly clear that Adolph Hitler is the reincarnation of Emperor Constantine- the plethora of similarities in politics & spiritual agenda indicate direct reincarnations. Hitler did not want to destroy the CC, only to reform it to its original Roman pedigree of the Holy Roman Empire. Peter Terry at NAMBASSA
@BellumSacrum This is NOT the church of Christ. What Church puts to death the very people that gave us the English Bible ? or puts to death anyone that speaks out against it ? I'm afraid history is not on your side and neither is God to anyone who aligns themselves with an organization of death. Read "Wide as The Waters" by Benson Bobrick. 
@ponchorhino friend, have you ever heard of the National Sunday Law book and The Great Controversy?
but it *is* our job to be Christian....there are historically negative things associated with Catholicism....but those are *human* or *worldly* issues, and have nothing to do with God or true Christianity, or even strictly/truly Cahtolicism, LORD HAVE MERCY, PLGB
Concerto #5 mvmt. 2, nice..
@Sbagglio ya lo subtitulaste? Saludos!
All this illuminati conspiracy stuff is interesting, but I have seen just about everybody going to Rome to kiss the Pope's ring. Nazi's are just one of many. The Nazi's fell but ROME stands eternal.
video stopps in 7:54 ... why ?
Most People Brains are so Damaged they will even CHECK FOLLOWING have us DRUGGED with a NEUROTOXIN in our BRAINS its tiny, Micro ALUMINUM , LEAD, BARIUM etc attaching to Neurons, forms Clusters in Pineal Gland, Causing Lazy Thyroid Destroy our whole bodies see change of name from HEX=ACID to Sodium Fluoride, at FLUORIDEALERT Cola's Have HIgh Strength its will EAT UP MEAT & IRON NAILS, Fluoride in Water is weak dose HITLER added HiGH Dose in water at camps, Keep People WALKING DEAD
@intrusosgang, You've created an erroneous and ignorant personal belief based on your emotions. If you would take the time to critically analyze history you would come to the conclusion that powerful men have always used religions, whether true or false, to control the masses. This isn't a failing of religion but of men. 
Zionist bull shit
alessio di benedetto LA RELIGIONE CHE UCCIDE COME LA CHIESA DEVIA IL DESTINO DELL’UMANITÀ (Nexus Edizioni), giugno, 2010. 517 pagine, 130 immagini, € 25 
Storm the Vatican, confiscate all its treasures, hang the Pope and all his Cardinals publicly, and burn the whole fucking thing down.
is this vid based on fact or hate? i dont know thats what the nazis did and your doing the same i suspect the maker of this video must be a protestant maybe a joel olsteen follower or maybe a mormon i dont know
did u notice ...about seven minutes into the video, u c the catholic speak gives a long horn them sign....
Ever hear the Joke about the guy who was more afraid of the Ex- Catholic who turned to becoming a Nazi then the ex- Nazi who now turned into a Catholic. HAHAHA 
Religion in general is detrimental to human development, regardless of sect or denomination. Whenever you have a human acting as a spokesman for god (i.e. priests, imams, etc), there's bound to be problems. Never mind a book written by men that's supposedly the word of god. god is in all of us, not in a book or building.
LA RELIGIONE CHE UCCIDE COME LA CHIESA DEVIA IL DESTINO DELL’UMANITÀ (Nexus Edizioni), giugno, 2010. 517 pagine, 130 immagini, € 25 
What is this? Why are we judging our beloved brothers and sisters? We are here to love our enemies not mock each other's church. Let God judge...all we do is to Love and forgive. We are all humans..No one is good enough to say they are better than anyone else. I hate it when Christians fight with each other. It really shows how much we Love each other. Peace be with you. Show love and passion for people who are your enemies and don't point fingers and tell ppl they r Satan.Isnt our job in life!
Hitler was a product of Martin Luther.
I am don't agree with all of you doc but must congratulate you on a well done job. 
UNDERNEATH NAZI and KKK costumes are GOOSE-STEPPING CHRISTIANS here is a NEAT trick folks get a BUDDHIST to do the GOOSE-STEP? FACTS Christians loath: FRANCO got his judeao christians troops to do the GOOSE-STEP MUSSOLINI got his judeao christians troops to do the GOOSE-STEP HITLER got his judeao christians troops to do the GOOSE-STEP SHOW ME A BUDDHIST WHO DOES GOOSESTEP? THE JUDEAO-CHRISTIANS SHOULD LEARN HOW TO MEDITATE like the Buddha OR learn to swirl and twirl like a SUFI IGNORANCE 
Hitler was born into and raised by a devotedly Catholic family. I wonder if Hitler was sexually abused by his Priest? 
One of the worst organized world wide religion. An advanced sect who knew how to adapt a survive through centuries.
King Henry the VIII refused to hand over any English person to the inquistion. 
@tekatetikitiki watch the movie "the magdalene sister"...who is capable for such crimes also collaborates with the nazis...if your catholic you should know that truth will make you free so stop your ignorance..
terror church....catholizism is demonic warfare....lenin wasnt totally rigth....religion is not the opium for the people...its rather simply terror...
Doesn't surprise me one bit...
@tekatetikitiki yeah! eatch the T.V> news. THAT'S where it's AT. hah hah and listen to the RADIO news. it's reLiabLe,right? just consume the lie$ they feed you. in three or fiVe years it will be okay. yeah,sure buddy,
Some Jews hate Christians because of the way they were treated for centuries by the Catholic Church (who calls herself a Christian church) throughout Europe --remember the Jewish Pogroms? The truth is the Jews and the rest of the worlds falsely think that the Catholic Church is Christian even though she is not. A true Bible Believing Evangelical church (with the exception of a few misguided amillennialist Protestants like Martin Luther) will never hate the Jews or any other race. 
Hey tlthe5th your channel has bin banned in a few countrys. Just leting you know.
another anti cathoIic sure this video is made by brainwashed protestants or traitors!!!!!
i need more proofs then this... yes the vatican was behind hitler in some way, but to say that they controlled him is another thinhg! Please proof it.
@dbzman1985 ... How do you know that? Is it not feasible they could genuinely question the validity and truthfulness of this post?
U.. Mr Spastik... are a felon :)
I wonder how much it cost the church to suppress this information?? 
@Sbagglio YES!
Can I Subtitle your video into spanish and distribute it? 
this puts the whole "All roads lead to rome" thing in a better understanding
I hate comment feature; Error, try again
Isn't there an ex nazi that created the gas for the concentration camp; working as the victar of christ in the Vatican today?
we all know our master was catholic
Hitler has been satanized just because he killed Jews and wanted world control, but now imagine how our country and our seudo-leaders are seen in Muslim coutries and arround the world? Probably worst than Hitler?
This looks good. What was it Hitler said about,that Christianity is the biggest lie of all time. Wether that's true he said that or not,I agree with Adolf.
The Nazi swastika: Symbol of Teutonic Catholicism?
@KarelYalek we are more alike than you could imagine! dont hate your northern european brothers
Thank you for sharing this very truthful video with me.This way they are doing things in Vatican world and Roman catholic church. Shame on them all and they put to be a leader Hitlers solider.Shame on all of this what is happening with catholicism and there pedophiles! Thy should eliminated all of this vatican's!
Why, when i click on your tith5th channel, it tells me it's not available?
The popes are probably the wickedest men on earth. What they did to my people, the Jews, and to all of my Christian brothers in the faith during the inquisition will someday be judged by the LORD at the Final Judgment of the Great
The Catholic Church is full of deception, child molesters, thieves and murderers. How can somebody say that the pope has any resemblance to The LORD JESUS? I would take on anybody who would have the courage to debate that with me. The history of the Catholic Church is full of abominations.
NOT to mention how the ROMAN religious group has murdered TRUE Jesus followers, banning the Word of God, THE BIBLE for centuries......
NOT to mention how the ROMAN religious group has murdered TRUE Jesus followers, banning the Word of God, THE BIBLE for centuries......
NOT to mention how the ROMAN religious group has murdered TRUE Jesus followers, banning the Word of God, THE BIBLE for centuries......
@Rayosun Germans are only bright spot of Europe. We will unite under German rule. Destroy enemies in, like England.
I'm confused. It says on Wikipedia that "The Nazi party had decidedly pagan elements" and that "Germany's Catholic population, particularly in rural areas, consistently withheld support from the Nazi Party until its takeover of power in 1933"
All that apologists for the R.C. church can do is insult the creators of this and similar videos or deny the plain truth. The space limitations of Youtube and the prohibition against posting of links here make it difficult to offer PROOF for the claims made on either side. But if you Google "RCscandal" & "Nazileadership" (one word) you will find the "LiberalslikeChrist" web sites where I document extensively the close association of the RC church with the top Nazi leadership who were RCs.
its hardly suprising when religion is the oldest form of politics the congregation who live by a set of principles brainwashed from birth . the church have always been fascist the inquisition was licence to murder and torcher and every thing against what Christianity stood for , its a business to this day meddling in affairs to hold on to power , a power that support s the Jesuit new world order . its an evil institution that's hoodwinked millions into believing in evil .
It's R C propaganda to claim that "They had to choose between the Nazis and the Communists. So the pope chose to secretly support the Nazis because they were less likely to wipe out the Catholics than the Communist Russians." The TRUTH is that the Vatican feared LIBERALISM - including American Democracy - and identified with ALL of the versions of FASCISM -most of which were Roman Catholic. The Vatican chose Fascism over Democracy and the US opposed the USSR as soon as Nazism was defeated.
I have never seen anyone who has the stupid brassneck to protect the jesuits and the evil Vatican ever bother to grace us with a refutation or even just a mention of a refuter never mind a link to them. That is because the guilty are not honestly defensible. The Jesuits' history, even the basic record of their expulsions from every land in the world, speaks for itself. See the present Black Pope's denial that he had even heard OF the Extreme 4th Vow. Any chance that he was not lying? NO.
@HammerofHeretics, Hitler didn't get the millions of those who carried out his plans from MARS. He got them from the pews of the German churches which 98% of Germans said they belonged to at the time! (and those #'s didn't change during the Nazi era). Google (one word in each case) "RCscandal" and look up my "Hitlersfaith" and "Nazileadership" pages, where I show the intimate relationship between the Nazi holocaust and the Roman Catholic church and its members.
This isn't information given to us by an atheist..
They do so because they have been taught to. The official line about WW2 - Hitler, Poland, Gas Chambers, VE day - is all anyone ever hears. The Pope allegedly according to the official history is a 'misunderstood man'.
This is the type of "history" we've come to expect from Jack Chick. Spiritually smart? Not so much. Only a real chump would make a judgment against Catholicism based on this cobbled together mess of lies. Of the European Jews that survived the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII was directly responsible for saving 30% of them. No other world leader saved more. What did he get for his trouble? A blood libel promoted by Soviet Communists and perpetrated by anti-Catholics.
It's not that funny when you know they keep in the shadow....And Alex Jones en David Icke en all of them don't really mention them.
..e as mãozinhas dos padres do heavy metal !! rss
It's funny how the mainstream "conspiracy theorists," weather they be journalists, celebrities or what have you, seem to gloss over, if not ignore entirely, this stuff. I would caution anyone who seeks the truth regarding this New World Order, or the Illuminati, Free Masons, CFR, to avoid any information that disregards or diminishes the significance of the role being played by the unseen "movers and shakers" of the Jesuit Order, and the upper echelons of the Roman Catholic church.
Refoke Catholicism for what, Satanic masonic prebyterianism ?
Catholics killed my ancestors. They called us savages. They invaded my father's lands. Convert in the name of God or die? You deserved a thousand years of being invaded from the north! Catholics are lost and their complex order is corrupt. Why would a "Church" need so many offices and orthodox?
holy roman? didnt they kill jesus?
They say they are,actiOns speak lOuder! Do you know how many Christians(WAR time) in Dresden and Other cities were burned in 30/40 mins?? Strange no One talks bOuyt THEM,hOw cOme.....
After the Roman Empire was "converted" the persecution of Christians BY PAGANS stopped, but the WORST persecution of Christians BY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC Church began and this "one, true, holy, catholic church" killed MORE Christians than the pagan emperors had, i.e. after being labelled "heretics" or "schismatics" for not towing the official "Catholic" line they were killed if they refused "to see the light". See all the TRUTH that this "brief history" leaves out by Googling "catholicarrogance"
@dieper2dieper I am catholic... and I am not like that, please direct that hate.. to other target.
They had to do what Hindenburg had to, choose between the Nazis and the Communists. So the pope chose to secretly support the Nazis because they were less likely to wipe out the Catholics than the Communist Russians. The Americans could have destroyed Communism or Nazism they chose Nazism.
I love the way Protestants and other so called "Chrisitans" bash the Catholic Church but still can't pronounce half the Catholic terms they throw around.
Well Catholics are profined people, very smart and inovative. Just look at Germans.
The beast, the R.C.C.. Come out of her and her deceptions a friend in Christ , reborn with the Holy Spirit.
Wow. Great job. The Vatican has remained well concealed from the light of day...that is, until the Internet and work such as yours. God Bless.
Never forget that with the help of the "Mit brennender Sorge" encyclical the evil Jesuit order and the Vatican identified those Roman Catholics who were enemy of the Vatican Adolph Hitler. After being identified they could treat them in the most appropriate way - from the emargination to the military service in the most dangerous fronts. Its an old trick and absolutely not new. I call it: the three "I" or Instigate, Identify and Inquisition.
:) Proud catholic here!!!
pangetska, That's the same as saying PROUD LUCIFERIAN HERE!!!
check out my playlist on 'islam/catholicism'... you should see it. peace.
Everything is corrupted by the Vatican..everything.
ddiiaa52 That's because the Vatican is the disguised PAGAN BABYLONIAN ROMAN EMPIRE and it's true god is LUCIFER the DEVIL who wants humanity to worship the SUN and 'mary' (Semiramis) instead of the SON of GOD, JESUS Christ, who is God manifested in the flesh/human form. JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION'.
antisemitism was invented by the catholic because they think the jews in general killed jesus christ...and they lost influence i the east because of soviet union...and they are fucking child raping asshole why not collaborating with the nazis?!?!?!?....
to understand the bible with understanding pls go to the season org....... peace
Over time, pretty much EVERY religion and religion branch has been used to carry out hidden tasks. More often than not religion's been just a mask to disguise wrongdoings. There is a small minority who feel it inside, though, and I support them no matter what religion they follow.
OK cool. good posts man. thank you
OK, I got you. sorry about my mis-speaking there. But are you saying here that you believe the catholic doctrine they practice? do you really believe Juan Carlos' brother went to heaven because of that catholic rite?
yeah but God said "Israel" were those who have been blessed by Abraham's seed, Jesus. I am a part of Israel since i became born again in 1997. That's what I believe. And it has nothing to do with e "state of israel" and what they do. I'm part of spiritual israel being joined into the family through the cleansing of Christ's blood.
Interesting story about killing his brother. but I don't believe that "insured his way to heaven". Maybe that's what THEY think. You probably meant it that way though. If you can show me some more information supporting what you think I'll definitely look at it with an open mind. I believe you still have my email? Or just put the info here if you like so others can look into this. Thanks!
I agree that King Juan Carlos is very high up. But I don't agree with you that he is the king of the holy roman empire. i don't believe he is above the black pope. he is also lower down in rank of SMOM than other SMOM. Like the head of SMOM who resides in Rome.
Sounds good man. I agree. The Jesuits are only a part of the "Holy" Roman Empire. The rest is made up of many other groups including the Zionists.
OK, well, i look forward to hearing more about that. I'm sure there are aspects that i haven't fully considered. this is a BIG conspiracy after all!
It's not subliminal. It's an obvious thing the Pope is doing and I PURPOSELY put it in the video. Comments like lexie33023's are outrageous. Makes me very scared to see what types of people are in this "truth" movement.
Yeah, what is it? I can't pause it in time to see what it is?
your post came through fine this time brother. thank you.
The Jesuits wrote that. And they have fulfilled it.
Einstein was a TOTAL tool of the Jesuits. I have pictures of him with the Jesuit, Georges Lemaitre SJ, who taught the "big bang" theory. Einstein called the big bang theory "brilliant" and stood up and applauded the Jesuit. The Jesuits needed him to do that to give credibility to their FALSE and SATANIC teachings.
did anyone catch the subliminal pic at 7:15 during the speech other than that great vid
Albert Einstein: "Only the Catholic Church protested against the Hitlerian onslaught on liberty. Up till then I had not been interested in the Church, but today I feel a great admiration for the Church, which alone has had the courage to struggle for spiritual truth and moral liberty."[
(I tried two times to post a comment, unsuccesfully) The Vatican manipulated Holocaust has been used by the Jesuits to hide also the Protestants' Holocaust by Roman Catholic secret brother Hitlers & Stalin. Jesuits manipulated and are manipulating the sources of information as well the same camps in order to feed the Counter Reformation crap of the "Holocaust' deniers". The 'Jewsish plot' is only the smoke to hide the Vatican tyranny in the world.
Hitler was JESUIT-TRAINED and Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST, Churchill and Roosevelt were a 33 degree Freemasons: they were ALL ON THE SAME SIDE: THE VATICAN=the ROMAN EMPIRE.
how is this proof? i'm an irish/german FORMER roman catholic. confirmed and baptized.
Constantinople will soon be freed and christian again, and the muslim hordes chased away. Turkish people will be relocated to Iraq and Aphganistan.
i was wodering where lutherans fell in arent they like the german sect of christians?
hitler looked like the mad magazine guy when he was a kid.
You do know that some of us consider Adolf as the white messiah, the savior of humanity, and mother earth..................
We know the Nazis were funded by Jewish American iZionist nterests through the Bush family which Hitler tried to wriggle free of. Even IBM supplied the Nazis with 'business machines' to catalogue victims in the camps. This clip shows the Pope giving the horned demon salute - pinky and thumb up - so beloved of the Illuminati which can be seen in clips of the Britsih royals and US presidentsincluding Clinton and Bush. The fact of the current Nazi pope should tell everyone what they need to know.
What you know is DISINFORMATION: the Nazis were funded by the US, which was already taken over by the Vatican and its JESUITS.
Ad multos annos Benedictus XVI!
no. the vatican will not disclose where their money goes. the refused this information recently and it was published in the newspaper. who comes to the aid of people who need in the world most is the people who live in the USA. not the catholic cult..
That's right. The Catholic "church" but not the people who just go to church on sundays, call themselves "catholic" and yet have no clue about what their history is.
catholic means UNIVERSAL
Great Video With Very Important Relevent Information That Helps2Expose This Evil Vatican Elite Group Known as The Jesuits.We also Recommend The Works Of Eric Jon Phelps,Edmond Paris& Malachi Martin on The Origins,History& Operations of The Jesuits.5*****from Us.
During World War II, Malta became the most bombed place on earth - 6,700 tons of bombs fell in just six weeks by Axis forces mostly German bombers. Malta is a very Roman Catholic society, so why would Germany do this to so many Roman Catholics and where the Knights of Malta were based if they were some kind of allies? Just a thought.
This is the only video I've seen that says Hitlers mom was Catholic and not Jewish,
It's a FACT that both Hitler's parents were ROMAN CATHOLIC
Whenever there is a crisis in the world, there are 2 organizations first on the scene to give aid. One is the Red Cross. The other...the Catholic church. It's not my opinion, it's fact and has been published.
It doesn't matter what you proclaim at the beginning of this video, but what you do or publish does matter ...... "This video is not meant to stir up hate, but I'm going to tell a story about the evil Catholics and Nazis and all the horrible things they did, but hey--don't hate them!" You can't have it both ways. The whole purpose of the video is to denounce the Catholic church. Just own it.
Roman Catholic's are Satanists at the highest level, therefore this should not be a problem, to link the two...
Roman Catholic BELIEVERS don't know how SATANIC their church/DEATH CULT is, and the same goes for MUSLIMS, because Islam was created by the SATANIC VATICAN. ALL Roman Catholics and ALL Muslims are LOST unless they believe that JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh, who died and shed His innocent BLOOD for their SINS and who rose from the dead on the third day. If they (and you) believe the above they are SAVED FOREVER from being cast in the eternal lake of fire. There's NOTHING we can DO in order to get saved than to BELIEVE that JESUS Christ has already DONE EVERYTHING.
Read the British Journal of medicine recently on investigations into the forcible sterilisation of 60,000 girls in nice clean Lutheran Sweden in the 20th century. Glass houses and stones my friend
Exactly... would you want to be part of Church that aided Hitler and laundered his money and gold? In the same way George Bush jnr tried to rubbish the claims that his gand dad Prescott Bush laundered Hitlers money via Wall Street - Harriman, Brown brothers & co.... Bush family got rich thanks to Hitler... They seem to have a stake in setting up dictators so they can start wars... America wanted to get Britain back for the stunt they pulled in world war 1, to get the Yanks involved....
The events in Ireland last week regarding the so called christian brothers and sisters of mercy came as no surprise . These barberous acts carried out by so- called religious orders have been going on for decades world wide. Innocent boys and girls lives totally ruined . Thanks for enlightening us with the truth. Next year is the 450th Anniversary of the Reformation. Let there be Light.
Protestantism was banned in Nazi Germany (only a "state church" was allowed, all others forced underground), only Roman Catholicisim was allowed. Martin Niemoller said, "first they came for the jews" "then for me" Martin Niemoller was a protestant minister, who was put in the Dachau concentration camp for being Protestant.
nice point of view
Well done, very well presented and thank you so much. When you try and tell people about this kind of history you are called a kook or a conspiracy theorist. Love,peace & TRUTH
Excellent work - very well presented.... Thank you so much because when you try and tell people about this stuff they laugh. Now thanks to this video one can make their own minds up.
Excellent work. I remember the first time I've seen the new pope in tv. He have this sinister impression with his dark wrinkles and black eye bags. But I brushed it off as that's just how he looks and his faith has nothing to do with it. However, my internal alarm was screaming when I've seen him giving a live broadcast where THE CROSS WAS UPSIDE DOWN?! That went on for the whole speech (20+min?) and it was nothing but him and the upside down cross. Clearly for a devote faith that's a huge NO
Hmmm. My mom was born 1937 in Berlin, Germany. My mom was a little girl growing up in the underground bunker city of Berlin during WWII. All my relatives on my mom's side HAD to fight for Germany. SO, my mom and ALL my relatives on my mom's side are Lutheran. Even during WWII, they practiced Lutheran. No mention of Lutheran in this video. Why?
I know there are people who call themselves catholic, but are good people.
The Ancient Romans Built their Greatest Masterpieces of Architecture, for wild beasts to fight in, and for the slaughter of fellow humans. The Vatican is also a fine masterpiece. House of Lucifer
There is no doubt that the Germans needed the Vatican's Approval & they did kill lots of Priests & Nuns, as well.
i realize that, but it was just that through the comments i couldnt get that point of view from the post he made so i made my assumptions of the post of anti catholicness and that made me think that he hated the people who practiced it which i see as unfair, now given that i have seen how evil the catholic religion is i know there is a right to hate the religion but i still dont see the right to hate the people who practice the religion
ok but that doesnt mean that there aren't people in the catholic faith who are good, i understand the point your coming from it was just to me you came off as if you were hating on evryone who practiced the religion now i know you said that they are more loyal to the pope then the constitution but i would think that blame would be placed on the leaders of the church who put such ideas in there heads
a "good" catholic is obedient to the pope while a "bad" catholic would choose the US Constitution. you should get the book, "uncle sam or the pope, which" then you will begin to understand why you can not be an "american" and a "good catholic" at the same time. the pope and the constitution are at odds.
i watched some of it and i wasnt talkin about the video i was replying on your comment about all righteous people will be anti catholics i see that as hate for the people who practice the religion and aparently you didnt read my comment
"hate"? wait a second. didnt I say this video is NOT meant to stir up hate against catholics? my guess is you didnt even watch five seconds of this video.
i think its stupid for you too hate a whole section of people for what they believe in im not any religion but i believe religion is good for guiding people but everyone wants to say that ones better then the other, i wouldnt blame the people who practice the religion but the ones who control the religion, just like you wouldnt blame people for the acts of its govt
Ratzinger was also present at the very first Bilderberg meeting. What could that mean?
I am proud to be Orthodox
Faith in what? The practicing of traditions not mentioned in the Bible? Read the last chapter of Revelations to find out what happens to those who ADD to the Word of God. Like the assumption of Mary for instance. Total made up doctrine. Idolatry.
after you believe the info in this video? then you are a REAL roman catholic. Not ignorant to their evil and yet still agreeing with them.
Im catholic and I dont agree with the giving money away thingy. my mom gives money so much n it pisses me off. i know its church but u dont need to give money for god to love u. but she keeps disagreeing and keeps giving money. but yeah its not US catholics that make that money rule. its the catholic CHURCH. yeah i go to church every sunday and they do send out the little basket for us to give money. but they still preach about what we believe.
i already do not agree with is not about money is it??but to them it can they here in batavia ny have a beer tent to make money and get people drunk??
of Viet Nam. yes
I know all about those people. I'm glad you do too. i want to do more videos about them in the future.
now they weren't. why don't you look into the etymology of those names. German names often sound Jewish but they're not.
The Third Reich translates into the Third Holy Roman Empire. They even say it in their name. Because the Nazis failed and their crimes could not be covered up, the church tries to disassociate themselves from the Nazis. That is why humanity is doomed. Our species has too many weak minded fools that cannot see the truth. The church is responsible for killing their ancestors and raping their children and they will still go to church on Sunday and give their money like fools.
In WW2 Nazis destroyed 26 churches in Kosovo... Since NATO occupation of Kosovo in 1999, under the eye of it's soldiers and UNMIK, Albanians have destroyed, burnt and desecrated 171 monasteries and churches in their attempt to erase Serbian and Christian centuries-old presence and cultural achievements. This is one of the things Americans mean when they say they "bring democracy."
I know what you meant. i covered that in this video. Both his parents were 100% gentile Roman catholics. Born, Raised, Died and Buried Roman Catholics.
well not religously jewish but ethnically i heard his dad was or somethin like that
nope. that is absolutely incorrect. the disinformants would want you to believe that.
i thought one of hitlers parents was jewish?
They were BOTH Catholics
"subconscience"? lol! you totally missed the point of that one. not "subconscience" at all but showing the pope making the "mano cornuto" hand sign, the goat horns, satanic, lucifearian.
prod/catholic you mention that two words in Scotland and the hackles go up, sad but true.
The whore of of Revelation is the great city seated upon the 7 mountains... the city that rules over the kings of the earth. Well the great city upon the 7 mountains is rome of course (google it), and the city above the kings is Vatican. How can anybody read this verse and do not see that this is ROME all the way. And as our friend stated here... THIS IS HISTORY, FACTS, this has nothing to do with protestantism my brother. Bless you!
interesting how someone like yourself wants to take a simple history lesson and turn it into "protestant theology". The truth is the truth. Rome did what they did. their history they can not shake no matter how they try and muddy the waters.
righteous people will always be anti catholic.
this video isn't for you. it's for honest people who are willing to look at true history with a sincere heart.
heresy? i've only spoke of history in this video. man, you're really out of it. another unlearned catholic. just like Rome wants you.
All the anti-catholic comments here and this video are Fundamentalist Protestantic Rubbish!!! said by people who have absolutely no idea about the faith, practices, and theology of the catholic faith nor do they respect the faiths and traditions of other fellow Christians and human beings, its this fundamentalist intolerance that is causing major schisms in the wider Christian churches around the world and boosting atheism and secularism. Fellow brothers in Christ please learn to be tolerant.
Do you want true believers in JESUS Christ to be tolerant to SATAN, the true boss of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT?
just a side note. This video was mentioned by name by writer from Rome and the article appeared in a major UK Newspaper.
The truth is spreading slowly but surely, keep up the education of the sheeps...
The Vatican is simply an international tax free corporation. It sells "faith" for profit. The Vatican has NOTHING to do with ACTUAL "belief" in ANY "gods". The head holy guys laugh at god myths. They are in this for profit; MONEY & POWER! Their recruiting relies on very stupid people, those who are feeble minded, insecure or insane...& it works! The Vatican supported Hilter because they thought he would WIN! They supported fascism in Italy, Spain, U.S., Cananda, Germany & Britain...with CASH!
CORRECT: the Vatican is a MAFIA ORGANIZATION, inspired by LUCIFER the DEVIL and it's the ROMAN EMPIRE
pause on it.. you'll see a picture of a man.. I was thinking the same thing.. like one of those old movies lol
Why don't you google protestant churches in the 3rd reich or Hitlers Protestant reich church you one sided sectarian scottish traitor bastard
Thanks for sharing the truth.
All our leaders are either trained by Jesuits or have a Jesuit handler WTF!
It could be that a one world military needed to be formed to fight the Axis powers. for some reason the Vatican came to the conclusion that the steps they took needed to happen to get to where they want to be today and tomorrow.
his son receives 80 grand a year for lobbying for the Jesuits. Biden is a staunch Roman Catholic as well who has some training at St. Joseph's University. That's all i know so far.
I have watched some of your video. I think you have a lot on the ball. It was not until recently I started to recognize these things myself. although I always knew alex jones was cia. I said it from day one. david icke is mi6. It's really easy to figure out if you read the communist rules for revolution. 5. Destroy the people's faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and disgrace.
thomas and eric love both of your stuff if I do not see your videos anymore thomas I will know what is up. Vacation time in the midwest if you ever are in the area. Same to you ericindianna.Thanks to the both of you for the insight has been much help in these times of confusion.May God trully bless you.
get ashampoo clip finder. its a free software. you will love it. You will be able to download and archive all the youtube videos and other website videos too. Thomas has done a lot of research and i have the utmost respect for him. I was baptized catholic and have been for many years until my eyes opened up. Why the frigg are we praying to mother mary? Why we celebrate the days of the saints? Thats not what love for god is all about.
i have it on myspace. i'll also put it on google in higher quality. i'll send you the links. thanks
who are you talking to?
Nice video I'm a Catholic and Socialist The Roman church sucks, since his creation was a anti-Christian organization, that only defense the power of rich and only want the money. They going against the people for helping the dominant class and make a millions of crime in name of god, you can see that supporting dictatorship and helping criminals and fascist. They aren't Christians
Keep doing what you're doing. Keep exposing the beast.
Great information, thanks brother....
thanks brother. actually i was barely able to finish this. i intended it to be twice as long. but i have been very busy with what looks like will be the next phase of the ministry the Lord has given me which will probably be a face to face ministry and no internet work at all. Lord bless you, as it may come suddenly without time to say goodbye to everyone.
I didn't mean to offend you. I appreciate the work you are doing. My only point was that often we can get to wrapped up in exposing the evil that we forget to focus on the light in our own personal walk with the Lord. Anyway, I'm sorry that sounded the way it did and I am proud to have a brother in Christ like you.
well, if I'm not doing the Lord's work then i must be doing satan's work. Is it satan's work to be exposing what I am exposing here? Exposing the whore of revelation? There's too many "christians" around like the ones you like IMO. They need to speak out against the atrocities of this beast system. People also need to connect the dots to Rome, the city on seven hills.
that's what i said in this video, that Hitler's -Father- was "not the son" of a Rothschilds. Thanks for the verification.
I think one of the method's satan uses is to take the saints most zelous for the Lord and he takes their attention off of what the Lord wants us doing. He has done this with me in the past (spending countless hours on all kinds of conspiricy stuff instead of Him) and I pray he does not do this with you.
Check the double cross on the front of that train at 21:07 then on that guys neck at 21:25 and on those flags at around 21:32. I think another at 21:42... guess I never realized how much the Nazis used the roman catholic double cross! Great video as always 5* and a favorite here.
as always i your videos are very interesting and eductional. thank you.

Hitler was JESUIT-TRAINED and Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST, Churchill and Roosevelt were a 33 degree Freemasons: they were ALL ON THE SAME SIDE: THE VATICAN=the ROMAN EMPIRE. 


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