Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer-Winter Solstice-Flat Earth

Seasons on the Flat Earth



Summer-Winter Solstice Flat Earth



Summer-Winter Solstice Flat Earth images

Summer-Winter Solstice Flat Earth UTube

How Seasons Work on Flat Earth ✅ by Eric Dubay



JESUS is not dead and the earth is flat so that every eye can see Him when He'll return.

The flat earth TRUTH isn't about ETERNAL salvation!
The gospel of GRACE is...
But deliberately rejecting the FLAT EARTH TRUTH, is deliberately LYING to JESUS, while being on the side of the JESUITS and SATAN!


  1. +Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society The earth is so incredibly HUGE compared to a tiny human, yet you see the sun travel in a curve.
    You must be God yourself.


    Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society
    Except that during the solstice when stood on the equator the sun rises due east goes directly over head and sets due west, it travels in a straight line across the sky, not a curve as depicted here.

    Another observable proof that the map above is incorrect.

    1. +Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society Show me the result from your earthly vantage point, and something else: show me just one undoctered picture of your globe earth from 'space' and I give you all my money.


      Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society
      +Hans S it's a simple test

    2. +Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society The truth is there is not ONE real photo of earth as a BALL from 'space'.

      Awesome Flat Earth Song - No Photographs of Earth! Must Watch song from flat earth man :)

    3. +Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society Could it be that you're full of shit yourself?
      Bub Bye!


      Johnny Blaze Appreciation Society
      The truth is you are full of shit. Prove the "blue marble" photo isnt real....

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    1. The JESUITS are on TOP and not the Illuminati:

  3. Replies
    1. 8:26 The Book Of Enoch EXPOSED!


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