Saturday, September 29, 2018

A CIA lucky break? How the death of the 'Smiling Pope' helped Washington win the Cold War

The sudden death of Pope John Paul I, exactly 40 years ago today, stunned the world. The 'Smiling Pope' had only served for 33 days. His demise and replacement by John Paul II marked an important turning point in the old Cold War. 
The year 1978, as I argued in a previous op-ed, was the year today's world was made.
There was nothing inevitable about the ascendancy of Reagan and Thatcher, the rise of groups like Al-Qaeda and IS, and the downfall of the Soviet Union. The neoliberal, neoconservative world order and its associated violence came about because of key events and decisions which took place 40 years ago. The Vatican was at the heart of these events.

The drama which unfolded there in the summer of 1978 would have been rejected as being too far-fetched if sent in as a film script. In a space of two and a half months, we had three different Popes. There was no great surprise when, on August 6, the first of them, Pope Paul VI, died after suffering a massive heart attack. The Supreme Pontiff, who had served since 1963, was 80 and had been in declining health. But the death of his much younger successor, John Paul I, a radical reformer who wanted to build a genuine People's Church, has fuelled conspiracy theories to this day.


Declan Flaherty
Pope Francis is both pro war on cannabis as he proved by his speech while on a visit to the US and Obama and willing to speak out in support of false flag attacks in Syria. To me this article saying that the church is not as powerful now as in 1978 is flimsy at best. Others believe that the pope rules the US.
Hans S

The Vatican is the disguised LUCIFERIAN Roman Empire and it rules the ENTIRE world! The JESUITS are its ASSASSINS! And concerning the CIA: The CIA revealed as the Gestapo of the Vatican’s Fourth Reich


  1. [Crime No.20-55] Of association/membership to a criminal organisation: (1978 - 1978 CE) That the person known as Pope John Paul I, also known as “De medietate Lunæ”, the 109th and 4th last Pope of history according to the prophecy of St Malachy, was both a member and leader of an organisation known as the “Roman Cult” first established and subsequently maintained for the sole purpose of organized criminal enterprise.

  2. [Crime No.20-56] Of Murder (political assassination): (1978) That Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe did arrange for the assassination of Pope John Paul I upon the revelation of the Pope intention to disband the Jesuit order and distribute their significant interests, including control of the Vatican Bank to other areas of the church. That Pope John Paul I intended to take this action in part because of the action of the Jesuits in both the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, the global drug trade as well as Aldo Moro, a national Italian hero. That the murder of Pope John Paul I did prevent the disbanding of the Jesuits from taking place, but did result in a non-Jesuit friendly Pope being elected for the next 27 years.


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