Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bergen-Belsen for example - How could this have happened?

 Notice the satanic obelisk ... it reveals the origins of this drama

Bergen-Belsen for example - How could this have happened?

Notice the obelisks in the picture below...

3 'City States' Rule the World

The Vatican Jesuit Holocaust




Jesuit Vatican behind NWO , WW2 , 911 , Palestine - Israel conflict & WW3 agenda




Get saved by the Gospel of JESUS through Paul that SAVES FOREVER from burning forever in the lake of fire!


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    1. All JEW HATERS will ROT in HELL, unless they surrender to JESUS the JEW, who happens to be GOD almighty.

  2. [Crime No.20-49] Of crimes against humanity and false imprisonment: (1960s to present day) That Allied commanders and subsequent governments, deliberately supported by the Catholic Church have perpetuated false facts concerning the physical operation of the death camps into such small windows of time and logistics that it has enabled the rise of a legitimate army of holocaust deniers. That because of the deliberate fabrication of the logistics of the death camps of the Nazis, including the false claims that people were gassed to death, rather than rendered unconscious in gas chambers, historians have used common sense to deduce that the claimed numbers of deaths could not have occurred in the time frames claimed by historical Allied documents and trials. That this deliberate falsification of evidence has increasingly made it possible for holocaust deniers to gain credibility and increase support so that by the middle of the 21st Century it will be entirely possible to see holocaust deniers winning and successfully erasing the truth from history. That this long term goal is indeed a specific goal supported by the Vatican.

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    1. Heidi Yodel
      You're a smart person.

      How the Vatican created Islam
      Who's SMARTER: the JEW or the FAKE JEW?
      I love Israel and I've been there...I'm Dutch btw.
      This is also a great article:
      'Palestinian' Is a Fabricated Nationality
      And did you know this?
      The Vatican Jesuit Holocaust


      Heidi Yodel
      Heidi Yodel22 hours ago
      Thick-headed Palestinians lost the war(s) decades ago. Nobody will rescue them because no nation truly cares. Iran will never have the muscle to truly help them. At this point, EXTREMELY thick headed Palestinians have a fetish for humiliation. They need to leave- IMMEDIATELY so they can gain an opportunity to live a better life somewhere else. This is madness.

      What do you know about jews? They are far more determined & competent than any of these Muslim nations. They've proven it time & time again. And...the jew will not lose a seconds sleep over wackin' these desert people- in perpetuity if they have to.


      Take Germans, for instance. You think Germans who left Germany didn't adore their nation? Yet millions of KRAUTS left Germany in search of a better life. Some KRAUTS went to Brazil, others America. Same with the Irish and the Italians. These people loved their culture & their nation. Yet they left anyway to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

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    1. Holocaust deniers deserve to be denied entrance to heaven! Let them rot in hell.

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    1. +J B The answer is simple: JESUS is God and He's a JEW and Satan hates Him and His people!


      J B
      Yes... history repeats itself way too much relating to the Jewish people... they have been expelled over and over again from the countries that hosted them ... it is a pattern that keeps repeating... Why is it ????
      there must be a reason!
      I'm from Portugal which is a very tolerant Catholic country and in our history, the only ethnic group that ended up being expelled were the Jews. Even the Moors after the reconquest were allowed to stay if they wished so. We don't like Gypsies also, but they live there until today.
      In France and many EU countries Globalist politicians are becoming under fire and hatred from European people... so, in what side is the Jewish community standing? - This is the key question to ask.


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