Friday, January 25, 2019

‘What’s happening in Venezuela is unbelievable, open attempt for coup’ – ex-Ecuadorian president

‘What’s happening in Venezuela is unbelievable, open attempt for coup’ – ex-Ecuadorian president

The SATANIC STATES of AMERICA (SS of A) and their SLUT-states are backing a man who is NOT elected as President of Venezuela.

The SS of A is totally controlled by the JESUITS and SATAN on behalf of the VATICAN.

Americans who still  believe that Donald Trump is a decent leader are INSANE!

And Donald Trump isn't even in charge, but the JESUITS and the DEVIL and the POPE of ROME=the disguised ROMAN EMPEROR!

The Regime Changers




This IDIOT is the real BOSS of the USA! (and of the ENTIRE world)

Ukraine Who Caused The Coup - Gog and Magog




JESUS Christ HATES the Roman Catholic Church and the USA as a STATE!



Justice will be done... Gerechtigheid zal geschieden...

Whoever is serving THIS MAN is serving a FOREIGN HEAD OF STATE




 NAZI America: The Truth About The so called ANTICHRIST - Hitler's grandson



  1. Satan and the Jesuits and the Pope aren't yet able to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran and to keep Ukraine under total control, so they start a REGIME-CHANGE in Venezuela

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    1. Both parties serve the same master: the POPE

  3. Replies
    1. Jerome Von Phifer
      The wicked evil lies of the west.

      Hans S
      You mean the VATICAN=LUCIFERIAN ROMAN EMPIRE, JESUITS=its ASSASSINS controlled 'west'...

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    1. The US is a criminal organization on behalf of the Vatican=Roman Empire

      Washington DC= Washington District of CATHOLICS

      The Catholic church is the disguised Roman Empire

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    1. The US policy in Latin America is mafia style policy. There is a bully and he terrorises the neighbourhood and he decides to what has to be done.

  6. Net gezien in het GODVERDOMDE NOS-'journaal'=PROPAPAGANDAKANAAL:

    SMERIGE LEUGENS over de situatie in Venezuela, want de HOERNALISTEN van de NOS vertellen NIET waarom er zo'n ELLENDE is in dat land: wegens de DUIVELSE en JARENLANGE SANCTIES=STRAFFEN tegen de DEMOCRATISCH gekozen regeringen van Venezuela door NAZI-AMERIKA namens de SATANISTEN van het Vaticaan=de duivelse JEZUÏETEN


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