Friday, February 22, 2019

Rob Skiba's Double-Speak on Salvation

Rob Skiba's Double-Speak on Salvation

Published on Feb 20, 2019
Popular Torah teacher Rob Skiba claims to teach salvation in Jesus Christ by grace through faith while at the same time, teaching that someone who does not keep the Saturday Sabbath, or has church on Sunday, or eats bacon (pork) i.e. Old Testament dietary laws will go to HELL. 

Rob Skiba has made it clear that he teaches the false gospel of works/law for righteousness and eternal salvation. But Skiba lures Christians into his Torah Hebrew Roots cult by his double-speak. For more info go to

JESUS is not dead and the earth is flat so that every eye can see Him when He'll return.
The flat earth TRUTH isn't about ETERNAL salvation! The gospel of GRACE is:

DELIBERATELY rejecting the FLAT EARTH TRUTH, is deliberately LYING to JESUS, while being on the side of the JESUITS and SATAN!
Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!


  1. Luke sincitypreacher is now a flat earther:
    "You misunderstood me. The reason I changed my mind about flat
    earth is because of scientific testing. Go to my playlist if you have an
    open mind. Regarding the Bible, there is much in the Bible supporting a
    flat stationary earth. Look into it :)"

  2. Replies
    1. @Brian Masters 240+ Flat Earth Bible Verses


      Hans S
      Hans S
      18 hours ago
      So, you believe that God made the earth as a spinning ball in space and that THREE DAYS later He created the sun, the moon and the stars, at least if you believe what Genesis says, and that God then made the earth go around the sun in a so called 'solar system', while three days before that there was already a difference between light and darkness, day and night?
      When JESUS returns every eye shall see Him AT is that possible on a spinning ball?
      So just try to imagine that tree entire days there were no sun and moon and stars...only the earth.
      Three days long God Himself made the difference between light and darkness, day and night, and after the creation of the sun, the moon and the stars (planets are wandering stars) this was no longer needed and from then on the sun would provide daylight on earth and the moon and the stars would provide lights during the night.
      But it's also possible to see the moon at daylight and even some stars.
      The stars are part of the firmament and they never changed their position, because we see them the same as people did thousands of years ago.
      Brian Masters
      Brian Masters
      6 hours ago
      @Hans S I didn't say that. The Bible is the word of God.It does NOT say the earth is flat, end of.


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