Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The disgusting meddling behavior of the Vatican controlled US and EU regarding former Yugoslavia

The disgusting meddling behavior of the Vatican controlled US and EU regarding former Yugoslavia.
A clash between Roman Catholicism plus Vatican-created Islam and Serbia's eastern Orthodox culture supported by Russia.
Of course the aim is to weaken the role of Russia, and the ultimate goal is the destruction of Russia as a world power so that the New World Order can be established by the Vatican and the Jesuits on behalf of SATAN!

Some quotes:

The US promoted the rise to power of nationalist and ultra-nationalist governments on all sides, to create an internecine blood-bath

Serbia consequently increasingly looked to its ethnic-Serbianess for national identity and Christian Orthodoxy as a counter-weight to the radical pseudo-Sedevacantism of Vatican promoted Nazi-apologetic Catholicism in 80’s and 90’s era Croatia; and the Saudi, Wahhabist radical Islam of Bosniak dominated Bosnia.

But Hashim Thachi is widely recognized, even by mainstream western journalism and research, as the ringleader of a criminal organization which built a power base on illicit drug smuggling, white slavery and forced prostitution, and the related human trafficking. Much of the real story behind the problematic ‘Pizza Gate’ narrative, where certain truths were concealed behind a more conspiratorial and sensationalist click-bait story, in fact involved viewing Serbians – especially women and children – as the ‘spoils of war’.

In addition is the infamous ‘Yellow House’, where Thachi’s organization ran a human organ harvesting operation – civilians being ethnically cleansed as well as prisoners of war were ultimately handed premature deaths on operating tables as their vital organs were extracted from their living bodies, and sold on the international black market – largely to EU and US citizens awaiting organ transplants from donors.

Few recipients understood that these organs were taken on the condition of murder and the vivisection of living human beings, held captive. These were not isolated cases, but an industry of scale where thousands of Yugoslavians/Serbs were exterminated.

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