Monday, June 3, 2019

ANTICHRIST to SIGN TRUMP 'Mideast Peace Plan' ?

POPE & ISRAEL MEET -- Historic Agreement 'Speedy Conclusion'


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    1. @PayDroV Are you worried about that?
      Did you know that God and NOT the devil
      once ANNIHILATED about six BILLION people during the Flood after He had waited 120 years to see if they would change their minds (repent), and saved only EIGHT persons?
      Yes, BILLIONS will die during the coming Great Tribulation, aka the Times of Jacob's Trouble, AFTER the rapture, but those who ARE saved by the right Gospel of Grace, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, have nothing to worry about.
      Check out my site if you want to know more:


      3 hours ago
      Not if the real plan is to kill 95% of us.
      JZ B
      JZ B
      1 hour ago
      @PayDroV exactly

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    1. He's wrong: the Antichrist and the False Prophet are TWO different persons and the world is much bigger than America....

    2. But I totally agree with him the PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST

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    1. Trump's Pastor: Norman Vincent Peale (33 Degree Mason)

    2. Daryl Lawson is deluded Trump supporter and he seems to have blocked me because my comments weren't published.

    3. Brainwashed Americans don't want to accept the fact that all US-presidents work for the Vatican


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