Thursday, June 6, 2019

July 4th Independence Day - The Truth May Shock You!

The earth is flat and the gospel of our salvation is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

Pope owns all souls, living and dead, on Earth, owns all Demons,Angels,Ideas and Nations. He rules the AIR JURISDICTION too.

13 yrs after the rev, an ART V convention of States was held. Fed Govt began Mar 4 1789, with only 9 of 12 states ratifying the new Constitution for America, not of it. The Crown took back her colonies...the ones King George actually also financed. (bankers)

Excerpts from An American Affidavit: The History you don't know or think about.
The Global Estate Trust is Born!
The Unam Sanctum (1302) creates the world's first and largest Express Trust. (Boniface VIII)
The Romanus Pontifex (1455) first Testamentary Trust published by Nicholas V
The Aeterni Regis (1481) Second Testamentary Trust published by Sixtus IV
The Convocation (1537) Third Testamentary Trust published by Paul III

The Trust Includes
The Air Jurisdiction:
Which includes living and dead souls, spirits, angels, demons, ideas ~ Global in nature
And is controlled by the Pope & his appointees.
The Sea Jurisdiction:
Which includes all vessels, mariners, sailors, merchants, creatures, of the Sea International in
nature...and is controlled by British Monarchs.
The Land Jurisdiction:
Which includes all resources of the land including people, animals, plants, and minerals are
National in nature and are controlled by the Spanish King (if there is one).

The Trust Operates providing SERVICES
1~ Postal services via Postal Districts and Post Offices.
2~ Legals services and standards via Bar Associations.
3~ Banking services and standards via Banking Associations.
4~ Domestic Police Services.
5~ Medical and Welfare Services.
6~ Insurance Services.
7~ Defense and Treaty Alliance Services.
All this and more was being accomplished by the Global Estate Trust more than 200 years
before the American Revolution.

Rome is Headquarters
The Trust is the largest corporate conglomerate and interlocking trust directorate on earth with
four administrative hubs operated as independent international City-States.
This trust operates out of the Vatican, Westminster, Washington D.C., and the United Nations.
The inner city of London, also known as “Westminster” operates Legal & Banking services.
The Washington D.C. Municipality operates defense services.
The United Nations provides trade, treaty, and negotiation services for members.
These independent city-states together create “The Empire of the city:. – but it is really the
Empire of the Global Estate Trust....and we are all part of it, like it or not, for the past 700
The Global Estate Trust comes to America
1492 to 1776
Private Investment for Public Advancement: The dance of public & private begins.
During these years large commercial investment companies formed under Royal Privilege
(corporation) throughout England for the purpose of developing the land and resources of the
North American Continent. So eager were English investors for new opportunities that the
Crown (not the Monarch – the Monarch's investment company) had to establish investment
districts throughout England and assign colonial territories for investors from each district in
England to fund.
Thus, we had The Virginia Company and The New England Company and various other
investment companies drawing in private investment money from designated locales in
England to back colonization of the New World.

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