Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2


The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2

The AUSTRIAN Roman Catholic Hitler didn't start the war and he didn't write 'My Struggle' (Mein Kampf) but the JESUIT Father Staempfle, so the JESUITS started the war and Hitler wasn't even in charge, but the Jesuits and he PLAYED the role of boss of Germany, just like Trump is now also playing the role of boss of the US, while he's also not in charge but the Jesuits and the Vatican.
The so called '2nd world war' was the second stage of the Roman Catholic INQUISITION of the 20th century that started in 1914 with the so called '1st world war'.
The goals were the elimination of a large portion of the JEWS and PROTESTANTS and EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS.
Example: In SERBIA (then part of former Yugoslavia) the Nazis murdered about just as many SERBS as JEWS, because the Serbs are eastern orthodox, just like the RUSSIANS.
The other goal was to make a future ONE WORLD ORDER possible, run by the VATICAN, hence the creation of the UNITED NATIONS and the EU, the revived European Roman Empire.
Through a vote in the new UN the STATE of Israel was established, shortly after the war.
This was all part of the plan.

Hitler was JESUIT trained and Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST and Churchill and Roosevelt were 33 degree FREEMASONS, secretly serving the VATICAN, just like Hitler and Stalin did.

The Roman Catholic NAZIS didn't lose the war: they went to the America's and especially to the USA and Hitler didn't commit suicide, and he fled to the America's too.
It's all about the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC and DIVIDE AND CONQUER on behalf of the VATICAN, which is the disguised ROMAN EMPIRE.
Germany and Japan are still OCCUPIED by the NEW NAZIS, the AMERICANS, and the original name of Washington D.C. was ROME.
Nazi-Germany HAD TO lose the war so that it could be integrated into the EU and lead it, because (believe it or not) the current chancellor of Germany is a DAUGHTER of Hitler.
Another daughter of Hitler had a son from Malcolm X and this son is 'Obama'.
Reality is stranger than fiction.
To make it even 'crazier': they all know that the earth is FLAT and that the globe earth is a LIE, so there is no 'universe', there are no 'galaxies' and there is no 'solar system' and the earth is stationary, flat and round, with a DOME, aka a FIRMAMENT.
Former US president Reagan, who re-established relations with the Vatican, once said at the UN that an 'alien invasion' would UNITE the world.
That's exactly what they want to achieve through a FAKE invasion of aliens of 'planet earth' while they control the main stream media and in the near future also the entire internet.
They also know that 'nuclear weapons' DON'T EXIST and they used it to start the so called 'cold war' after the end of the '2nd world war'.
Who are 'they'?
Again: the JESUITS.
What is the end game?
They want to control ISRAEL and JERUSALEM.
Because the JESUITS know the BIBLE very well, and they know that JESUS Christ is coming back for the remnant of His people in the LAND of Israel and they want to thwart His plans, which is INSANE, because JESUS is GOD and NOBODY can thwart His prophetic program, but they're going to try it anyhow.
Because their master is SATAN and he's VERY intelligent, but also VERY INSANE!
All his PUPPETS are like him: VERY intelligent, but also VERY INSANE and Hitler was no exception and Stalin too.

'Mein Kampf' was written by Jesuit Father Staempfle

'Mein Kampf' written by Jesuit Father Staempfle - click on picture



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