Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bible Chopping!

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A big problem is when people twist scripture or take it out of context and try to manipulate others or fool themselves. This is done by ignoring other scriptures. It is often referred to as "bible chopping".

  • shut up xembryo!!!!!!!!!
  • Why?
    Are you a suicide bomber?
    You're lost without Jesus Christ!
  • And you're lost with him.
  • Thank you: it's GREAT to be a loss to this satanic world!
  • Yep, god loves nobody but you.
    Romans 3:23, don't get too caught up on yourself buddy.
  • Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God
    Yes, that's a great verse from the best book in the universe.
    Well. since you're informed about this fact, shouldn't you respond to this and repent before your maker, Jesus Christ?
  • I have to ask, how much of the book have you read? You seem to know all the part, but there's a few I'd like to ask you if they are equally as valid.
    How about Matthew 10:34-35?
    Or Exodus 21, 22, and 23?
    Or Proverbs 23:13-14?
    I could keep going.. but I'll give you time to catch up on your reading.
    And also, I thought God was my maker and Jesus the messenger of his love and salvation?
  • I've read the whole Bible several times and God is my Father and ©JESUS® is God.
    God became man in the person of Jesus Christ and He was a real human being for some 33 years.
    If you want to know God, you'll have to know JESUS.
    Watch this: Is Jesus God In 5 Minutes the matter is settled Indisputable!
  • So did you even get why I mentioned those passages or do you not remember them?
    Please, by all means, look em up, I'm still waiting.
  • And did you even get why I told you that God is my Father and that JESUS is God?
    You are NOT interested in a bright future with JESUS, so I leave you to satan and goodbye, 'smart' 'AngelusDlion'.
    You don't have to be saved and it's allowed to be LOST.
  • Actually read those passages, they are words from your own bible. They allow prostitution, rape and child abuse. It's a clear message, but hey, you wouldn't trust a godless person such as myself.
    Jesus, and therefor by your own belief, God was a liberal. He hung out with prostitutes and undesirables.. WWJD? Forgive us, I'm pretty sure. Love us anyway. But you seem to miss that part and I pity you for it.
  • You have a misconception about Jesus Christ, because when He was a human being He was compassionate towards sinners, but on the other hand He is God: He's a bit like Clark Kent and Superman; one and the same person.
    You don't know the Bible, because the Bible is a CODED book and the true meaning of that book is only revealed to Holy Spirit (=JESUS) filled people like me.
    Repent, and humble yourself unto the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit and then you'll also understand Gods Word.
  • Of course, of course.
    And you know the code, obviously.
    You, Sir, are a loonie. Seriously. 
  • You can also crack the code by surrendering to your creator, Jesus Christ and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Calling me crazy or disturbed, will not help you.
  • Right. Because reason and logic are secondary to blind faith to you. I get it, I get it.
    It makes you feel better to think that you're god's favorite. I get it.
    Frankly, I think this "conversation" such that it is is over. You will continue to insist god loves you more, I will continue to think you are a blind fool.
    So I will take my leave. *tips his hat and moves on*
  • God is love and even if you'll end up in His garbage can, aka Hell, because there you'll confess 'Jesus is Lord', and there you will be healed from your illusion to think you're god.
    But if you're able to think logically: the egg and the sperm that made you a fact were made by an intelligent creator, to whom you'll have to answer.

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