Tuesday, August 21, 2012


In the News Today…. people everywhere are talking about taking out Assad … attacking Syria. Bombing Damascus!  We are not war mongers…we are observers…watchmen on the wall.
The quote I heard from a powerful  U.S. General James Mattis in the news today was  “it would be the biggest military setback for Iran in 20 years” … referring to taking out the Assad Regime in Damascus.

Why is this important in prophecy…because we are looking for the Isaiah 17 war to occur about the time of the rapture of the church.   Look up Isaiah 17:1 and see what it says.  This is a prophecy that will lead to the final wars, prior to Christ’s return…and it includes the destruction of Damascus.  Many believe that this war (Isaiah 17) will usher in the 7 year tribulation period.

Why is the 7 year tribulation period a literal period of time?  because the prophecy of the 70 weeks of prophetic years in Daniel…. God told Daniel it would be 7 prophetic weeks to rebuild the temple (it took exactly 49 years)…then it would be 62 weeks of years till the Messiah was cut off from among the people (killed – crucified).  62 x 7 is 434 years.  It was exactly 434 years when Jesus was crucified.


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