Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jesus set me Free from Homosexuality

My sister in JESUS CHRIST, Charlotte

Haat de homofilie, niet de zondaar die denkt dat hij of zij een (geboren) homofiel is 
Zie en hoor dit krachtige getuigenis van Charlotte: 

  door: xembryo 2008-11-12 17:28:05

Een hele tijd geleden wees ik op Xandernieuws al op dit geweldige getuigenis van Charlotte onder mijn toenmalige alias 'xembryo', de naam van mijn voormalige YouTube-kanaal.

Charlotte is het 'goede verhaal' van 9/11, want dankzij deze ramp werd ze mijn zuster in JEZUS Christus!


  1. +1Corinthians15:1-4 Hi Mark, what's your opinion on what +Jim Beckwith said about you?

    Don’t Be Confused By Lordship Salvation
    Lordship Salvation is the false teaching that sinners must forsake their actual sins before they can be saved. As we have noted above, that is not the teaching of Jesus. The Bible does not teach that anyone has to forsake his sins to get saved.
    Please don’t misunderstand. When you repent (change your mind) and trust Jesus Christ as your Savior, that will change your life. You will feel differently about your sins and you will begin to forsake your sins as God draws you into closer fellowship with Him.
    But forsaking your sins isn’t the way to get saved. You could forsake every sin and live a sinless life from now until the day you die. But if you never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, quitting all your sins would not get you into heaven.
    Hans S
    4:25 PM

    +Jim Beckwith Jesus set me Free from Homosexuality

  2. +martinarg101
    God is JESUS is (Y)OUR creator and He's the creator and author of SEXUALITY.
    It's possible to have 'sex' with a person of the same sex, but it's NOT what God=JESUS had intended.

    Men are allowed to love men and women are allowed to love women, but God=JESUS doesn't want men and women to have 'sex' with their own kind.
    Why not?
    First off: it's isn't real sexuality but a form of masturbation with the aid of someone else's body.
    Yes, heterosexuals are guilty of this too when they are fornicators and whoremongers, or when they only have sex with their spouse out of LUST.

    God=JESUS is the creator of everything and He's the creator of LUST.
    But this strong EMOTION is meant to be subordinated to LOVE and MUTUAL RESPECT.

    MEN are a different kind of WOmen and woMEN are different kind of MEN:

    ALL people are meant to be like the ANGELS.

    Angels DON'T have SEX!

    There's NOTHING wrong with sex, because all of nature is about sex and procreation, and a flower is a sexual organ of a plant, but homosexuality doesn't 'work' and it doesn't make people really HAPPY, because it was NOT designed this way.

    But when people REJECT the designer of sexuality, they do what they want to their own detriment.

    JESUS loves you!

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    1. Hans S 1 second ago
      +un852 The FIRST SATANIST on earth was a woMAN: EVE! But who is responsible for the creation of this creature? JESUS, and He's a MAN, who happens to be God. The first man FAILED to resist female temptation. But without it, we wouldn't have EXISTED! Adam and Eve didn't have sex before the Fall because they were much 'too happy' and they were like full grown CHILDREN and normal children aren't interested in sex. We're all meant to be like the angels, so there must be a REASON WHY God=JESUS created woMEN or feMALES. This reason is SIMPLY EXPLAINED: Lucifer is more like a WOMAN than like a MAN and just watch women who look like walking Christmas trees. JESUS wants to prove Satan that it possible to be beautiful and HUMBLE.

    2. Lucifer was beautiful and PROUD. That was his FALL and it started in Paradise: Satan (adversary) is the promoter of SEMIRAMIS of Babel, who's also knows as 'MARY', the 'Queen of heaven'. Not the KING of heaven, but the QUEEN of heaven. The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN. That's typical SATANIC and WITCHES worship 'goddesses like 'Lilith' or 'Nyx'. JESUS came to SHOW that ALL creatures are meant to SERVE each other, and especially women, and they are the generators of NEW LIFE: BABIES. He wants men to serve their wives when they are MOTHERS. Most people serve only one 'god': 'me, myself and I'. This is the true nature of SATANISM. JESUS came to set people free from this self-centered egomania. When people are born they only care about themselves. Gradually they learn that there are others who are also important, like mom and dad, brothers and sisters, relatives, family members and friends and a lot of other people too. Angels aren't related to one another like people and through this human system, God=JESUS is able to show both the faithful angels and the fallen angels what it's all about: LOVE. It all started with TWO people, and now we're a HUGE human FAMILY of over seven BILLION people, and before the Flood there were about six BILLION people. Without the invention called SEX this wouldn't have been possible and JESUS created sexuality and all of nature is about procreation. Most people like beautiful FLOWERS. They are the sex organs of plants. People love the sex organs of plants, because they are BEAUTIFUL. There's NOTHING wrong about sex, but God wants us to LEARN to CONTROL ourselves and to live according to His 'manual'. It started with ONE man and ONE woman, and that's His model, no matter how many women King Salomon had at his disposal in the past. This was NOT normal, but God=JESUS ALLOWED it for a reason. In fact people can do whatever they want, but in the end there will come JUDGEMENT, and JESUS will be OUR JUDGE. UNBELIEF is the ULTIMATE SIN and from it derive all the other sins. Eve did not BELIEVE she would DIE after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And yes, she didn't drop dead after she had bitten into the forbidden fruit. But she had INSTANTLY become a MORTAL who is SLOWLY DYING. Adam was just as bad and he took and he ate. God is also the creator of DEATH! SEX and procreation is the answer to death. Angels aren't created to have sex and there were NO fallen angels who had sex with women in Genesis 6. Satan ENVIES our SEXUALITY and that's why he/she wants to CORRUPT it and turn it into something UGLY and PERVERTED. JESUS love women just as much as He loves men! JESUS loves PEOPLE, because we are meant to be LIKE the angels. What will our eternal destiny be: being an angel in the lake of fire, aka hell, or being an angel in heaven and on the New Earth and in the New Jerusalem? The choice is OURS. JESUS is the ONLY way! HIS way or the highway to hell! JESUS loves us! Satan hates us!
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      Hans S 1 second ago
      +Laura Bean Please read this comment:

  4. +Merréll O'Brian
    Okay, then fight it out with God, aka JESUS!

    He's the creator and He didn't create Adam and Steve , but Adam and Eve.
    Men may love men and women may love women, but not in a sexual way, and if you know things better than you're saying that God is an IDIOT!

  5. +Teresa Changed
    Watch the other video too
    : They're both 9 years old and still on YouTube, proclaiming the wonderful transformation POWER of our Lord and savior, JESUS! ;))


    Hans S1 second ago
    Dear Charlotte: every time I watch your video, I'm encouraged! It's all about JESUS!!!
    Jesus set me Free from Homosexuality - YouTube
    Teresa Changed's profile photo
    Teresa Changed
    8:50 PM

    Praise the Lord, Sister! = D


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