Saturday, September 15, 2012



We are all ABNORMAL

People were created in part to reflect God's glory back to Him. But because of the stain of sin, we have broken the metaphorical mirror and so we don't perfectly reflect His glory.  

Jesus is the only man to perfectly reflect God's glory, and therefore is the only normal person to walk the face of the earth. So when figuring out where we need to change, we need to look to Jesus and where we fall short is where we need help. Pastor Mark Driscoll explains Jesus as normative in this clip from the Image sermon in our series Doctrine. The full sermon is available at


  1. +pastorbobncc Only JESUS CHRIST is NORMAL
    The oldest pyramids of Egypt are indeed pre-flood, and I believe they are an OCCULT imitation of the New Jerusalem, being a perfect, equilateral structure of ENORMOUS proportions, meant for the NEW Earth, after this old earth will have vanished, which will happen after the 1000 year reign of peace by King JESUS, and after the Final Judgement.
    ALL people who lived during the 120 year-period before the Flood were evil, except Noah and his family, and that's why God destroyed them through the Flood.
    Unfortunately the pre-flood occult knowledge re-emerged after the Flood during the time of Babel, and Babylon is the inspiration of many false religions, and especially the Roman Catholic CULT.
    Our Lord JESUS be with us!


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