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How the Netherlands became a Jesuit-run country

Geus says:

I am enjoying this interview very much, while starting this comment.
I myself am Dutch, and also live in the Netherlands.
I hope to give some information on South Africa, that was asked about in the interview.
For understanding Apartheid and South Africa, the start of this interview, is the most important information. The information on Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon ended the Dutch Republic with an invasion in 1795, an invasion that was supported by the Jesuits through their system of the Illuminati during their expulsion from popery 1773-1814. Until 1795, South Africa was a part of the Dutch Republic. Napoleon utterly destroyed the Dutch Republic, all trade posts and colonies outside Europe where destroyed by Napoleon.
The Dutch Republic started New Amsterdam in 1613.
The place was bought from the Native Americans, and a treaty was set up, that can now be found on the internet:
I noticed that the Americans have some more websites on the subject. I would get this information less than a year ago myself, but have enough knowledge, that I understand what was decided in the Treaty. The purpose of “Two Row”, was that the Americans and the Immigrants would keep their culture, and would live side to side. The treaty was set up by the Dutch republic, that was 100% Calvinist. This peaceful respect for two cultures, two rows, is what Apartheid was or is. Apartheid is in fact Dutch for Two Row. In South Africa, the same was decided: The European Colony, that was set up in order to prevent scurby by the sailors that went to the East, had their culture, while the culture of the Native Africans was respected and left by itself. Just as was decided with the Native Americans. Apartheid is a dutch word, and translating it into English, could also come up with separateness. And I leave it up to the reader to understand, that separateness between two cultures, has the same meaning as two row. Two ways of culture.
After visiting I had to conclude, that Apartheid there is used in the meaning, that the Jesuits have given it. This meaning is racism. Apartheid however is not about racism, but the contrary, it is about respect for cultures, while these cultures are also separated by race.
Since 1815, the Jesuits are in control of the area, where the Dutch republic would exist. This started with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and since 1830 a revolt against King William 1 would separate the Kingdom of the Netherlands into three countries, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The monarchy was set up by a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, when the Prince the Orange came back from England where he would flee from Napoleon, it was very convenient to take over the monarchy, that was created by Louis Napoleon. Louis Napoleon was in fact the first King of the Netherlands.
This is why the start of this interview is so important. When the Jesuit connection behind Napoleon is understood, it is clear that the colony in South Africa was not repaired, because the Jesuits would control the Kingdom of the Netherlands from a shadow government since 1815. And the Patriot Faction in the Dutch republic, that supported Napoleon Bonaparte, where atheist. Just as many men from the French revolution and many off the founding fathers off the US where atheist. Because of the atheists had killed many European monarchy, and Calvinism was censored where possible, while certain protestants would support the French revolution, as the mennonites did, King William the first would trust the Catholics, and would sign a Concordat with Rome in 1827.
Well, I don’t want to write a whole book here on the background of South Africa. If freedom central is interested in an interview with skype, you can contact me with the Email address off my blog. In any case, the lies about Apartheid are not serving the Americans, not the Africans, and not the immigrants in these countries. I am not conveying an opinion, but make an effort to address the facts. Leaving Apartheid for South Africa, is destroying two cultures, the result is romanism without any identity, in order to create a reduction, just as the Netherlands is today.


History of the Netherlands

For my Dutch readers:

Wie de illusie koestert dat middels verkiezingen het (verborgen) Jezuïeten-karakter van Nederland, sinds 1795, zou kunnen veranderen en dat Nederland een vrije republiek zou kunnen worden: dit kan alleen via GROF GEWELD en via een GEWAPENDE REVOLUTIE, waarbij ALLES en IEDEREEN wat besmet is met het denken dat de Nederlanden hebben vergiftigd door de Jezuïeten en de Rooms katholieke SATANS"KERK" (en t.a.v Vlaanderen geldt dat al veel langer, maar deels ook m.b.t. de Rooms katholieke delen van Nederland, en zelfs de protestantse delen van Nederland zijn nog altijd besmet met het Roomse onbijbelse denken, getuige de ONBIJBELSE ZONdagen, de foute en onbijbelse vieringen van "Goede Vrijdag", "Pasen" en "Pinksteren" en "Kerstmis" en "Sinterklaas") dient te worden GEËLIMINEERD.

Dit zou echter het grootste deel van de Nederlandse bevolking het leven gaan kosten, dan wel zouden miljoenen Nederlanders heropgevoed moeten worden in concentratiekampen totdat ze "genezen" zijn van het ROOMSE VIRUS van satan!

Er is echter maar één iemand die dat bewerkstelligen kan: JEZUS CHRISTUS, bij zijn WEDERKOMST!

Voordien zal Nederland (en België) een GROTE PUINHOOP worden ten gevolge van de verschrikkingen die gaan komen in de komende grote verdrukking die over de HELE wereld zal komen en niet alleen over Israël.

Miljoenen Nederlanders zullen omkomen en enorme verwoestingen zullen gaan komen, want God=JEZUS zal geen enkel land sparen in zijn TOORN, die gaat komen over de hele wereld en over die landen en volken die zich tegen zijn land en tegen zijn volk, en dus tegen HEM, zullen hebben gekeerd, en Nederland zal zich ook tegen God=JEZUS keren, omdat de HELE wereld onder de komende antichrist en de valse profeet zich tegen God=JEZUS zal keren, en daartoe gebruikt God=JEZUS Israël als "rode lap voor de stier", die satan is, met alle volkeren van deze wereld in zijn kielzog, en de hele wereld zal als zodanig door God=JEZUS=YHVH worden GEOORDEELD!

KIES voor JEZUS CHRISTUS nu het nog kan!

The most terrible US-president (until Obama) was of DUTCH descent: FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt









The following is from David Allen Rivera's Final Warning




Get saved by the Gospel that SAVES FOREVER!




  1. +Grace Bride
    The Netherlands are indeed a country divided by rivers, and for some time the Dutch ruled the world

    , thanks to the blessing of God because of Protestantism and the influx of (influential) Jews during our 'golden age', the 17th century.
    Read more about our history:

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