Saturday, September 22, 2012

Misconceptions about the rapture

Hi Maria,

We're born in the same year, (januari) 1960, and by the grace of God we're both born again through the mercy and love of Jesus the Christ, native Hebrew speakers call Yeshua ha Mashiach, who's God in the flesh, the GREAT 'I AM', or YHVH, 'I AM, who I AM'.
So let me first tell you I'm glad to know you're a fellow-believer in JESUS Christ!

I don't have to call my savior by His Hebrew name, because I'm not a native Hebrew speaker and my mother's tongue is DUTCH, and God made ALL languages, so I call my savior with the name He gave me in my language, and that's JEZUS (pronounce Yayzus - Check or Google translate.

I'm not going to argue about the name of JESUS but I'm telling you to reconsider you're belief in the Post-Tribulation Harpazo or Catching Away of the Bride, as you call the Rapture.

You believe (by the grace of God) you're filled with the Holy Spirit and I believe that too, but how come we don't agree on this subject of the Rapture?

I know that people who got into Judaism are in danger to end up as people who are more and more led astray from the Good Sheperd into the wilderness of laws and commandments, while JESUS Christ gave His precious BLOOD for Jews and gentiles alike.

The coming TRIBULATION is NOT meant for the LOVERS of JESUS Christ, but for the REMNANT of God's CHOSEN people, living inside and outside of Israel, and for millions of others who'll receive the COURAGE to withstand the coming ANTICHRIST and the FALSE PROPHET, who'll come forth from the SATANIC Roman Catholic "Church", which in fact is the HIDDEN EVIL Roman Empire!

I'm quite SURE Frank Marshall Davis junior , aka 'Barack Hussein Obama', serves this so called 'Church' and that He's the MAIN PAWN of the Antichrist.

What's withstanding him is the Holy Spirit in God's Lovers of JESUS Christ, but when the Holy Spirit is SUDDENLY taken away, just as SUDDEN as the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first LOVERS of JESUS Christ, satan will fill the VOID and he will activate his two chosen ones to fulfill his wicked plans towards Israel and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


  1. continuation

    He'll bring 'peace' on earth and especially in the Middle East and He will grant Israel the right to rebuilt the Temple (House) of God-YHVH-'I Am, who I Am', who's JESUS the Christ.

    In the meantime Israel will be burning the left behind Russian military equipment, which will last for SEVEN years, and this will STOP when Messiah JESUS returns to HIS country and to (the remnant of) HIS people, and afterwards His people will melt weapons into plowshares, which is a totally different activity than burning (flammable parts of) military equipment to generate ENERGY.

    Read this to know what will cause Israel to do this:

    Before the Ezekiel 38/39-war there will be the Psalm-83 war with Israel's ARAB-islamic enemies, and this development is currently unfolding before our very eyes in the Middle East!

    I believe this development will result in the outcome of Isaiah 17, the (nuclear) DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS!

    I believe this will trigger the events leading to the THIRD WORLD WAR, which will be a LIMITED nuclear war, and which the Bible describes in Ezekiel 38/39.

    I believe that THIS ONLY CAN HAPPEN when the true LOVERS of JESUS Christ are SUDDENLY taken away, because God-JESUS is NOT taking His Children home through a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, because I believe that this will be THE END of the US of AMERICA, as we know it today, and also the end of Russia, as we know it today, and of islamic nations which will follow Russia in this path to SELF DESTRUCTION, because YHVH=JESUS will FIGHT for His country and for the remnant (one third) of His people.

    So I believe the Holy Spirit filled, real LOVERS of JESUS Christ MUST be taken away BEFORE this can happen, and BEFORE shortly afterwards the antichrist and the false prophet will be revealed.

    Love in JESUS and greetings from Hans from the Netherlands....see you in heaven and on the New Earth, and in the NEW Jerusalem.
  2. I forgot to mention this: Rapture under attack!

    Again, LOVE in JESUS Christ, our savior.


    Rapture under attack!

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