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The Day Alex Jones Cried in Nazi America

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The Day Alex Jones Cried!Alex's Emotional Breakdown! Internationally recognized veteran broadcaster, documentary filmmaker, and investigative journalist Alex Jones has been featured as a prominent figure of the 9/11 Truth Movement in such publications as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone Magazine and Popular Mechanics. He has appeared on Good Morning America, The View, 20/20 Downtown, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Fox News, CNN, TalkSport (UK), Russia Today, Channel 4 (UK), A&E, America's most widely listened to late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM, C-Span, and many other venues. Patrick Beech of the Austin-American Statesman has described Jones as "an absolutely riveting television presence."

A 2011 Rolling Stone article described Jones as "a giant in America's conspiracy subculture," with a subsequent in-depth profile adding that he made Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, "sound like tea-sipping NPR hosts on Zoloft."

Many have attributed Jones' success to him being at the innovative forefront of viral media, a process that began right at the start of his documentary film career with Jones encouraging viewers to make copies of his work to increase distribution and get the word out.

"Alex Jones is a model for people to create their own media," Michael Harrison, editor of the industry trade magazine Talkers, told Rolling Stone writer Alexander Zaitchik. "When the history is written of talk broadcasting's transition from the corporate model of the 20th century to the digital, independent model of the 21st century, he will be considered an early trailblazer."

As a dedicated and aggressive Constutionalist, Jones consistently defends the Bill of Rights, property rights, and our nation's borders. In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, Jones passionately argues against foreign entanglements and wars for the sake of corporate and banking interests. Jones avoids the bogus political labels of "left and right" and instead focuses on what really matters — what's right and wrong. As a tenacious journalist, Jones has broken hundreds of national stories over the span of his career, a feat that led to Matt Drudge giving a much coveted spot on the permanent links section of his hugely influential and highly trafficked website,

Jones' mission is to re-ignite the spirit of 1776 and stand as an example of the fact that one man can build a vocal media platform without the aid of big corporate news networks that only serve to compromise and dilute the core message of freedom and liberty.

Jones began his career in Austin, Texas, with a live, call-in format cable access television program. In 1996, he hosted a show dubbed The Final Edition on KJFK, and the following year he debuted his first documentary, America Destroyed By Design. In 1999, he tied with Shannon Burke of KJFK 98.9FM for that year's "Best Austin Talk Radio Host" poll as voted by The Austin Chronicle readers.

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  1. You're right; according to you neither God nor Satan exist, but that's because you're a FOOL!

    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God

    Psalm 14:1

    Hans S in reactie op DarkFrogr (De reactie weergeven)

  2. That's God's alter ego, JESUS!

    Hans S in reactie op 7moonman1 (De reactie weergeven)

  3. The United States of America were founded by satanists in 1776

    Google or search; America founded by satanists 1776

    Alex Jones believes in God AND Jesus, but he doesn't know that God IS Jesus, or vice versa, and he isn't a born again, Holy Spirit filled follower of Jesus Christ.

    He's also a man with an agenda; google/search; alex jones mockinbird

    He's never pointing out that the JESUITS are behind all evil in this world.

    Alex Jones Exposed - Eric Jon Phelps, watch?v=LvQIOT2qaoI

    Hans S


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