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Rapture is next: Then war of Ezekiel 38

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The Rapture of the church will come before the war of gog and magog. It may also come before Psalm 83 war of Israel bordering nations. Their is some background noise on this video sorry. I will try not to have any on next video.

Psalm 83 war Ezekiel 38 War 


Ezekiel: Chapter 38 Timeline


  1. +Kenny Jacobs Brother, I don't believe (anymore) that nuclear weapons exist:
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +Kenny Jacobs Before the Ezekiel 38/39-war, the Psalm 83-war will occur.
    Psalm 83 war Ezekiel 38 War Israel
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +Kenny Jacobs I believe the 'Dome of the Rock' (Moriah) is EXACTLY standing above the Holy of Holies of the former Jewish Temple
    That's the reason why Satan and the Vatican NWO are so VERY much interested in this place.

  2. +Kenny Jacobs
    I'm sure there will be a third temple, sponsored by the Vatican.
    But fist the Vatican has to get rid of islam.

    Therefor they need the Psalm 83-war and the Ezekiel 38/39 war, because after these wars islam will be defeated.....BY GOD!

    The Satanists of the Vatican know the Bible VERY well, as does Satan/Lucifer, and they'll 'use' God in order to do the 'dirty work', and after this a covenant with death will be made between the ungodly government of the state of Israel and the Antichrist from Rome, and the beast will relocate his headquarters from Rome to resurrected ASSUR, which will mainly comprise of the territories of Syria and Iraq, making the Antichrist 'The King of the North' from Israel's viewpoint.

    The beast will also get rid of Roman Catholicism!

    This will all happen AFTER the rapture.

    By acting this way they'll think they have won, but they'll do exactly what God wants according to HIS prophetic word, and Satan and his minions will eventually fall into their own swords.

    I have no doubt the temple stood were now the Dome of the Rock is standing.

    I've been there, and inside the Dome of the Rock, and I've touched the rock Moriah.

    Not one stone would be left upon another....that's correct and fulfilled, because I believe JESUS was talking about the temple itself, and not about the (very BIG and HEAVY) stones underneath the temple square and the remnants of the wall.

    The Lord JESUS be with us!

  3. +gioknows
    But to come back to the point: this teaching by Chris White is an attack on the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, aka the pre-trib-rapture.

    I believe the Psalm 83 conflict is not meant for the Body of Christ, but for Israel, and so I believe it will happen shortly after the rapture, and I believe this conflict will lead to the ensuing Ezekiel 38/39 conflict, which is also only meant for Israel, though it will also be a enormous statement to the world by the God of Israel, who is JESUS the Christ.
    All people on earth will know from then on that the God of Israel exists.
    But then Satan will come with his two beasts of Revelation 13, and they will lie to the world and Israel and claim that they had saved the world from destruction.
    Many will believe them and accept the mark of the beast.
    The remnant of Israel (one third) won't believe them, aided by the Two (Jewish) Witnesses, and they will flee from Israel and they will be protected by God personally, out of reach of the devil and his two henchmen.
    But this is after the rapture and to us it's important to know that we're near to the start of the Times of Jacob's Trouble.
    ISIS is a project of the CIA and the Jesuits and this evil project is creating the circumstances prior to the Psalm 83 conflict.
    Satan however has to wait until the rapture has happened, because the Holy Spirit (within the true believers in JESUS Christ) is restraining him and HIS Vatican world order.


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