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VERY FEW Will Enter RAPTURE - Learn How To Prepare Yourself

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When Jesus comes, FEW will be ready, and MOST people, even most Christians, will be LEFT BEHIND! Some prophetic visions, have even showed entire congregations left behind! Where not even one member was taken! Except the children. Many Christians will be bewildered when they find themselves left behind. They won't believe that it has happened to them.

Many churches are not getting their congregations ready for the rapture. The topics of the rapture, End Times and the tribulation, were seldom covered in their sermons. And many of the church members knew very little about the subject.

For this reason, there will be great anger against the pastors and church leaders by the Christians who are left behind.
They will be blamed for not getting their members ready.

In many churches, it was very fun an entertaining, and many Christians were celebrating, while they should have been a REPENTING. The preaching just did not lead them to sorrowful repentance.

It is not the easy to be raptured. Like Queen Esther preparation, it took serious time and dedication to prepare her for the wedding.

To be ready for Jesus, it takes complete surrender and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Daily repentance and cleansing is needed to prepare oneself for the Lord. You must diligently ask the Lord if there is anything in your life that needs to be changed. Don't just assume that you're ready, but pray and find out!

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