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Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?


De WAANZIN van seks met gevallen engelen


Spreken Genesis 1 en Genesis 2 elkaar tegen?


  1. Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?

  2. +OdetteProph
    No, I won't read 'the book of Enoch'
    , because it's a SATANIC book and NOT Biblical.
    Read this:

  3. Sister, I don't agree on Enoch and the assumption that fallen angels had sexual intercourse with females.
    In the very beginning of my conversion (I follow JESUS for over 30 years now, so it was about 29 years ago, when I met my wife at a Bible study at home) I also had this WRONG idea, due to occult influences stemming from my pre-conversion-life, but my wife helped me to get rid of this unbiblical stance, by confronting me with Biblical arguments.

    So, don't feel condemned, because my wife would have confronted you too, through the love of JESUS.

    Let's not give the devil and his co-fallen angels any kind of honor, by thinking that they were able to fertilize females with 'their satanic seed'.

    Angels don't have genitals and they don't know the secret behind DNA/RNA, because it's God's secret!

    It's the secret of life!

    Only God can START life from nothing, and only God(JESUS) can generate different ethnic variations among mankind, though all humans are related through Noah and Adam.

    Satan is able to inspire people in order to ALTER DNA/RNA, which is the possible cause for the Nephilim.

    I do believe the people who lived before the Flood were very 'advanced' (OCCULT!), and maybe even more advanced than the people who live nowadays.

    That's one of the reasons why God decided to destroy ALL mankind, except Noah and his family, and a selection of animals.

    Please do more research on this subject and be corrected and guided by the LOVE of JESUS and God's Holy Spirit.

    Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?
    Hans S
    10:11 AM

    Another example: just last year I came to the conclusion that the earth is not spinning and that the sun orbits the earth and not the other way around.

    I have almost NO Christian-religious background and I used to be an atheist, who had become an agnostic, before his conversion and surrender to our Lord JESUS.

    I was 53 when this awareness came over me (praise God!), and I was already a follower of JESUS for over 29 years.

    My wife does have a (Protestant) Christian background and she had a dad who has taught her many things, and when I told her God had showed me that Heliocentrism is wrong and Geocentrism is right, she told me that she always had thought that I was wrong about the idea that the earth orbits the sun, while she knew from the Bible that this can't be true.

    I had such a strong conviction about Heliocentrism, that she avoided a confrontation with me on this issue.

    During highschool (when I was an unbeliever) I was being deceived by the theory of evolution, and an important part of this deception is the LIE that the earth is orbiting the sun, and that it's 'just a tiny planet in a vast universe'.

    This is BLASPHEMY, because God(JESUS) created the earth FIRST and days later He created the moon and the stars and the other celestial bodies.

    So again my wife was right and I was wrong.

    But I'm so glad I now know the truth about this, and it's making JESUS all the more my HERO and I'm glad He gave me this woman I may call my spouse, while I'm on this earth.

    Btw: she's almost 5 years older than me, and I'm over 54 years old.

  4. +de b
    Thanks for your response!

    First off: there are no 'daughters of God': all Saints are 'Sons of God', and that's because we will be like the angels and our sexual identity is no longer important, though we will keep our earthly identity, but in a MUCH better state.

    So when I'll meet you in heaven we BOTH will be Sons of God and LIKE the angels.

    There are people who think there are 'female angels', but why should an angel be feminine?

    Angels don't procreate and procreation is the special assignment we humans received when God created the first two humans in a male and a female version.

    The female version of a human is in fact a special type of MAN.

    In my language, Adam called Eve a 'MANNIN', which is the female version of 'MAN', and in Dutch and English the word 'man' is the same, because they are both Germanic languages.
    The German word for MAN is MANN.

    Other words for MANNIN(NE) (Dutch) or WOMAN (English) are VROUW (Dutch; prounounce 'ou' like in 'loud') and WIFE (English).
    The Dutch version is WIJF (almost the same pronunciation as wife)
    The German word is FRAU, pronounced as FROU, like in LOUD, and WEIB, which sounds like WIBE.

    Again: a woMAN is a special type of MAN, designed to generate new life through procreation, and for this purpose God=JESUS created our sexual organs, our genitals, and He designed the female womb and the breasts of women, and He gave women a softer exterior, and a 'baby face', which correspondents better with babies and children, while He gave men facial hair and a lower voice, being characteristics of authority, just like the appearance of our Lord JESUS.

    Many men shave themselves, but in fact they're making themselves look more like women, or when they were young boys.

    I don't say all men should grow a beard and a moustache, but a lion without his mane looks quite weird, though a male tiger doesn't look much different from a tigress.

    Men can be transformed into 'women', but their chromosome-code remains XY and the chromosome-code of women is XX.

    It's impossible to recreate a real working penis and testicles, and when a man is being transformed into a 'woman', they are able to produce something similar to a real vagina, but the 'real thing' can't be imitated.

    I've recently studies much about the subject of 'transgenders', and I found that when people try to alter something God has made, it always becomes a disaster and not the 'real thing'.

    Angels DON'T have reproductive organs, and they don't have the ability to have sex with human females, so it's NOT possible that fallen angels were DIRECTLY responsible for the emergence of Nephilim.

    Please read the following article, and I don't say you'll have to agree with everything, but I agree with the conclusion of the article, which says that there have been no sex between fallen angels and women:

    JESUS be with us.

  5. +de b
    Sister, it's a common MISUNDERSTANDING to think that because God-JESUS allowed two angels (probably Michael and Gabriel)
    to transform themselves into seemingly normal MEN, many people think that ALL the angels have this ability.

    I don't believe this is the case.

    JESUS Himself transformed Himself into the Angel of YHWH (the LORD), and He personally struggled with Jacob, who was later called Israel.

    Do you really think that God allows SATANIC angels to interfere with HIS invention, called procreation?

    Only a STUPID GOd would allow such thing!

    I wouldn't have ANY respect for God-JESUS if He really would have enabled fallen, ROTTEN angels, to crack 'the code of life': DNA/RNA!

    Fallen angels can do a lot, but there are God-given RESTRICTIONS.

    For instance: they're not allowed to kill directly, otherwise there would already be no human left, because they HATE us so much!

    But they are allowed to enhance someone's bad thoughts about a felllow human being, as it happened in the case of the FIRST murder in history, when Cain killed his own brother Abel.

    Angels aren't allowed to interfere with God's business, called LIFE and procreation.

    If they would have been able to do this, they would have created far WORSE monsters than the Nephilim.

    What could have happened was that the fallen angels inspired rotten people in order to manipulate human DNA/RNA, just what's happening today, because JESUS said that it will be as in the days of Noah when He'll return.

    People were VERY EVIL in those days, and that's the reason why God destroyed about 6 BILLION of them, except Noah and his family and a selection of animals.

    You talk about gender, and that's what I meant: we'll keep our gender in eternity, but we will all be called 'Sons of God'.

    Just look it up in the Bible: there are no 'daughters of God'.

    But, Sister, I will recognize you as a female and not as a male, okay?

    We will ALL be very BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks to JESUS!
    de b
    7:36 AM

    I respect your beliefs and views I really do and don't want this to lead to a big dispute in place of my Pre-trib views ! lol But just remember one thing Angels have a will as well or Lucifer wouldn't have conned a third of the angels into trying to over throw God's throne and besides these angels do get to tamper with mankind always have and even until Jesus comes back! And if they can do that and did what they did in heaven, why couldn't a group of other angels act on their own will as well ? Satan in the garden was tampering with God's creation from the start and even used one of his creatures to get to them!

    Anyway I do love the great detail you went into and how you broke the genders down very on earth and heaven very enlightening, and sorta 3D actually ! Brilliant :)
    Hans S
    1:11 PM

    +de b
    Okay Sister: time out!

    JESUS be with us, and suppose we die today, that's the ONLY important thing.

  6. Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?


  7. +King Edmund
    This is a very popular MISconception!

    Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?

  8. +King Edmund
    I agree with this info:

    PS: I always say this to atheists: JESUS loves you and Satan hates you, because it's the truth.

    I'm and ex-atheist myself.

  9. +Anna Forhisglory
    You may believe what you want, but it's IMPOSSIBLE for fallen angels to procreate with the use of female human beings.

    Please read this article:

    The code of life through DNA/RNA is God's secret.

    The circumstances on earth, before the Flood were completely different from after the Flood.

    People lived much longer and animals, plants and trees could become HUGE.
    These people were also very occult, so demons could possibly have given them some knowledge about genetic modification.

    I mean: these people were able to built the oldest Pyramids, which in my opinion withstood the Flood, and scientists are still puzzled about how they were able to build such huge buildings with these enormous and heavy building blocks.

    I believe this pre-Flood society was very advanced, but also very occult, just like nowadays, because JESUS said that it would be like as In the days Of Noah when He returns.

  11. +Jim Beckwith Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?

  12. +Jim Beckwith
    It's impossible: angels can't procreate.

    But they can inspire people to do evil deeds, like genetic modification, just like nowadays.


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