Monday, January 28, 2013

Endtime news - Eindtijd nieuws 7

Holocaust wereldwijd herdacht video

Morsi roept noodtoestand uit video

'Mate van bewustzijn' bij oud-premier Sharon 

Noord-Koreanen tot kannibalisme gedreven 

PA TV: Europe supported the Balfour Declaration because it "saw it as an ideal solution to get rid of [Jews]."
Middle East

British cocaine users helping fund Islamic terror groups behind Algerian siege and Mali conflict
Cocaine snorted in the pubs and clubs of Britain is helping finance the al-Qaeda factions behind the Algerian hostage siege and the Islamist takeover of northern Mali, The Sunday Telegraph has been told. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and allied terrorist groups are thought to be raking in millions of dollars every year by providing armed "escorts" for traffickers smuggling the drug across the Sahara.   

Communists Cheer On Obama’s Gun Grab
It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA is on board with President Obama’s plan to attack Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as a means to “end gun violence.” A cardinal feature of communist regimes, like all dictatorships, is the prohibition of private ownership of arms, creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State.  

 Iran issues threatening warning against attack on Syria
Any foreign attack on Syria would be considered an attack on Iran, a senior Iranian official warned Saturday as the first Patriot missile batteries were declared operational along Turkey's tense border with Syria. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's decision to deploy six Patriot missile batteries in Turkish borderlands has rankled the Syrian government and its chief allies, Iran and Russia.  

'Iran would definitely use nuclear weapon on Israel'
If Iran makes a nuclear bomb "it would definitely use it against Israel or against any other enemy state," a former representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said... "The [Iranian] regime thinks that if it has several atom bombs, it will grant it an insurance policy," Mohammed Razza Hidari said. "They believe that if [they have a nuclear weapon], the world would treat them the way it treats North Korea."  

Abdullah: Two state solution's only as long as Obama's term
"The time to take action in the Middle East is now," was the resounding message of Jordanian King Abdullah II's speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday. "If we're not too late... the two state solution will only last as long as [US President Barack] Obama's term," he warned. "If it doesn't happen by then I don't think it will happen.   

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