Friday, January 4, 2013

Franklin D. Roosevelt: President from Hell (and servant of the SATANIC Vatican)

...By the start of 1935, American large corporations favoured under Roosevelt were making unprecedented profits both in the US and abroad, especially in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. The Motor companies Ford and General Motors alone made enormous sums in establishing manufacturing plants for building tanks and military transport vehicles - later used to kill American soldiers in World War II. Standard Oil made huge sums in providing fuel for the Third Reich as well as specialized aircraft oils vital to maintain the operation of aircraft - even during World War II when these same planes were used to destroy American fighters and bombers. One of the most successful new companies under this new era of capitalism was the company formerly called International Business Machines Corporation, who supplied the first commercial computing services to the Nazis and Heinrich Himmler in order to process names, addresses and personal details of tens of millions of people to be either rounded up for elimination, or allowed to live. Without US innovation by US companies, the Holocaust simply logistically wouldn't have been possible.


Heinrich Himmler; executioner of pope Pius XII



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