Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a satanic world



ANY dictatorship is being established 'thanks' to cops.
'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) establishes his dictatorship in no other way.
He orders a false flag operations agains innocent school kids, and than he grabs the guns of the American law abiding people, and than they are defenseless like lions without teeth and claws, and than he shows HIS SATANIC TEETH!
'Obama' is a MONSTER, created by the black pope of the Vatican, just like Hitler.
vatican assassins

  • ezkl38rptr

    Most people on YouTube WITHOUT videos and with a big mouth are CIA-trolls or just SATANIC IDIOTS, made for God's garbage can, which is the LAKE OF FIRE!


    That last 'cop' obviously was a SATANIC RACIST.


    'You're under arrest!'
    'But why?'
    'Because you EXIST!'


    I'm from the Netherlands and in my country these things are also starting to happen...American style.
    The police officer at the start of the video is obviously a trigger happy PSYCHOPATH.


    People who defend the behavior of these so called police 'officers' are even WORSE!



    Listen, I'm from the Netherlands, and when my country was occupied by the nazi's ALL, and I mean ALL the police 'officers' helped the nazi's rounding up the Jews, so they could be deported and EXTERMINATED!
    America is OCCUPIED by an ALIEN FORCE under the adminstration of OBAMA HITLER, aka Barry Davis, the so called son of Barack Hussein Obama sr.
    He's a STOOGE of the Jesuit black pope of the Vatican.
    vatican assassins

    proof that obama is the anti-christ MUST WATCH!!!! 


    God I can't wait for his term to be up so I can laugh and mock all the gullible idiots who believed in this crap.


    Before his term is up you'll be wearing the mark of the beast and your laughter will have turned into lamentation.
    Unless you'll acknowledge Jesus as your LORD
    About ihavemonkeysinmybutt

    none of the information displayed on my profile is correct.
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    I have no clue why you copied that from my profile. Is there something you want to prove? What happens when Obama's term ends and nothing happens? Let me guess - derp* "God is testing our faith" - like all those other false flags before. Will you be a coward and delete your comment after nothing happens? This is a special case of the boy who called wolf - because in this version there is no wolf just some pathetic guy telling himself he is important and knows something no one else knows.
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    You're lost without JESUS Christ, is all I have to say to you.


    You proved that I am an imposter? You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Don't talk about things you can't comprehend - and it's kind of sad that you can't understand such a simple statement. Comments like yours speaks volumes about the lack of education of people like you, that is - gullible tin-foil hat wearing conspiratards. Why did you delete your other comment you coward? Afraid the world will see your stupidity?
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    Dear Father, in Jesus Christ name, nothing is impossible with you,

    Please, stop OBAMA and his wife . He has wasted taxpayer money for his enjoyment on vacations & golf. one vacation in Hawaii cost over 4million, He has played golf over & over 94 times within 3ys during economic going down, a lots of American lives have jobless and staving

    Please stop his ways, which are destroying this America , as he increases our debt & leaves the bill for our children and grandchildren.

    Amen, Amen, Amen

    'Obama' will be KILLED: by the breath of the mouth of JESUS Christ when He returns!
    'Obama' (Barry Davis, the son of Frank Marshall Davis) is satan incarnate.
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    Don't use the lord's name in vain, shit-for-brains. Satan comes in many disguises - pretending to be an angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:14). You are the devil! In the flying spaghetti monsters name (peace be upon him) I rebuke you! May his noodley appendage have mercy on your soul!
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    Hmm...I was commanding satan to go in JESUS' name, and then this shitty monkey replied, thinking I was talking to him.
    I guess his other nick name must be satan....
    There are a lot of demons out here on YouTube...
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    The flying spaghetti monster's patience grows thin. He is weary of such insolence. He will smite you for your transgressions - past and present. He is slow to anger. Fool - Satan's spawn! I command thee to remove thyself from this world! Begone Beezlebub! You are the wolf that cometh in sheep's clothing! Kill yourself lest ye go to the place where there is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth. let his kingdom come let his will be done hallowed be thy name amen.
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    ezkl38rptr 1 seconde geleden

    All fallen angels (demons) know the Bible very well.

    I'm so glad my Father made the lake of fire as his personal garbage can for entities like ihavemonkeysinmybutt.

    My father once drowned 6 BILLION idiots during the Flood, after He gave them 120 years to repent.

    But they kept on sinning and they stayed coldhearted toward their maker.

    And so He drownded them, expect Noah and his family.

    JESUS said it will be as in the days of Noah when He'll return.
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