Friday, March 29, 2013

It's once again Ishtar-time - Het is weer Iestar-tijd

 Ishtar, pronounced as 'easter'.





Ishtar Gate of Babylon



satans seat berlin pergamum



Pergamon Museum in Berlin "PERGAMON, SATAN AND HITLER"




Mind over Matter
Verder mbt Pasen:

Dit is een belangrijke wetenswaardigheid, zeker als je de link even legt met de rituele moord op Marianne Vaatstra tijdens de satanische Walpurgisnacht van 30 april op 1 mei 1999 (volle maan). En vervolgens het verband doortrekt naar Jasper Steringa, de Playboy aansteker (konijntje) en de kruisiging van Jasper op goede vrijdag. Alles valt weer op zijn plek….duidelijk de babylonische Lucifer aanbidders aan de arbeid.



Ik ben dood geweest, en zie, Ik ben levend tot in alle eeuwigheden




Passover Lamb vs. Ishtar/Easter Ham 




Merry Semiramis Day! The very last Christmas.....




The Easter Connection - De Bijbel verbiedt 'christelijk' Pasen




  1. +Anna Forhisglory
    Yes, and that was very telling!

    But he did it on behalf of the Vatican and Lucifer.

    1. Anna
      Oct 30, 2014

      I believe Turkey is the KING of the North not Russia in the Bible.
      Turkish president Erdogan unveils his new palace of a thousand rooms
      Hans S
      Oct 30, 2014

      The 'King' of ASSUR will be the King of the North.
      Assur comprises at least Syria and Iraq.
      This is the reason behind the actions of (CIA-sponsored) IS(IS) on behalf of 'Obama' and the satanic Vatican.

      The King of the North will be the ANTICHRIST=the Pope, in cooperation with 'Obama' and the military arm of the Vatican, which is the USA.
      Oct 30, 2014

      Thanks but you forgot one thing the Vatican will be destroy, problebly by the Muslims which will bring in the beast., don't you tink?
      Oct 30, 2014

      I think America wil be destroy maybe by Russia we are not in prophecy why?
      Hans S
      Oct 30, 2014

      The Vatican will be destroyed by the JESUIT-Antichrist on behalf of LUCIFER, and we have to read the prophetic word from the perspective of ISRAEL.
      Islam will also be destroyed, because only the worship of LUCIFER will be allowed.

      But this will happen AFTER the (pre-tribulation) rapture.
      Hans S
      Oct 30, 2014

      America and Russia will destroy each other as WORLD POWERS, but they keep existing, albeit being part of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD!
      Oct 31, 2014

      I do think America might lead the New World Order but why does it say in the Bible that Satan seat is Pergamon? There are more than one beast also! I also believe they are shapeshifters how about you
      Hans S
      Oct 31, 2014

      The USA is leading the NWO on behalf of the Vatican, together with the EU, NATO and the UN, and the two beasts are IMO the Pope and Obama.

      About Pergamon:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.d2k&biw=1920&bih=897&ei=nA1TVJ6RMZDuaLKWgng
      Hans S
      Oct 31, 2014

      Pergamon Museum in Berlin "PERGAMON, SATAN AND HITLER".
      Hans S
      Oct 31, 2014

      satans seat berlin pergamum
      Nov 1, 2014

      +Hans S
      did you know obama in his inaguration speach had a replica made just like this one of pergamus.?
      Hans S
      Nov 1, 2014

      Yes, and that was very telling!
      But he did it on behalf of the Vatican and Lucifer.

  2. +Nancy Anderson
    Good thinking Nancy!

    Hans S
    12:54 AM

    +Nancy Anderson The Vatican: Satan's headquarters
    Hans S
    12:56 AM

    +Nancy Anderson The Nazis and Fascists who Founded the European Union
    Hans S
    12:58 AM

    +Nancy Anderson The Papacy - The Throne Of Antichrist
    Hans S
    12:59 AM

    +Nancy Anderson Dwight D. Eisenhower; Supreme Allied Commander of the Vatican
    Hans S
    1:00 AM

    +Nancy Anderson Franklin D. Roosevelt: President from Hell
    Hans S
    1:01 AM

    +Nancy Anderson JFK was GAY - President Kennedy and Lem Billings
    Hans S
    1:02 AM

    +Nancy Anderson JFK - murdered - by his wife. Jacqueline The Jesuit Assassin
    Hans S
    1:06 AM

    +Nancy Anderson Het is weer Isjtar-tijd (meaning: It's once again Ishtar-time)

    Click on the links about Pergamum/seat of Satan

  3. +gioknows
    Be informed Gio:
    Angela Merkel is HITLER'S DAUGHTER through artificial insemination!
    All evil roads lead to the Vatican, Satan's headquarters.
    All divine roads lead to JERUSALEM, where JESUS=GOD will be returning to!

  4. +gioknows
    About the 'King of the North
    Hans S
    7:36 PM

    Hans S
    7:39 PM

    This is from the time BEFORE I had discovered that nuclear weapons don't exist:

    Islam has been invnted by the Roman Catholic CULT:

    'Obama' is your 'Mahdi', because he's a muslim, but above all he's a LUCEFERIAN and the current Pope Francis too, and he's the head of the satanic Jesuits, the 'black pope' and he's the 'black pope in white':

    ALL evil is coming forth from the SATANIC Vatican, and JESUS will come back under similar circumstances as during His first presence on earth: the occupation of Israel by the RESURRECTED ROMAN EMPIRE, which is the EU, which will dominate the world AFTER the rapture, in which you unfortunately don't believe.

  5. The Holy Spirit is the restrainer, and when God will take the Holy Spirit away, just as SUDDEN as it was poured out, almost 2000 years ago, INCLUDING the deceased born again believers and the then living real Holy Spirit filled worshippers of JESUS Christ, the two beasts of Revelation 13 will be allowed to reveal themselves.

    Many believe they will be 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr) and Pope Francis.

    We agree on this: everything is going FAST and the time is near.

    Good luck during the tribulation, but I'll be with JESUS during that time, and I will return with Him at the second coming, together with many fellow believers, dressed all in white and riding on white horses, and Jesus will destroy Babylon and Rome and the Vatican and Washington D.C., being Rome's TWIN CITY (built on Roman Catholic ground; Virginia, from the virgin Mary and Maryland), will also be destroyed.

    Immediately after the rapture, there will be a short but VERY DESTRUCTIVE NUCLEAR war between Russia and the USA, and both Russia and the USA will cease to exist as world powers, because the resurrected Roman Empire will be in charge together with the United Nations, which is also under full control of the satanic Vatican and NATO too.

    China and the "Kings of the East' will be neutralised for a period of 3½ years.

    It all has to do with ISRAEL, because our Lord JESUS is a JEW and He's coming back to rescue the remnant (one third) of His people, and He's coming back to Jerusalem.

    Satan and the two beasts will try to prevent this by starting a last world war, know as the battle of Armageddon, centered on the valley of Megiddo, Israel.

    Assur will rise again, mainly consisting of Syria and Iraq, and the head of Assur or Assyria, will be the 'King of the North', the Antichrist.

    This is the reason why the Vatican wants to control Syria, and Obama is their stooge, for the time being, just like Hitler, Stalin (a Jesuit!) and Mao Zedong were in the past.

    But first Russia must be defeated, and they know the Bible VERY well, from the perspective of Satan, and they know that God Himself will destroy Russia and its allies during the coming 'Gog and Magog war' of Ezekiel 38/39.
    Gog and Magog will be preceded by the Psalm 83-war, during which Israel will destroy ALL its Arab-islamic enemies that are surrounding the country.

    Damascus will be destroyed, which will anger both Russia and Iran and the rest of the non-Arab muslim nations, and God will annihilate islam.

    The Antichrist and the False Prophet won't need islam anymore: they will introduce LUCIFER-worship!

    Again: good luck during the tribulation, which will the outpouring of God's WRATH.

    Hans, from the Netherlands.
    Hans S
    7:39 PM


  6. +gioknows
    You think the devil is a lot smarter because you don't (yet) know JESUS.
    JESUS is God and He's the smartest and wisest person in existence, and He created this entity called Lucifer/Satan/devil etc.

    He didn't create him as the devil, but as a very intelligent and wise angel, who abused his free will in order to go against his own maker.

    There is reason why you don't want to endorse the fact that the Roman Catholic CULT is the real church of Satan and the hidden Roman Empire.

  7. +gioknows EVERYTHING Satan does is being ALLOWED by God-JESUS.
    When JESUS was being tempted by Satan, JESUS-GOD GAVE Satan the ability to tempt Him.
    Jesus DEFEATED Satan by using SUPERIOR knowledge of HIS OWN WORD, while Satan tried to attack his own creator by using God-JESUS' WORD.
    I am not underestimating Satan: YOU are more impressed by this CRIMINAL than by JESUS, whom you claim to know.

    "I'm willing to believe Nukes don't exist simply because the governments of the world are all corrupt...but I also believe the Devil is a lot smarter than you think and the possibility of something else happening is very high. It would be far more intelligent to trick people into believing something so obvious like the RC church is the Antichrist system but I have a feeling it is something more clever, more subtle more conniving than that. I also believe the original Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike and I also believe the world is flat. How about you?"

    Did JESUS teach you this NONSENSE?

    "What part of perfect and thy wisdom do you not understand?"

    Lucifer USED to be perfect and he/she USED to possess wisdom, and while this CRIMINAL is still very intelligent and powerful compared to humans, he/she has become a PSYCHOPATH and INSANE.

    Yes, Satan HATES me, and that's a COMPLIMENT, because JESUS loves me and vice versa.

    I don't trust anyone who's trying to defend the Roman Catholic CULT by distorting the TRUTH about the ANTICHRIST= the PAPACY.
    Antichrist=instead of Christ, or in place of Christ=Vicar of Christ=BLASPHEMY.

    'Obama' (Barry Davis) TOO!

  8. +gioknows
    I am filled with JESUS and He is the OPPOSITE of pride.

    God created me, being a Dutchman, and the Dutch are a renegade Germanic tribe, living on the edge of this vast continent, called EurAsia.

    The Dutch have fought 80 years against the Roman Catholic CULT, and the Netherlands became the first modern REPUBLIC without a MONARCH, being subjected to Rome.

    Of course Satan didn't like this at all, and eventually the Netherlands became embedded within the Roman Empire again, through the EU and through TREACHEROUS Dutch politicians.

    Napoleon Bonaparte gave the Netherlands a FAKE monarchy, which is serving the PAPACY.

    The TRUTH is simple and clear, and a small child is able to understand, but you don't seem to be wanting to be like a child.

    Only children will inherit the Kingdom of God.

    People and (fallen angels) who think they can outsmart God-JESUS, won't feel at home in heaven and on the New Earth.

    In case you really love JESUS, you also love me.

    It took me quite some time and energy and much thinking and analysis to come to the conclusion that the Papacy is indeed the ANTICHRIST, and there is NO plausible alternative.

    Satan has been EXPOSED and of course this is making him VERY ANGRY!

    He's like a MURDEROUS MONSTER, wanting to DESTROY EVERYTHING God loves.

    He's also the god of MONEY, through which he's controlling almost everyone.

    "I could turn around and say that you are a disinformation agent trying to make sure people are fixated on the pope being the antichrist so they don't question anything else. He could very well be...and yet he may not be."

    This says a lot about your way of thinking, because WHY would you contemplate the possibility of turning against me?

    We should be brothers!

    But God is the creator of EGOS so it's HIS problem and not mine.

    When He died on the cross (symbol of the Babylonian sungod) He KILLED all EGOS!

    Satan LOST BIG TIME!

    He's a STUPID IDIOT!

    He's a like a VIRUS and like a COMPUTER PROGRAM gone CRAZY!

    Anyone who's thinking like him will be destroyed and be cast into God's garbage can, the lake of fire, where they'll HAVE TO proclaim that JESUS is LORD and NOTHING ELSE!

    There's a WAR going on, Gio, and whose side are you on?

  9. +gioknows
    The POPE/PAPACY is the ANTI CHRIST, claiming to be God almighty!

    'Obama' is just a MUPPET, just like Hitler, 'Stalin', Mao Zedong and other CRIMINALS/KILLERS

    Islam is an invention of the Vatican/Papacy/Roman Empire


    Stupid idiots!

    They're MORTALS and they'll be standing NAKED before their maker, before they will be cast into the lake of fire.

    Who wants to live in a world together with such PSYCHOPATHS?

    JESUS lived about 33 years, and then He was MURDERED by Satan and his human followers, on behalf of the Babylonian/Roman Empire.

    But JESUS is GOD and He had arranged (programmed) His OWN DEATH, and He rose from the dead.

    Satan lost, JESUS won.

    End of story.

    JESUS is coming back and Satan will get another heavy blow, before he will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity, after the 1000 year reign of PIECE of KING JESUS from Jerusalem.

    God-JESUS needs Satan for His own purpose!

    Does this make God-JESUS a CRIMINAL Himself?

    Of course not!

    God can do whatever He wants, and He's backing it up with His written word, the BIBLE!

    He's so VERY CLEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Replies
    1. +fueler747 Thanks for the video, brother, and nice to see you in action at the Gym.
      Easter or Ishtar (same pronunciation) isn't just pagan, but in fact occult.
      I've learned it from these video: The Origins of Easter - by Doc Marquis
      Our Lord and SAVIOR JESUS be with us!


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