Saturday, April 20, 2013

'Professor' Albert Einstein Unmasked At Last!!

Einstein meets his mentor, Jesuit priest Georges Lemaître (1894-1966), during a visit to California in 1933. On the left is Caltech president Robert Millikan.

"Einstein had no part whatsoever in the Manhattan Project because he knew NOTHING about physics."


  1. +pastorbobncc Brother Bob, it's nice to know you're 2 years older than my wife, who's from 1955.

    My parents 'made' me in the 50's and I 'popped out' into this world in the 60's (January 1960). I absolutely relate to this, and everything was different before the invention of the internet, which is like a huge artificial BRAIN, which we're connected with when we're online.
    But before that, TV was gluing us to the screen, while the evil (Vatican controlled) NWO was bombarding us with their (hidden) brainwashing through their cleverly made programs and adds and GARBAGE, and through their power over the networks, which I wasn't aware of during that time.
    You know I'm Dutch, but we had a lot of American programs here on TV, and the craziest program was the series 'Soap' in which EVERYTHING was possible, and everybody seemed to be INSANE.
    It was really funny back then, when I watched it, and I still was an unbeliever, but in hindsight it was in fact a sad display of how things should NOT be.
    Homosexuality, bisexuality, adultery, talking to a doll and having a relation with it, murder etc....everything was possible.
    I know it was a parody, but even back then it seemed to be the end of the world and of civilization.
    A positive point about the internet is, that without it I never would have been able to know the truth behind 9/11 and much more.
    On Dutch TV we've never been told the truth about 9/11 and also recently not, when Ukraine shot down a Malaysian airliner, MH17, killing 193 Dutch passengers of the 298 passengers and crew, which were murdered on behalf of the Vatican NWO and through the support of 'Satan Obama' and his criminal policies, in order to blame Russia and ignitie WW3.
    Our monarchy is fake and put in place by Napoleon Bonaparte when he and France had occupied my country, because before that it was a republic. This 'monarchy' is serving the Vatican.
    My years-long investigation brought me to the conclusion that all evil roads lead to the Vatican, which is the hidden Roman Empire under the disguise of a Christian church.

    The Lord JESUS be with us and he's the only answer!
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +pastorbobncc 'Professor' Albert Einstein Unmasked At Last!!

  2. +Mc JuggerNuggets No, you exist because God=JESUS has created you, and because your soul is an ally of the fallen angel SATAN (=adversary) you BELIEVE (it's a FAITH-RELIGION) in 'evolution'. I'm an ex-atheist and an ex-adherent of the STUPID theory of evolution. Atheism Satan is an INSANE MORON! Evolution NEVER happened.

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    1. +STATIC ADAMAH System Enclosed Great!
      In 2013 this was one of my inspirations which finally turned me into a flat earther on October 1, 2016: Heliocentrism - False Science


      STATIC ADAMAH System Enclosed
      This is one of the videos that started me on the road to my flat Earth Journey a year ago

    2. +STATIC ADAMAH System Enclosed I know, and he's also an atheist-TERRORIST:


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