Friday, May 3, 2013

9-11 - SEPTEMBER CLUES - full version

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SEPTEMBER CLUES - full version


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  1. Sister, there are also still many people in the Netherlands (and around the world) who don't want to know about 9/11 being an inside (Vatican controlled) job, and that's due to the main stream media, which is being controlled by the Vatican NWO and its henchmen.

    But see it like this: I was also being deceived on 9/11, though I immediately called it a 'second Pearl Harbor', that same day, though I didn't yet know that Pearl Harbor was also an inside job, because Roosevelt knew it would happen and he deliberately didn't warn the marines there, and he deliberately ordered the aircraft carriers to sail to a safe location, so that only those ships would be sunk and/or damaged by the Japanese the US could miss, in order to create 'a dramatic situation' which would change the minds of the American people, who were up until that moment against joining the war.

    Roosevelt was a high freemason who cooperated with the Vatican NWO, and before that the US sponsored both Hitler and Stalin.

    But see it this way: JESUS is doing seemingly NOTHING against it, because he's using it in order to fulfill prophesy, and without wanting it, Satan is still SERVING the Lord, whether he likes it or not, and just like it was during the time JESUS was on earth, because Satan was so stupid that he cooperated in his own DEFEAT, by crucifying JESUS through the hands of the Roman Empire and by RISING from the dead.

    God-the Lord JESUS is the hand and the devil is His shadow, but the hand determines where the shadow is allowed to go and not vice versa.

    The more we know, the more we understand this principle.

    JESUS is God and He created this personality, who later became His enemy, and this was in Paradise, because before his fall, ALL the Morning Stars (the Angels) were rejoicing when JESUS created everything during the first 6 days of the earth's existence, so even Lucifer, who became 'adversary'=Satan.

    His character is ENVY, and he envies us humans VERY much, because we SEEM to be like the animals, but we received a higher status than the angels and so also higher than Lucifer, and he just can't stand that fact!

    It is drving him/her CRAZY!

    i say him/her, because angels are genderless, but he can present himself as a handsome man or as a pretty woman, in order to deceive.

    Many people think he deceived Eve by making the snake act feminine and talking with a feminine voice in order to create an atmoshere of trust.

    To make it short: we're increasingly knowing more about Satan's tactics, by studying his most important human accomplices on earth, and the Pope and 'Obama' are his chosen ones.


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