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Can you see that Bob McIlvaine is nothing but an actor?

Here are 3 more sobbing scenes of this obvious CIA agent:

"TAKE 5" for Bob McIlvaine : watch?v=N7xwVIoNwb0 (at 1min25)

"TAKE 6" for Bob McIlvaine : watch?v=VFgcRwfCF9s (at 6min30)

"TAKE 7" for Bob McIlvaine : watch?v=ujqTXhy05tw (at 2min25)


If you have come to terms with the fact that 9/11 was a massive money-making scheme and - of course - a pretext to wage hugely profitable wars, the basic rationale behind this Grand Hoax should, hopefully, become clearer. It is essential to consider all the variables which such an audacious false-flag operation would entail and what precautions its plotters must have observed: The 9/11 Deception Plan was undoubtedly meant to be foolproof and, ideally, free of unnecessary elements of risk and opposition. There was simply no rationale for the 9/11 plotters to commit a mass murder of some 3,000, mostly white-collar professionals (brokers, bankers, financial analysts, etc.) whose families would likely have access to first-rate, uptown legal assistance. Surely, killing that many people would have been an utterly senseless, self-inflicted aggravation on the part of the perpetrators. Since they could reliably rely on the fully compliant top-brass of the mainstream media, they would have used this unique, exclusive asset to its full potential.

Ever since day one, the major hurdle for many people to even start considering 9/11 being an inside job has been: "I cant believe my own government would murder 3000 of their own people". Once that psychological obstacle is removed, it should become apparent that the whole operation consisted essentially of a covert demolition of a redundant, asbestos-filled building complex. To kill thousands of people in the process never was an envisaged proposition as it would have encountered severe resistance among the insiders involved. The second objective was to blame this destruction on a foreign enemy; an inanely fanciful, outlandish tale involving hijacked airliners used as missiles was concocted, supported by digital imagery and special movie effects. How this was done is thoroughly illustrated in my September Clues video analyses.

Read my two articles dedicated to the "9/11 victims" research :

Here is a fine article by Ersun Warncke - of SALEM NEWS:
"9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues"


9/11 Victims Not Registered As Dead By Social Security:

ABC7 ACTION NEWS: "Why are the nearly 3,000 9/11 victims missing ..."

The ongoing VICSIM research on CLUESFORUM.INFO:

Another 9/11 propaganda video featuring a batch of actors - or, in this case - perhaps just a batch of digitally simulated characters, recounting wholly fictitious tales of survival and grief:

NWO-censuur volop gaande


9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You

A few excerpts of live television coverage of the events on September 11, 2001. It was clearly a hoax, as many people around the world now believe. These clips are from a 2-hour dvd available at the website

There are dozens of indications 9/11/01 wasn't what the Bush Administration and Obama Administration want you to believe. Here are just a few:

*Four planes can't crash and leave no wreckage.

*Everybody now knows that demolition charges blew up the Twin Towers, but also consider this: How could such strategically planted explosives, with precision timing, be left undisturbed after two Boeing 767s sliced through the buildings like a knife through butter? Can you really have both the charges and the planes? Think about it.

*The fake video of Flight 175 approaching the Twin Towers has the plane traveling too fast.

*The fake video of Flight 175 flying through the South Tower shows 90 or so percent of the fuel flying out the building, yet the many news cameras in the Trade Center that morning show no evidence or comment of fuel, or smell of fuel, on the streets and people below.

*The number of passengers allegedly on the three planes that allegedly crashed is a fraction of the number normally on such flights.

*The fake video of Flight 175 shows the nose of the plane exiting the building before exploding:

*There are many spooks on the internet trying desperately to convince the public that hundreds of ordinary people videotaped the plane crashing through the South Tower, and that tons of plane wreckage, body parts, and luggage were strewn all over lower Manhattan (one of my personal favorites: "I tripped over a bloody torso while running!") However, when these characters are asked to show us just one youtube "home video" of this stuff lying in the streets they always come up empty-handed.

*Everybody now knows that no plane crashed into the Pentagon, yet CNN interviewed a USA Today employee claiming he saw a plane crash and pieces were on the overpass. This type of plant/actor is similar to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty's description in his 1992 book JFK (chapter 3). You can read it in the "Articles, excerpts, & notes" section at

*A small army of these organized terrorists were in the World Trade Center that day. One of them (carrying a large bag) can be seen in the first video clip here. He misses his cue when a real person butts in. The actor turns around and goes back, then returns for his lengthy interview (interview not included here). He says he saw fire in the elevator shafts.

*Still pictures of the damage to the North Tower shown in TV documentaries and on the internet are fake, such as this one:

...and contradict the video shots aired by CNN that morning (last video clip posted here). For a very good look at the damage to the North Tower check out the hi-res version of "Tower 2 fireball" at

Among other things, the beams at the upper right of the North Tower are jutting outward, whereas in the fake pics they have been straightened out.

For many years the late political researcher Mae Brussell exposed just how and why the traditional domestic U.S. eastern establishment powers, such as the Rockefellers and Kennedys, are being wiped out by the more sadistic, foreign interests infiltrating the United States (essentially the same folks we were fighting during WWII). And on Sept. 11, 2001 the World Trade Center was blown up littered with jokes and comedy acts for anybody who bothers to look.

Here is an example of bogus information to keep the public hopping:

To help understand to what extent these foreign terrorists have infiltrated the U.S. government and news media please check out the following links:

­20-%20The%20Balkans.html­es/Yugoslav%20trial.html Hatchett Interview.mp3 Interview.mp3

Other books to check out:

"Sabotage - The Secret War Against America" by Sayers and Kahn

"Plot Against The Peace" by Sayers and Kahn

"The Bluegrass Conspiracy" by Sally Denton

"On The Trail of the Assassins" by Jim Garrison

"The Last Circle" by Carol Marshall

("The Last Circle" is now available in book form by the author's real last name "Cheri Seymour")

Good luck.

P.S.- Also search "Mae Brussell" at






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