Thursday, May 9, 2013

God and His Anthill

There are TWO Gods: the REAL God, who became a human in the person of Jesus Christ, and who is the SAME person that had made Adam and Eve, and there's another 'god', who is a CREATED entity, a former archangel who was called 'Morning Star, or 'Lightbringer'=Lucifer.

This former archangel was created to SERVE, like all the angels, but he chose to go against his maker and he started to rebel.

Here you can read why:

Yes, God has made your brain (in two hemispheres), and He gave you and everyone the ability to make FREE choices, so that we wouldn't be mere robots, but beings LIKE Himself.

Lucifer too, had this ability, and he abused it, because angels are 100% perfect, and they are supernatural (compared to our dimension) beings, who are held to a very high standard.

They don't have an 'animal-like' body like us, but that's also the reason why they aren't really able to understand us, despite their enormous intelligence.

But thanks to our 'animal-like' bodies it became possible to save us, because God Himself became 100% one of us, when He came on earth as Jesus Christ.

God CAN NOT save (fallen) angels, but He CAN save sinful people, through His 'alter ego' Jesus!

Suppose you were God and you had made an anthill full of ants, and suppose they had rebelled against you, and suppose you still loved them and you wanted to save them, but you also wanted to punish those ants who would remain your enemies.

They wouldn't recognize you being a human, because they are ants, but suppose you had decided to be born as an ant to warn them of your coming wrath, which would be the total destruction of you OWN ant hill, then it would be possible that those ants would understand you.

They would also be able to kill you, just like humans had killed Jesus, without knowing He was (is) God!

You would also be able to rise from death, just like Jesus, to forgive anyone who wanted to repent and who would believe that you had died in their place to bear their punishment, because you wanted to save them, because you love them.

Well, God did something similar when He became a man, because He is much too big and to powerful that we could bear His presence.

It's all so simple, but I admit having been an atheist and an evolutionist, and it took God quite some time to convince me, but He had finally succeeded when I was 24, and I'm now 53.

I now believe that 'evolution' is a fairy tale, and I know where it comes from: the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic CULT, who are behind all evil on earth, because they worship Lucifer and they hate God-Jesus and also His Jewish people.

They were also behind the holocaust and dictators like Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler, and presidents Roosevelt and Truman and every American president, except John F. Kennedy, so they killed him.

They eliminate anyone who is against them.

And now they are behind 'Obama'.

Many followers of Jesus (especially in the US) believe he is the antichrist, and I agree.

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