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GOD is REAL and His name is YHWH=I am, who I am=JESUS!

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You don't have to speak perfect English, i understand it's not your first language.

Try to understand my point of view. I don't believe in any religion, so you can't just assert that god exists and that he is the Christian god. That means nothing to me because i hear muslims saying the same thing about their god and the jews saying the same thing about their god.

So everyone is saying the same thing, 'my god exists and he's the one true god'. At this point i need to start using logic to go through all the claims made by different religions to see which one, if any, makes the most sense. But that's the problem, i haven't seen any evidence that any of them is true.

Why doesn't god appear before me right now? I would believe in an instant! How is this my fault if he is HIDING the truth from me and then blaming me for not wanting to believe?

Why didn't god kill satan? Was he not powerful enough?

Why did he allow the creation of hell? What kind of being would allow a place that tortures people just because they were born into the wrong religion?

Why is it a horrible person who kills people and molests children get to go to heaven when he recants his sins and asks for forgiveness but a good person who helps save lives and gives money to charity go to hell because he is an atheist/wrong religion?

I'm also 99% sure you weren't atheist or understood evolution. Evolution isn't something you choose to believe in or not. It's an understanding of the processes that resulted in complex the life we have today.

It's like saying 'I don't believe in the theory of gravity'. You can choose not to believe all you want but that doesn't make a difference to the reality of gravity. The word 'theory' has 2 meanings. In normal life it can mean 'guess', but in science 'theory' means the general understanding of something. A guess in science is called a 'hypothesis', so don't get confused with the meaning. I think you'll agree gravity is real, in science the general knowledge we have about gravity is classed as the 'Theory of gravity'.

If i were to ask you some questions about evolution would you be able to answer them? Did you study evolution or did you just 'accept' it without knowing much/anything about it like a lot of people do? It's OK if you don't know anything about it, a lot of people don't and i didn't myself until i learnt about it.

If evolution isn't true then why does EVERY living thing share segments of exactly the same DNA? Like how you and your cousin share a lot of common DNA but you and your 2nd cousins share less DNA. It's like that with every other living thing. If we compare our DNA to chimpanzees we find out they're almost identical, so we had the same exact ancestors but they stayed in the jungles and we moved out of the jungles and adapted to our environments.

Again, if we compare our DNA with a FLOWER(!) you will find a TINY amount of DNA that is EXACTLY THE SAME! That means a VERY VERY VERY long time ago we came from the same living thing.

All of this is hard, real, physical evidence that all life on earth is related but in the bible it tells us we were created apart from the rest of life, but this contradicts reality.

Also the first humans in the bible (also the quran & torah) it tells us is adam and eve (and Lilith if you believe that story) but in reality the first humans were a large group of about 40,000 humans, not 2! These humans descended from homo rhodensiensis. So that part of the bible is false as well. This means god had no input on the bible because this would have been mentioned/known.

What about before 2000 years ago? Before christianity? Humans have existed for 200,000 years. Christianity existed just 1% of the time humans have existed!!!

99% of the time there was no christianity, what happens to all those billions of people who died without any christianity religion?

None of this makes sense to my scientific mind. All the evidence points AWAY from the bible and god. This is why i'm waiting for good evidence for proof of god but all i see is proof that he's not there.

My mind is always open though, i never close it and i always listen to what other people say. If i hear good proof i'll change my views.

I hope you can read all of this and reply one by one to everything i've written.

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be patient and I will respond 
I had no problem understanding you, but be patient and I will respond, because you've asked a lot of questions at once.

In the meantime you may listen carefully to the words of the video 'Raving Loonatics - God is real' and you may wonder why we don't speak the same language (anymore), because I know that before the Flood and even afterwards, all people on earth spoke the same language.

This all changed because God confounded their speech;

When I read this it made me grin; quote: "I'm also 99% sure you weren't atheist or understood evolution. Evolution isn't something you choose to believe in or not. It's an understanding of the processes that resulted in complex the life we have today."

You obviously don't know me, because it's absolutely nonsense what you're claiming.

If you were a religious person today and I was now like the person I used to be before my conversion, I would have attacked you, because to me all religious people were IDIOTS!

Listen to this song that brought me to my knees, though I already was starting to doubt the evolution hoax: Ian Gillan Mr Universe

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God exists..the Biblical God!
His name is YHVH = I Am, who I Am = JESUS
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God and His Anthill




I AM Salvation, the Name of Jesus (Yeshua)



  1. Here I am again with a reply.

    Now I could tire myself by going into all the points you've mentioned , but I'm not going to do that, because I have to deal with someone who believes in the fairy tale of 'evolution'.

    You really believe in 'evolution', and I say this theory is sheer madness, because there is no such thing as 'evolution'.

    100 reasons why evolution is so stupid

    'Evolution' is a lie that was deliberately concocted by the Jesuits of the satanic Roman Catholic CULT and presented to the world as 'truth'.

    First you have to get rid of this nonsense before we can talk any further, because you want to believe in this idiocy, for it gives you a 'reason' to reject the truth of creation and a living God, who revealed Himself to us humans as JESUS Christ.

    First you have to discover that there's someone who doesn't want you to believe in creation, God, Jesus and the Bible, and this person is the devil, or Satan.

    He's behind the invention of the fairy tale of evolution, because the Jesuits are followers of this psychopathic liar.

    Islam is also an invention of the Roman Catholic CULT, and the Jews don't have the answer, because they are still rejecting their own messiah, Yeshua ha Mashiach, aka Jesus the Christ.

    Did the Roman Catholic Church invent Islam?

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  2. +regina riddle
    Yeshua, Jesus, JEZUS (in my language, Dutch, and say Yaysus) all means the same:

    God's (SIMPLE) name is 'I AM, who I AM'

    In short: 'I AM'.

    He revealed this name to Moses.

    YHWH (or YHVH) represents this name.

    The name I AM is within the name YESHUA, and because He Himself is God, the name is not referring to God, but Himself and His capacity as God, manifested in the flesh:


    YESHUA-JESUS means 'I AM Salvation', or I AM Savior'.

    Little children must be able to understand.

    You may believe what you want, but to me JESUS-YESHUA means 'I AM SALVATION', and He is GOD.


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