donderdag 2 mei 2013

Google is serving the Vatican NWO and its JESUITS - Google dient de NWO=CIA=Vaticaan=Jezuïeten

Google erkent Palestina



Google-YouTube is all about MONEY and TOTAL CONTROL



The great Palestinian lie

Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts
Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts



 Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts



Google Bankrolled By The CIA

Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

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  1. +shereesings4Jesus Christ +Daniel M Connolly And we're here on GOOGLE+
    Greetings to the Vatican NWO, the NSA and the CIA!
    These poor people behind Google are all LOST without JESUS Christ, because they're working for the enemy.

    Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

  2. Google-YouTube isn't interested in the content of these discussions, and they don't want us to directly link to other sites.

    They want us to watch stupid videos that generate a lot of money from commercials.

    MONEY is the keyword, and the goal is to incorporate YT into the Main Stream Media, so 'they' can easily manipulate us; mind control.

    I only watch videos if I choose, and I use Firefox with a flashplayer-blocker-plugin, which I can turn on or off.

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    Hans S

    Hans S 1 seconde geleden

    This is also a good way in avoiding having to watch stupid commercials.

    Google-YouTube is a trap, just like FaceBook; they want us to reveal our personal information as much as possible, abusing the normal need of people of wanting to communicate.

    The CIA and the NSA are 'listening'.

    Everyting that has been said is being recorded, even the 'deleted' comments.

    And this is a new development (google); YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions This Spring

    Hans S

    Hans S 1 seconde geleden

    I remember the 'good old times' of YouTube very well and also of Google.

    Google wants to follow us wherever we go on the internet.

    But I know this is all part of the game by the Vatican controlled New World Order: establishing a total control, Big Brother society.

    google; google big brother

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    1. Google is a pawn of the Vatican, just like the US government itself.
      POPE FRANCIS is the ANTICHRIST, and the boss of this world on behalf of SATAN.

      Google’s Eric Schmidt Meets With Pope Francis at the Vatican

  4. Millionaire Google, Uber Developer Anthony Levandowski Starts ‘Religion’ that Worships Artificial Intelligence as ‘the Godhead’


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