Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obama's dirty Syrian war

FSA Trying to Shoot..Whole Group Ends with a Tank Shot | Syrian War


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  • Tommy nguyen
    Allah SnackBar!

    • 1fanofhockey
      Ironic. Muslims blow up men in their mosques (THEIR places of worship) but that apparently is ok. They throw a fit if a story comes out that someone threw a Koran down the toilet (whether true or not)


FSA Insurgent Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier


FSA kill himself and the group with RPG

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I think they should stop saying God is great, and start saying Satan is great. Cause it seems every video they keep saying God is great, they get blown to pieces. So I suspect God is not listening. Maybe they should give Satan a chance.


  • Hans S
    Allah has two meanings: the first meaning is the pre-islamic moongod, which is as powerful as a brick or a fart.
    The second meaning is indeed 'God', but not the God of the Bible, but the god of Muhammad and the Roman Catholic CULT.
    His first wife was an older Roman Catholic woman.
    Islam is concocted by this 'church'.
    Watch (the late) Alberto Rivera on this subject, here on YouTube
    vatican assassins archive


Free Syrian Army terrorist killed by his own weapon


Syrian Women join Syrian Arab Army [Kataeb Souriyat|Syrian women Battalion] | RTArabic


 Iranian Filmmaker Alleges Secret Society is Behind Arab Spring Revolutions…Sinister Plan May Lead to World War III


Russian Satan Bomb - Россию сатана бомбу

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