Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Real Benghazi Story: U.S. Op to Arm al-Qaeda in Syria

Last November, we reported that the murder of ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn’t about a lame anti-Muslim video. It was connected to an arms shipment as part of the on-going “creative destruction” of the Middle East and North Africa.

Rand Paul: Benghazi Should End Hillary Clinton

Latest On Benghazi: Continual Live Updates


CNN anchors pretend they’re having a “satellite interview” even though they’re in the same parking lot


See for Yourself: Syrian Government Likely Did Not Use Chemical Weapons


 Foreign ammo imports doubled in early 2013 to meet exploding U.S. demand


SEAL Team 6 Families to Blame Government For Deaths


Judge Orders Conspiracy Re-Education For Lauryn Hill


Rasmussen Poll Reports Majority of U.S. Support Nullification


Sen. Manchin: Background Checks “Expand Second Amendment”

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