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Satan is a fallen angel and he's got a lot of supernatural powers and he's very intelligent, but he's also very stupid for trying to oust his creator (JESUS, who's God), together with his fellow fallen angels, or demons. Hell, aka the lake of fire was especially made for him, as a supernatural JAIL, containing supernatural fire. When he will be cast into this place, he will have NO power anymore, because God is far more powerful than he, and then his wicked games will be over, which he'll admit.

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Hans S click

The first persons who will be cast into hell, won't be the devil and his demons, but the false prophet and the antichrist. Don't confuse hell with the realm of the dead, because that's a temporary place, while hell is ETERNAL. After the Last Judgement, the realm of the dead will also be cast into the lake of (supernatural) fire, and everyone who will be sentenced by God will be cast into hell. Everyone in hell (so even the devil) will confess that JESUS IS LORD, and God will IGNORE them FOREVER! · in reply to Hans S


  1. +Kenny Jacobs Brother, the psychology of Satan and his followers, like 'atheists' (God-deniers) is easy to explain: ENVY and ACCUSATION toward God and His beloved, and indeed because they love to SIN, because of their PRIDE.
    They're ANGRY at the God they don't WISH to believe in, because of their own CRIMINAL attitude.
    Satan and the fallen angels can't be saved, but atheists can, because I'm an ex-atheist, but they need to be BROKEN, and ONLY God is able to do that WITHOUT killing them.
    ALL mockers and God-deniers will become believers in hell, but then it will be too late for them to repent.
    Hans S
    5:07 AM

    +Kenny Jacobs SATAN'S GREAT LIE


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