Saturday, June 22, 2013

US troop buildup in Jordan after Turkey shuts US-NATO arms corridor to Syrian rebels

US troop buildup in Jordan after Turkey shuts US-NATO arms corridor to Syrian rebels


U.S. training Syrian rebels; White House ‘stepped up assistance’


LA Times Reports Hastings Was Going Into Hiding Before His Death

Kurt Nimmo | More evidence that journalist was assassinated.

US hacks Chinese mobile phone companies, steals SMS data: Edward Snowden

South China Morning Post | The US government is hacking Chinese mobile phone companies to steal millions of text messages.

Stasi In The White House

Paul Craig Roberts | The Stasi is alive and well in the Obama regime.

Snowden: British GCHQ is worse than NSA

London Guardian | Britain’s Spying Agency Is Intercepting A Huge Amount Of Data From Fiberoptic Cables To Share With The NSA.

Surveillance revelations pushed people to look for more private ways of going online

RT | Revelations about mounting government surveillance has people the world over looking for other, more private ways of going online.

NSA: If Your Data Is Encrypted, You Might Be Evil, So We’ll Keep It Until We’re Sure

Tech Dirt | If your messages are encrypted, the NSA is keeping them until they can decrypt them.

Candidate Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance

Prison | If you don’t agree with President Obama, exercise your 1st amendment rights so together we can save our 4th amendment rights before it’s too late.

MSNBC Censors NSA Whistleblower

Prison | MSNBC censors NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice minutes before interview.

Ray Kurzweil’s Transhumanist Agenda

Prison | Such technology will likely be monopolized by the elite as a way of enslaving the rest of humanity on an industrial scale.

Warning: Toxins, GMOs Fill Highly Popular Children’s Vitamins

Elizabeth Renter | Nearly as soon as our children are able to chew, we begin teaching them that they can depend on lab-created solutions for proper nutrition.

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