Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newly-Leaked NSA Slide Shows that NSA Is Tapping All Data from Main Undersea Phone and Internet Cables

Newly-Leaked NSA Slide Shows that NSA Is Tapping All Data from Main Undersea Phone and Internet Cables


Government’s “Secret Interpretation” of Patriot Act: “EVERYTHING” Is Relevant … So Spy on EVERYONE


Man Refuses To Comply With Internal Checkpoint; Border Patrol Smashes Their Way Into Vehicle


Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to stay in jail after refusing to speak to judge


Horror as patient wakes up in NY hospital with doctors trying to harvest her organs for transplant profits


Shopping Mall Workers Spying Under Obama Spy Grid


Judge In Zimmerman Case Pressured by Obama Administration?

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Bizarre outburst against Zimmerman suggests prejudice.

Ex-Sanford police chief: Zimmerman probe ‘taken away from us’

CNN | The George Zimmerman investigation was hijacked “in a number of ways” by outside forces, said the former police chief of Sanford, Florida.

Rush Limbaugh: Eric Holder invested in George Zimmerman trial being seen as racism

Washington Examiner | Attorney General Eric Holder is invested in the George Zimmerman trial being seen as racism.

“Excuse me, are you a robot in the Surveillance State?”

Jon Rappoport | President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues.

Time Magazine: Cops Preparing For Pro-Trayvon Riots Is Racist

Paul Joseph Watson | Author fails to acknowledge deluge of Twitter threats.

Why Did The Obama Administration “Organize And Manage” Protests Against George Zimmerman?

American Dream | Is the Obama administration at least partially responsible for turning the George Zimmerman trial into such a huge national spectacle?

Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones

Ammoland | Emanuel has been working behind the scenes to make lawfully carrying a concealed weapon as difficult as possible in Chicago.

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