Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Real or Hoax? 1960′s Subliminal National Anthem Video Says ‘Obey Government’

Real or Hoax? 1960′s Subliminal National Anthem Video Says ‘Obey Government’


Poll: Only 11% Trust Obama On NSA Reform Promises


Snowden: After 9/11, Media Abdicated Its Role as a Check to Power


 Benghazi Whistleblower Lawyer: “Stolen” Libyan Missiles Will Be Used to Shoot Down Aircraft


Irony Alert: Pentagon Now Sees Big Data as ‘National Security Threat’


How To Opt-Out of Prism


Bloomberg: ‘There’s a huge run on physical gold right now.’


Report: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan


U.S. Army Conducts Military Occupation Drill in Small Town Wisconsin


They Are Systematically Destroying Our Independence And Making Us All Serfs Of The State


The Government Is Now God To Many


Fukushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily


Newly Discovered Eighth Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Dumbed Down America Has Become


Another Travis County, Texas Democrat Charged with DWI

Julie Wilson | Will this prosecutor remain above the law just like his boss?

How much data the NSA really gets

London Guardian | The NSA claims it ‘touches’ only 1.6% of internet traffic – doesn’t sound a lot. In fact, that’s practically everything that matters.

‘Run and hide’ is Obama administration’s clever plan for next school shooting

Daily Caller | The U.S. Department of Education’s “live-shooter” section doesn’t recommend that schools arm teachers or employ armed guards. It doesn’t even advise schools to add door locks for classrooms.

Al-Qaeda expands in Syria via Islamic State

Washington Post | A rebranded version of Iraq’s al-Qaeda affiliate is surging onto the front lines of the war in neighboring Syria.

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